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Morgentaler appeal put on hold

In the spring of 1993, Henry Morgentaler applied to the Supreme Court of PEI to overturn a provincial government policy to pay for abortion only at approved out-of-province hospitals. PEI remains the only province not to allow abortions. The government challenged his application. Lawyers argued that Morgentaler had no standing before the Court, since he was not himself directly affected. They also [...]

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Bizarre twist to sentencing of Nova Scotia rescuers

Nine pro-life activists are awaiting sentencing after being found guilty of public mischief at an abortion clinic in Halifax in October 1992. However, a bizarre twist to the case occurred when the judge who gave the guilty verdict was admitted to a psychiatric ward of a local hospital after overdosing on prescription medicine. The pro-lifers have not been told whether he will [...]

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Stiff sentences for B.C. rescuers

In the early morning hours of March 7, fax machines in the newsrooms of British Columbia were buzzing with the message “Rescue in progress. Stop the violence.” Responding to the many voices echoing the significance of International Women’s week, three women with equally important message decided to do their part to expose a view often downplayed by the media. “In trying to [...]

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Majority of Grit MPs “pro-choice”, study finds

A survey of federal politicians by the Canadian Abortion Rights Action League has confirmed what pro-lifers established during the election campaign. MP Jean Augustine (Etobicoke-Lakeshore), former principal at a Catholic high school, is one of a large number of politicians who have had their true colours revealed. The survey by the abortion lobby group reveals 61 federal MPs are “pro-choice,” 21 “waffle,’ [...]

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Fighting on, a generation later

It’s been a generation since the struggle began. May 14 marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the infamous Omnibus Bill, passed by the federal Liberals under Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and Justice Minister John Turner, which legalized widespread abortion in Canada. The pro-life movement has been there from the beginning, dogging the steps of the abortion movement and providing a witness to the [...]

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Off the wire

Svend Robinson’s private Member’s bill, which aims to change the Criminal Code with regards to euthanasia, has been declared non-votable by a Parliamentary committee.  No official reasons have been given but Ottawa insiders suggest that further-reaching, Liberal-backed legislation will replace it.  ••••  American Life League predicts that President Clinton’s Fiscal Year 1995 budget for world population control will hit $585 million, a [...]

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THE MONTH IN REVIEW Radical feminist censorship A group calling themselves P.O.W. (Pissed off Women) broke into the editorial offices of a University of Miami student-run newspaper, The Hurricane, and destroyed 10,000 pro-life supplements which were to be inserted into the paper’s next edition.  The destroyed newspaper supplement is a 12-page, full colour mini-newspaper called She’s a Child.  Not a Choice. Over [...]

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Mother Teresa stuns Clinton

On Feb. 3, 1994 Mother Teresa spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C.  Before an audience of 3,000, which included President Bill Clinton and Vice-President Al Gore, Mother Teresa called for an end to abortion, “the greatest destroyer of peace today.”  A disconcerted Clinton did not take part in the standing ovation which followed the speech.  Observers called it the [...]

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