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Update: Churches Divided – Montreal

Bishop John Sherlock of London was elected a vice-president during the CCC’s Triennial Assembly in Montreal during the second week of May, 1988. The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops joined the Council as an associate member in May 1986, and Bishop Sherlock is its first Catholic officer. “Associate membership in the CCC,” said a news release, from the Canadian Conference of Catholic [...]

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Learning from Britain

A recent political skirmish over late abortions in Britain brought out some attitudes that Canadian pro-life people can expect to face as our own battle continues. The British battle was over a private members’ bill, sponsored by backbench Liberal David Alton, which sought to reduce the upper-age limit for abortion from 28 weeks to 18. Abortion legislation based on gestational-age limits reflects [...]

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British tactics kill bill

The Abortion (Amendment Bill, designed to reduce the time limit for a legal abortion in Britain from 28 weeks to 18, was defeated in the in the House of Commons on May 6. The private member’s bill was “talked out” by its opponents. For the second time pro-abortionists have prevented a free debate in the H of C and once again Prime [...]

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Ontario legislature ditches Dietsch

The vote was 28 in favor and 60 against. The bill would have required a pregnant woman seeking an abortion to be provided with information concerning the life of an unborn child; to be told of the risks that may result from an abortion; and be informed of the social services available to care for the child before the decision to abort [...]

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Controversy rocks town

The eyes of pro-life activists in small-town Canada are focused on Almonte, Ontario as the battle there intensifies over the local hospital’s recently instituted policy allowing abortions. Early in March the Almonte General Hospital Board decided at its monthly meeting that abortions could be performed at the hospital until the end of the first trimester of pregnancy. The decision was a direct [...]

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The Editorial: Standing Fast

The media are bombarding Canadians with the false idea that a new federal law must permit abortions. The government, they say, must comply with the January 28 Supreme Court decision. The solution, they claim, should be some kind of compromise. People who do not have sound fixed principles, or who believe that tolerance is the only principle, will talk this way. No [...]

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Peterson, sex educaton

Atikokan District High School students applauded Premier David Peterson for what the Toronto Star called “an enlightened lesson in sex education.” Practice safe sex was the advice the Premier gave to 420 children ages 12 to 17. Peterson was responding to questions about the Ontario Government’s funding for research into treatment for AIDS. But since no cure for the disease has been [...]

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Party line triumphs

Ontario Social Services Minister John Sweeney felt obliged to announce on June 2, 1988 that he approves the licensing of abortion clinics. The Toronto Star (June 2) headed its article “Pro-Lifer supports clinic plan.” Sweeney is an example of what happens to pro-life politicians who insist on staying loyal to committed pro-abortion parties, premiers and cabinets. John Sweeney’s reputation for being pro-life [...]

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Ontario Liberals fund Morgentaler

On June 2, 1988 Ontario Health Minister Elinor Caplan introduced legislation to make independent health clinics eligible for provincial payments. It would apply to ten existing clinics, including those in Toronto run by abortionists Morgentaler and Scott. Morgentaler quickly announced that he will apply for a license under the new legislation, and declared that the province should use his clinic as a [...]

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Mazankowski Dismisses Pro-Life

Vegreville, Alberta On May 14, Deputy Prime Minister, Dan Mazankowski met with a group of pro-life constituents, including Campaign Life Coalition representatives, in his riding in Vegreville, Alberta. In defending his government’s failure to bring forward pro-life legislation, Mazankowski used the views of “the Bishops” to brush aside the Coalition’s demand for full legal protection for the unborn. James Albers, president of [...]

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True pro-life option introduced in Senate

On May 18, Liberal Senator Stanley Haidasz introduced for first reading in the Senate Bill S-16 to give full protection to the unborn. The bill is co-sponsored by Tory Senator John MacDonald. Second reading followed on May 24. Senator Haidasz’s bill is reprinted in its entirety on page two. The void left by the Supreme Court’s decision of January 28, leaving the [...]

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NDPers break rank

Windsor On June 4, 1988, the Windsor-Essex County New Democrats for Life published a half page open letter in the Windsor Star, making a public demand for changes to the Party’s abortion policy. The advertisement called on party leaders, MPs, and MPPs or MLAs, to cease advocating “pro-choice.” It was signed by 18 people. Another group of as many people who helped [...]

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Mulroney offers no pro-life option

In late May, responding to the government’s plans for a resolution on forthcoming abortion legislation, Jim Hughes, president of Campaign Life Coalition addressed an uncompromising letter to all Members of Parliament to “reflect the views of millions of Canadians” and oppose any resolution that fails to recognize the right of unborn children to the full protection of the law. The Interim here [...]

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