Stop the killing

Robert Scott’s abortion facilities on Gerrard Street in Toronto was the scene of an exciting pro-life demonstration on July 24.  Over the course of the day, over 200 supporters gathered to protest the illegal operations of his ‘clinic.’ Protesters were out for an early start, and the numbers grew as the day progressed.  Early in the afternoon, 15 protestors sat down on [...]

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Gay rights in Manitoba

Gay rights in Manitoba Pat Soenen On July 16, following a marathon session, Manitoba’s NDP government passed its controversial Human Rights Code (Bill 47), into legislation.  The Code, introduced in May by Attorney General Roland Penner, encountered very stiff opposition due primarily to the inclusion of “sexual orientation” among the prohibited grounds of discrimination. The weeks following introduction and preceding passage of [...]

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Liberals and NDP form alliance

July 1985 Premier Peterson, speaking in the Ontario Legislature, confirms that the new Liberal/NDP government will seek “methods of having fair and even access across the province for regularly constituted abortion clinics.” Verbal violence of the media (Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, television and radio) against pro-life picketers continues to accelerate (“Anti-choice fanatics…”, anti-choice extremists…”, dangerous lunatic fringe…”, Pro-life terrorists…”, deranged minority…”, [...]

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Sadder Grits

Election Campaign April 1985 Liberal leader David Peterson tells students that he favour existing law (outlawing clinics) but “is concerned that there is not enough access.” Liberals support OHIP payments for abortions and if elected, promises to pay for travel costs, if there is no hospital within 300 Km (186 miles) of the woman’s homes. April 1985 Peterson promises that as premier, [...]

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Ontario Tories, October 1984 The Ontario Tory leadership race is under way.  Candidate Dennis Timbrell declares that he accepts the federal law on abortion (Section 251 of the Criminal Code).  However, he opposed abortion on demand and any further liberalization of the abortion law. December 1984 The Attorney General Roy McMurtry, appeals the November 1984 jury acquittal of Morgentaler, but only after [...]

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Protester padlocks himself to abortuary gate

In the early morning hours of July 17, Gary Knight padlocked himself to the back gate of the Morgentaler clinic, and remained until police came to remove him. Gary was taken to Old City Hall, where he was released on bail conditions that he would not go within 100 meters of 85 Harbord Street.  A date for is trial will be set [...]

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The current Ontario scene

January 1981 Bob Rae, (MPP, York South-Weston), while still federal MP for Broadview-Greenwood, circulates a personal statement on abortion which contains the following sentences: “I do not support abortion on demand. Neither does the NDP…I think the question as to whether a woman should have an abortion is essentially a matter of conscience between the woman and her doctor.” (NDP Circular on [...]

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Choice and its price tag

Almost one year ago today, I sat in anger watching Rev. Ken Campbell and Norma Scarborough of CARAL sparring on a phone-in talk show.  I was angry for two reasons: the programme was pre-recorded so I couldn’t phone in to comment, and Norma Scarborough had the audacity to state that “women have their abortion and life goes on as usual.” Norma obviously [...]

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The Editorial You can make a difference

The results of Ontario’s upcoming elections are predictable: no matter which party wins, unborn babies lose.  Despite rhetoric spouted by some hopefuls, who easy abortion is a matter of personal conscience or who protest that no action can be taken against illegal killing centers until the Supreme Court has spoken, all three mainstream parties support the status quo at the very least, [...]

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NDP favors abortion on demand

It has been customary for the NDP, just as it has been for the Canadian Abortion Rights Action League, to deny that the movement is “pro-abortion.” On December 23, 1984, Toronto Sun columnist Claire Hoy discussed Morgentaler and the NDP.  He first refuted a Toronto Star editorial of December 21, which had argued that Morgentaler should not have been re-charged.  This, Hoy [...]

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Put support for life above party loyalty

With the coming election and campaign to vote life, there will undoubtedly be the usual criticisms levied against our single issue voting.  Criticisms like those published in an editorial entitles “Taste and Ethics” in the Catholic weekly, The Prairie Messenger. That 1982 editorial contended: But it is not sound reasoning to base one’s ballot decision on any single issue…Surely no one is [...]

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Abortion. . . an unexpected election issue

During an election swing through Metropolitan Toronto, David Peterson stepped on to a subway train and found that abortion had become an election issue.  Just as the Premier boarded the train, so did some 15 pro-lifers who joined him holding placards protesting the Premier’s abortion policies.  On Thursday, September 10, Ontario voters go to the polls and pro-life groups are using all [...]

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Packer not intimidated by police tactics

Police Constable David Packer has met with more intimidation at the 14th division of the Metropolitan Police Department.  Although not yet formally charged, he has been interviewed by internal investigating officers checking the possibility of laying a corruption charge against him. Constable Packer’s action in refusing to “guard” the Morgentaler abortuary earlier this year has received widespread pro-life publicity.  In mid-July, Constable [...]

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Borowski given leave to appeal

It all began in 1978 when Joe Borowski applied to the Saskatchewan courts for a declaration that would give unborn children full legal protection.  His case was held up for 5 years because of procedural challenges from the Crown, but was finally heard by Mr. Justice Matheson in Regina.  That decision went against Borowski, who immediately appealed to the Saskatchewan Court of [...]

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The Bork nomination

The surprise resignation of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Lewis F. Powell on June 26 gave the Regan administration the opportunity that pro-lifers have been hoping and praying for a chance to swing the Court towards a more constitutional jurisprudence, and a chance to overturn Roe v. Wade.  Powell was the swing vote in a number of 5-4 decisions, for example, on abortion [...]

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