Ontario K of C endorse Packer

Five of the fourteen resolutions brought to the crowded convention floor at the 85th annual meeting, May 23rd, of the Ontario State Council of the Knights of Columbus dealt with pro-life causes. One urged speedy passage of the federal anti-pornography bill. Two others expressed horror at the Ontario Liberal government establishing abortion clinics in every locality and urged all Councils to fight [...]

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Toronto Star’s editorial bias

Do right-to-life arguments receive a fair hearing in the media? No one who follows out daily papers closely could consider that they present a balanced view of abortion. The Toronto Star, the paper with the largest circulation in Canada, is a case in point. Over a three and a half period, it has carried nine editorials dealing with abortion. On January 28, [...]

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Mother Teresa

At a rally in Vancouver on Trinity Sunday, May 31, 1988, Mother Teresa urged a greater devotion to God and the family announced that she is setting up two missions in the city. The first, a home for unwed mother, will be established almost immediately by four of her Missionaries of Charity nuns. The second, a hospice for AIDS victims, will be [...]

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Calgary’s hike for life

Saturday, May 14, 1988 Calgary Pro-Life Association held its 8th annual fund raising Hike for Life. The walk was blessed with a sunny but windy day. Approximately 600 hikers pledged nearly $40 000; but over 1000 people of all ages participated this year. The amounts collected enable Calgary Pro-Life to continue its increasingly popular teacher/resource programme for another year. St. Rose of [...]

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Ottawa Vigil

Early Monday, May 30 at 12:01 A.M., three pro life activists from Toronto began their vigil of fasting and prayer on the front lawn of the Parliament Buildings. Gerard Liston, 28, said he felt fine on the third day of his fast when interviewed by the Ottawa Citizen on June 1. He was prepared to continue his liquid-only diet for up to [...]

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New Brunswick gathers 40 000 names

On May 24, Moncton MP Dennis Cochrane was presented with a petition containing the names of almost 40 000 New Brunswickers who are asking their federal legislators to “protect, defend and respect” the rights of unborn children. We the vote on new abortion legislation slated soon, a delegation of New Brunswick Right to Life Association members submitted the petition to Cochrane in [...]

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Regina pressures NDP

Regina – Through the treat of rain hung over the crowd walking from a local school to the Kiwanis Waterfal Park across the street from the constituency office of NDP MP, less Benjamin, 200 people enthusiastically joined in the third annual Walk-for-Life in Regina on Saturday morning, May 7. Sponsored by the Regina League for Human Life, the annual walk raised money [...]

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CHP growing

Toronto, Ont. The Christian Heritage Party has over 10 000 paid up members all across Canada, most of them in Ontario. “No matter when the next federal election is called,” said Ed Vanwoudenberg, the national leader, on a visit to Toronto “we will have fifty candidates running and the majority of them in Ontario. We have to full-time organizers, one in the [...]

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Westin Boycott

Toronto Henry Morgentaler expected 300 physicians to attend his conference on new abortion techniques. He got 39 – even though he dropped his fee from $750 to $350. The conference was held at the Westin Harbour Castle in Toronto the last weekend in May. A dozen pro-life demonstrators were out to protest. One of them, Dan McCash, said, “It’s a beautiful flop.” [...]

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News Briefs Pioneer of I.V.F dies

London – Dr. Steptoe, British pioneer of in vitro fertilization, died at age 74, on March 21. He was responsible for engineering the conception of the world’s first test tube baby, Louise Joy Brown. When criticized by the Roman Catholic Church, he responded, “I am not a wizard or a Frankenstein. All I want to do is help women whose child producing [...]

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Feel the Heartbeat

The educational TV programme “Feel the Heartbeat,” a one-hour pro-life production of Alliance for Life and all its many supporters, shown across Canada in March and April 1988, has 1870. “One of the chief accomplishments of the programme is proven by the incredibly large number of counselling calls we received. We reached a significant number of people who were not part of [...]

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Father Ted Colleton

For quite some time I had been hearing the name of Joan Andrews. I knew she was in prison in the States because of her stand for life. But I have to admit that I did not take the trouble to find out much about her. She was just another one of those brave people who make me feel ashamed. It was [...]

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Quebec Baby Policy Contradictory

The Quebec government has decided to tackle what Premier Robert Bourassa called the province’s “demographic deficit”. Families will be given tax breaks and cash incentives to have more children, but the true cause of Quebec’s demographic crisis – the state-sanctioned availability of abortion on demand – remains unadmitted and untouched. “I believe it is important to encourage Quebeckers to have larger families [...]

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Quebec Rally

Between 4000 and 4500 people, police estimate, participated in the Grand Rassemblement Pour le Droit a la Vie (Great Rally for the Right to Life) on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City. The rally, organized by Coalition Pour la Vie under the leadership of Mme Lucille Lavoie-Gordon, drew pro-life groups from across the province of Quebec. Before the rally got underway, [...]

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On the Sanctity of Married Love

Popular Notion of Sex Humanae Vitae (On Human Life), an encyclical or papal letter to all the faithful was issued in 1968 by Pope Paul VI, who was pope during the years 1963 to 1978. It had been preceded by a papal letter summarizing traditional Christian teaching on marriage in 1930. But HV was the first challenge in post World War II [...]

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