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Seventh Toronto Rescue Toronto – For the seventh time in ten months, on June 28, pro-life rescuers effectively shut down a Toronto abortuary – this time Robert Scott’s Gerrard St. “clinic.” Early morning picketing preceded the actual rescue. After some 20 pro-abortion demonstrators had left, the Rescue took place at 12:30 p.m., with 180 rescuers and supporters taking part. Over a period [...]

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Doreen Beagan

As reported by the media on May 4, New Brunswick Attorney General James Lockyer has closed the loopholes by adding regulations to make the current policy more enforceable.  The province has indicated that it does not intend to pay for either past or future abortions in Morgentaler clinics. While pleased about this development, a leading pro-lifer in the province, George Gilmore, N.B. [...]

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The Maritimes and pro-life

On March 16, 1989, Nova Scotia introduced changes into the Health Act and the Hospital Act that the government hopes will stop Morgentaler from opening a free-standing abortuary.  The new regulations make it illegal to perform abortions outside hospitals. However, it should not be thought that the Buchanan government is pro-life.  The fine for breaking the new regulations, for example, is a [...]

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Update: The Churches

Pentecostal assemblies of Canada Toronto – The executive officers of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada and their assistants have unanimously decided to meet together for one hour each week on an indefinite basis for prayer, confession and intercession.  They will give top priority to seeking the face of God on behalf of Canada and the world as the primary step entering the [...]

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Book Review

Counter Productive Booklet This publication, subtitled, “A workshop on Abortion,” was prepared by the Pastoral Team of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops Ottawa (CCCB). The Introduction adopts the rhetoric of the abortionists.  We are told that “the abortion issue is very complex,” that “abortion is a highly emotional issue,” that we are to participate in a discussion about abortion with “compassion, [...]

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Winnipeg rescue

When forty-four pro-lifers were arrested April 22 for blocking the Morgentaler ‘clinic’ in Winnipeg, they added their names to the growing number of Canadians ready to face imprisonment for attempting to save the lives of innocent children. After appearing before a magistrate in the Public Safety Building on charges of petty trespass and mischief, all forty-four were released on the promise to [...]

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Picketers speak: Part II

Regular picketers are those who make a commitment to picket regularly, when they can, weekly or monthly.  Like the originals, the regular are consistent witnesses for the pre-born child and are the mainstay of visibility on the picket line.  More are needed to relieve or replace those who can no longer come, either on the picket line or inside the Way Inn.  [...]

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FCP publishes policy

The Family Coalition Party of Ontario (FCP) has published its first complete party policy program.  The FCP is Ontario’s fourth largest political party. In the last provincial election, September 1987, the party then just newly organized ran candidates in 36 of the 130 ridings, garnering four per cant of the vote in those ridings.  It held its first province-wide-convention in Toronto last [...]

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Too little – too late? Abortion teaching in Catholic schools

A chasm lies between Roman Catholic teaching on abortion and its acceptance in the Ontario Separate Schools. The presentation of Roman Catholic teaching on abortion at the convention of the Ontario Separate School Trustees, held on April 13, 14 and 15 in Toronto was thoughtful and accurate.  Father Michael Prieur, a professor of moral theology at St. Peter’s Seminary in London, Ontario, [...]

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Family Forum

Another national pro-family organization was recently incorporated in Ontario.  Past President of R.E.A.L. Women, Lynn Scime, is president of the current executive.  Other members are Shirley Pennell, secretary; Connie McKenna, treasurer; Sue Rodgerson, public relations; Vince Curtis, policy chairman. Eric McLuhan is in charge of the newsletter, the first issue of which is to appear in early June.  A convention is planned [...]

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Women for Life: R.E.A.L. Women Convention

In buoyant mood, over three hundred Canadians from Labrador City to Yellowknife gathered in Ottawa on April 22-23, for a conference on the theme “Equality Revisited.” Economist Sally Pipes, Associate Director of Vancouver’s prestigious Fraser Institute, traced the ideological changes in the modern feminist movement. Feminists have been extraordinarily successful in inducing legislative reform, she noted.  But by turning to the state [...]

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The In Basket

At home Early in 1989, a dozen Edmonton pro-life groups bound themselves together in a new organization called Network Life. Network Life “will draw on the strengths of each group to promote positive action for the protection of all human life,” said spokeswoman Rosanna Saccomani.  ..Dick Cotton, a director of Campaign Life Coalition BC attended a spring meeting of the B.C. Coalition [...]

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World Population: Future Trends and Challenges

The following paper by Most Rev. James T. McHugh, Roman Catholic Auxiliary Bishop of Newark, New Jersey, U.S.A., was read at the meeting in Rome pf the Bishop Presidents of the Commissions for the Family of the Episcopal Conferences of the World.  The meeting took place from 9 to 11 November, 1988. Most population specialists project world population growth rates to continue [...]

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“Dying with Dignity” recommends the right to kill

You know you are out of place here, in Northrop Frye Hall at Victoria University on May 6, but you have come to ask questions and get information.  “Dying with Dignity:  a Canadian Society Concerned with the Quality of Dying” (DWD) is holding its annual meeting, and the initial coffee session is a subdued ritual of quiet confidence and renewed acquaintances. No [...]

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Doctors hear euthanasia warning

Neurosurgeon and ethical philosopher, Dr. Harley Smythe, told members of the Catholic Doctors’ Guild gathered in Toronto April 27 that like abortion and infanticide, euthanasia is the triumph of unfettered freedom and power. In a reasoned and often eloquent address, Dr. Smythe exposed the philosophical roots of the arguments for euthanasia.  His special target was the language of deceit.  Defenders of euthanasia, [...]

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