The ten pro-life events that shaped 1993

The following is a selection of the top 10 pro-life events and happenings in this country in the past year. They are in no particular order but illustrate the ups and downs of the movement as it strives to change the hearts and minds of Canadians and to get society to adopt a respect for all life. On September 30, a 5-4 [...]

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Fines come at most inopportune time

Seven pro-life families from B.C. have been slapped with liens against their homes as the result of a court case three years ago. The action, which came just in time for Christmas, resulted from a decision made by the B.C. Court of Appeal in 1990. Protesters at an abortion clinic had been trying to get their sentences over-turned but were rejected by [...]

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B.C. activists charged

Three B.C. pro-lifers were found guilty of civil contempt of court on December 13 for counselling outside the Everywoman’s Health Centre in Vancouver. In making the decision, Mr. Justice Low admitted the term “watching or besetting” which is in the 1989 court order restricting pro-life activity outside the clinic, is “difficult to define.” However, he decided the actions of one of the [...]

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Injunction showdown begins

Lawyers are calling it the most important civil rights case of the decade. The Ontario Attorney General is trying to persuade the courts to grant a blanket injunction banning pro-life activity in front of 23 locations across the province this month. As well as the injunction, Attorney General Marion Boyd has also singled out 18 pro-lifers from across the province and launched a [...]

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The Gay Issue, 40 min. $25.00 (1993) With The Homosexual Challenge by Dr. Don Faris ($12 per book). Video and book combined: $29.95. From Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (905) 479-5885. Understanding Homosexuality and the Reality of Change, 60 min. $29.95 U.S. (1993) From Impact Resources Corp. 1 (800) 333-6475. We all know former alcoholics, people who have escaped from a history of [...]

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A Pox on our Christmas

I never liked the idea of New Year’s resolutions, but if I were to make one, it would be to remember that motherhood should be joyful.  It is easy in the hectic course of a day to forget what it’s all about and get swept up by things much less important than the children. I must confess to having roared on occasion, [...]

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The latest government intrusion into the classroom poses a special threat to religious and private schools as well as to people who teach their kids at home, parents and teachers warn. The Common Curriculum, which is being developed and implemented at a rapid pace by the Ministry of Education and local school boards, is intended as a major restructuring of the way [...]

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NDP to impose Common values on schools

Parents must relinquish power as new guidelines mold Ontario’s children into little New Democrats Parents in Ontario are bracing for major changes in their schools over the next three years with the release of the Common Curriculum, an “outcomes-based” strategy for teaching students. It doesn’t matter whether the school is public, separate, private or at home, the document handed down by the [...]

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Reason to be wary of UN plans

First came the United Nations decade of the woman. Then there was the year of the child. Now the family holds the spotlight as the member countries of the United Nations proclaims year 1994 the Year of the Family. But some people interested in the future of the family are withholding their joy at this recognition by the international body. Long experience [...]

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UN looks to strengthen family ties

This month marks the beginning of the United Nations International Year of the Family. The UN General Assembly, in sponsoring the year, declared the family to be “the basic unit of society.” The family unit “therefore warrants special attention,” the proclamation states. Although the UN record promoting family values has often been tarnished, especially given its vigorous depopulation policies, the current declaration [...]

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Showing that we care

“This is Birthright. Can I help you?” These were the opening words of a wonderful speech delivered by Louise Summerhill, daughter of the late Foundress of Birthright—also Louise. It would be almost impossible to calculate the number of times those same words have been repeated over phones since they were first spoken by Louise Summerhill Sr. in a small rented office in [...]

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Commission plays word games badly

What exactly are human embryos? The Royal Commission on New Reproductive Technologies was forced to consider this question for a very basic reason: part of its mandate was to decide what to do about embryo research. There has been a decided push in the last several years to encourage public acceptance of experimentation on human embryos. Ever since In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) [...]

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The bad outweighs the good in report -Royal Commission on Reproductive Technologies fails to deal with the basic issues

When the Royal Commission on New Reproductive Technologies was formed by the federal Progressive Conservative government four years ago, its mandate was to investigate the baby-making industry in Canada, to listen to the concerns raised by both experts and ordinary people, and give the politicians a guide on how to form public policy in an area which has been allowed to expand [...]

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The threat of corporate consumerism

Everyone seems to be hot and bothered about political correctness. All the fuss, however, seems destined to produce more heat than light. Pro-life people usually join the chorus condemning political correctness because those identified as ‘PC’ promote abortion on demand and a variety of anti-family positions. I believe that we must view the present attack on political correctness with a certain skepticism. [...]

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Notable Quotes

Poverty of Thought “We in Canada are destroying our heritage but not from reasons of economic poverty but because of the poverty of thought. Some hospitals are doing more abortions than deliveries.” Dr. Robert Walley speaking at a November Children’s Welfare Conference. (Catholic New Times, Dec. 19, 1993) Life saver “I know if I were scheduled for death tomorrow I would want [...]

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