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Hi-tech baby ban While many countries grapple with advancements in reproductive technology, the French National Assembly continues to be one of the few who have actually attempted to legislate the practice.  In mid-April, the Assembly passed a bill which would set limits on who can apply for in-vitro fertilization and attempt to stem the until-now unregulated embryo experimentation.  Most of the controversy [...]

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Someone control the controllers

A small group of South and Central American countries – Nicaragua, Argentina and Venezuela – worked with the Vatican to stun a high-powered collection of North American population controllers.  In doing so, they effectively thwarted U.S./UN efforts to mass murder millions more unborn babies over the next twenty years. At a meeting to determine the agenda of this year’s International Conference on [...]

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In Memoriam

Connie Osborn With the passing of Connie Osborn on February 23, 1994, the pro-life movement lost a great friend.  She died at home at the age of 63 from cancer. Mrs. Osborn had been a leading light in the pro-life movement from the early days.  In 1973 she founded Goderich (Ont.) and District Right to Life.  From June 1978 to June 1979 [...]

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Experts face off against parents

Charlottetown. In September, Island schools will introduce a new family living program at the Grade nine level. The provincial Home and School objects that the program has not been approved by parents, breaking a promise made when sex education was introduced to Island schools.  It wants the unit on sex ed dropped, and is quite adamant that demonstrations and practice sessions on [...]

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Who will speak for the family?

The Remains of the Day is one of the best films of 1993 and is now available on video.  It tells the story of an English butler, played by Anthony Hopkins, who is the epitome of the dutiful servant.  His subservience is such that he becomes alienated not only from any opinions, but from his own feelings.  When his father dies, he [...]

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Daycare fools

Well, the ignoramuses were let loose in Montreal recently and when they were done, two-year-old Jessica Dos Santos was expelled from daycare.  Never mind that she has HIV, the virus believed to cause AIDS, or that her mother did not inform the daycare workers of her illness.  What business is it of theirs? The nervy owner of Les Petits Lutins daycare asked [...]

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Fr. Ted Colleton Sharing the podium

I hope this is not sheer laziness on my part.  But I don’t think it is.  I often go to St. Joseph’s Parish in Port Elgin, where a great Spiritan friend of mine – Father Bob Hudson _ is Pastor, I have many friends there, but if I were suddenly asked to mention two of them I would probably say, “Melanie and [...]

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Changing Times, Changing Hearts

For thirty years, Barbara J. has been searching for the child she gave up for adoption early in the 1940s.  The records of the adoption are closed, so there is little hope that she will ever find her son. “I’ll probably go to my grave without ever knowing anything about him” Barbara says sadly.  “I can only hope he has been blessed [...]

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Manning on the spot “I am opposed to state-assisted suicides.” “The initial interpretation indicates a strong constituent support for physician-assisted suicide.” “I would be obligated to support that.” The above statements were made by the leader of the Reform Party of Canada and they once and forever illustrate the shortcomings of Preston Manning’s populist approach. Over the past year, this paper has [...]

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Anything seems possible in May

“The World’s favourite season is spring. All things seem possible in May.” Edwin Way Teale Yesterday, when I was young, the world looked like a simple place.  My tolerance level was near zero as I set about to change the world.  Nonconformity came easily.  Forced to leave Notre Dame high school in grade nine rather than give up a very important “duck [...]

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MSSB honours “sacred nature of life”

Over 104,000 students from the largest school board in Canada participated in a Respect for Life Week in May. Toronto’s Metro Separate School Board (MSSB) passed a resolution that the second week in May would be set aside for discussion, activities and prayer.  This coincidentally tied in with a youth celebration at Skydome and the commemoration of abortion in Canada. The MSSB [...]

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Gay benefits split Ont. NDP Member support miniscule outside Metro Toronto

Ontario New Democrats will get full support from their Liberal counterparts to extend same-sex benefits in the province. Lyn McLeod, leader of the Ontario Liberals, has sent off a passionate appeal to Attorney General Marion Boyd and Premier Bob Rae to get a move on and give family status to gay couples. “If you will agree to bring legislation forward immediately, I [...]

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UN resolution supported by Clinton administration

The American State Department is aggressively working with the United Nations towards a goal of zero population growth and greater access to abortion in developing countries. The State Department, with President Clinton’s blessing, has endorsed a draft document which pushed contraception, sterilization and abortion as means of achieving their goal.  The U.S. and the UN will use the September International Conference on [...]

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A day of mourning

May 13 and 14 have been set aside as days of mourning as thousands of Ontarians come together in sorrow marking 25 years of abortion in Canada. The days will concentrate on the educational as well as the spiritual, and will include prayer vigils, fasting, posters and signs in and outside of churches and the erection of crosses to mark the dead. [...]

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Encouraging teens to stand up to pressure

Standing up in front of your peers and saying that sexual activity is wrong may not be the best way to win immediate popularity. But the 24 young people who comprise Challenge ’94 have decided to take this message across Canada.  Building on the success of last year’s tour, the group hopes to reach 100,000 young Canadians from coast to coast. Rebecca [...]

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