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Dehydration at Ottawa’s Bruyére Centre

On May 11, 1989, John Gauthier, 26, died of cancer in Ottawa’s Civic Hospital.  Prior to that he had spent nearly three months in the palliative care unit of the Elizabeth Bruyére Health Centre.  The Centre is named after a religious sister and is run by the Sisters of Charity. John’s parents, Roger and Irene Gauthier, are very upset.  They charge that [...]

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Jean Garton

In The Interim of October 1983, I wrote an article on an outstanding American lady named Mrs. Jean Garton, Litt. D., L.H.D. I had just read her book Who Broke the Baby, and was fascinated by her story. I did not dream at that time that I would have the pleasure and honour of introducing her at the Campaign Life Coalition Pro-Life [...]

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The Themes of Fully Alive – A Critique

In August and September, Fr. McGoey discussed the philosophy of the Family Education Teacher program which held sway in Catholic educational circles in Ontario for some 20 years.  He characterized it as “a fiasco” and “poisoned” by secularism. (August Interim, Page 5-of Insight; September Interim pages 13 and 20. In October he analyzed the Foreword to the Fully Alive sex education program, [...]

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Organizer ‘par excellence’

People are singing the praises of French teacher Louis Di Rocco, organizer of Ontario’s two recent Life Chains. The latest one, held on October 6, was a great success.  It attracted 7,000 people in the Toronto area alone, an increase of 33 per cent over the first one held last June. On the Life Chain weekend, pro-lifers lined main streets and highways [...]

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Man/mouse hybrids

Viral scientists have begun to transplant “functionally complete” organs from aborted babies into mice for the purpose of laboratory experiments states The Christian World Report for July/August 1991.  Dr. David Baltimore, President of the Rockfeller University in New York, is quoted as saying: “The mouse/human hybrids offer the opportunity to look at viruses without having to deal with human beings.” Conspirators? A [...]

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Condom Machines

The (Halifax) Mail-Star relates how a condom machine manufacturer in Uniacke, N.S., is pushing boards to place condom machines in Nova Scotia schools.  David Utz, president of Federal Machine Distributors of Canada and Dixie Lee Holdings Ltd., told the Mail-Star that if his latest effort to gain support form school boards in Nova Scotia fails, he will ask the provincial government for [...]

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Nova Scotians alarmed over sex-ed

Truro – Council for Life Nova Scotia (CLNS) is “concerned with the philosophy and means used to teach young teens the realities of life” says Tricia Chute, Provincial Coordinator. CLNS is the provincial coordinating body for local pro-life educational groups across Nova Scotia. Mrs. Chute made the comment in a brief presented in mid-September to the Nova Scotia Public School Core Program [...]

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The winter of the unborn

On the expanse of highway that separates Edmonton and Calgary, there is a billboard.  It stands as a conspicuous reproach to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta who have recently issued new guidelines allowing Alberta abortionists to kill up to the 20t week of pregnancy.  On it there is a picture of a 16-week-old baby sucking its thumb in its [...]

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Another political ruling Vancouver – The BC Supreme Court has ruled that the province can no longer exclude same-sex partners from its Medicare definition of spouses.  The decision means homosexual couples will be entitled to the same medical coverage as any other couple. The Supreme Court’s ruling came in response to a court action launched by Timothy Knodel, a Vancouver male nurse.  [...]

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Judgment a “legal absurdity,” says lawyer

On September 25, 1991, an Ontario judge ruled that Canada’s Human Rights Act is unconstitutional because it does not include “sexual orientation” among its prohibition grounds of discrimination. The decision is another example of trying to legislate from the judicial bench.  It is also an attempt to change Canadian law to sit the agenda of homosexual activists, said Gwen Landolt, legal counsel [...]

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Bishop and Cardinal praise rescuers

On day 42 of the now famous Wichita, Kansas, Operation Rescue, Wichita R.C. Bishop Eugene Gerber was one of the several speakers at a rally in support of the event. The Wichita “Rescue” lasted six weeks, led to the arrest of over 2,000 pro-lifers and was seen almost nightly on American TV. Speaking of the last 18 years Bishop Gerber said, “So [...]

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You were asking!

Articles on euthanasia refer to patients in a persistent vegetative state.  What exactly does this mean? P.M., Winnipeg, Man. Dr. Fred Plum, who is said to be the creator of this term, gave this definition when he testified as an expert witness in the Jobes case.  “Vegetative state describes a body which is functioning entirely in terms of its internal controls.  It [...]

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U.S. Bishops: ‘Euthanasia poisons civilization

Washington (CNS) – The Administrative Committee of the U.S. National Conference of Catholic Bishops (NCCB) unanimously condemned legalized euthanasia in a statement released September 12. (See full text below).  They urged Catholics and “all persons of good will” to reject euthanasia proposals such as Initiative 119, a referendum facing Washington state voters November 5.  The Initiative seeks to legalize “aid-in-dying” as a [...]

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Pro-life a non-issue in New Brunswick elections

The New Brunswick election has come and gone and pro-lifers are none the wiser.  Abortion and other moral issues were being ignored, the New Brunswick Right to Life Association stated a few days before the September 23 election. Frank McKenna’s ruling Liberal party swept to another smashing victory, winning 46 of 58 seats and with 47 per cent of the vote. The [...]

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