Barnes puts spotlight of life issues at the Liberal convention

Twenty-five years after the criminal act of abortion was given a government stamp of legality by then Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and Justice Minister John Turner, the Liberals met in Ottawa at their biennial Convention. A number of pro-life Liberals became delegates for the mid-May convention in order to remind fellow Liberals of the country’s 25 year legacy of abortion. These same [...]

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Going It Alone Unplanned Single Motherhood in Canada Janet Ajzenstat, Elizabeth Cassidy, Elize Carter, Gerald Bierling Human Life Research Institute, 1994 131 pages, $15.00 Order from HLRI (416) 693-7030 Many of the women in Going It Alone say they went on with the pregnancy because they knew they could be good mothers.  The researchers observe that, “Their high regard for themselves is [...]

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The Month in Review

Humanitarian award In Saskatchewan, the Right to Life Committee’s second annual humanitarian award went to Prince Albert’s Holy Family Hospital and the Sisters of Charity who run it.  The hospital was also awarded the Kurelek Award, which was presented at the national pro-life convention in Saskatchewan.  Holy Family, which for years has had the only maternity ward in the area, has always [...]

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The perils of serving two masters

I thought I should have a meeting with an NDP member because I had written so many horrible things about them and possibly I didn’t understand their position on killing off the unborn, the handicapped (like Sue Rodriguez) and any old people who golfed over 120.  (Their score not their age). I was able to obtain a meeting with “Shamus McGroarty,”  a [...]

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‘Bullying tactics’ silence pro-life voice Western Report editor takes dead aim at political correctness

Is politically correctness on the way out?  Have its proponents finally out-done themselves?  These were two questions posed to delegates at the traditional banquet concluding the annual pro-life conference, Lifesavers ’94, sponsored by Campaign Life Coalition and Alliance for Life. Well known columnist, editor and publisher, Link Byfield took his audience, step by step, through the political correctness movement, from its beginning [...]

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Pro-life signs vandalized Senseless violence mars otherwise respectful event

In April, the pro-life movement marked 25 years of legalized abortion by placing signs and placing crosses on church lawns in memory of the millions of lost lives. The gravity of the event was marked with respect and most of the signs and crosses were left untouched.  There were, however, some instances of vandalism which were not lost on pro-life leaders. One [...]

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Islam and Rome form rare alliance

“It is not within the competence of the United Nations to re-define this institution, which is hallowed in Christianity and Islam.” Those who oppose the mandate of the United Nations Cairo Conference on Population and Development have gained a powerful ally. Until recently, the Vatican and several South American and Africana countries have stood alone in expressing any criticism of the anti-family [...]

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You were asking About Cairo

Apart from UNICEF which we know already, which other agencies or departments of the UN will be promoting population control measures at the Cairo conference? As one example, and using information taken directly from UN sources, we note that in 1989-90, the UN, INUCEF, UNFPA, UNESCO, ILO and WHO all cooperated in providing funds and aid for male and female sterilizations in [...]

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Where is the bang?

Analysis In April of this year, the United Nations saw a protracted verbal battle between Canada, the United States, the UN Fund for Population Activities and their allies on one side, and most of Latin America and Africa and their allies (including the Holy See) on the other. Fred Sai, head of International Planned Parenthood, an official at UNFPA and the head [...]

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Shatter the myths

Increased population means the world cannot feed itself. The UN says that to remain healthy, the average person must consume roughly 2,000 calories per day.  In 1961, 26% of the population of developing countries consumed over 2,000 calories per day.  In 1989, 94% of the population of developing countries consumed over 2,000 calories per day.  Further, since 1948, world food production has [...]

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The sexual revolution of the 1990s

Charlottetown “Saved sex, not safe sex” was the challenge brought to junior and senior high school students across Canada this spring. During a 6-week tour, two 12-member teams of young adults went into the schools with personal stories, statistics and helpful suggestions, to present chastity as a viable life style choice. The PEI segment culminated in a provincial rally sponsored by Catholic [...]

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Court battle rages in N.B.

New Brunswick is the latest province to experience the assault of a Henry Morgentaler legal challenge and area pro-lifers are feeling the familiar frustration. “If we beat them now it might make a difference in the rest of Canada,” said a beleaguered New Brunswick Right to Life president George Gilmore. Gilmore was referring to Morgentaler’s challenge of the 1985 New Brunswick abortion [...]

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Back-to-basics school opposed

So, what’s wrong with traditional values?  That’s the question begging for an answer in response to the opposition facing a new traditional school, opening in September in British Columbia. When a group of parents, disgruntled with an educational system that finds more students falling through the cracks with each passing year, decided they could institute a system which would emphasize a “back [...]

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U.S. pro-life efforts strangled Activity discouraged in the face of draconian measures

The threat to freedom of speech among pro0life Americans has taken a terrible turn for the worse.  One may wonder how it could happen that in the United States of America a bill could be signed into law that basically discriminates against an entire group of people simply because of what they believe.  Yet, in the case of the Freedom of Access [...]

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The following episode was first reported in the June, 1972 issue of Marriage and Family Newsletter. The account draws a frightening portrait of the “sterilization camps” which the UN set up in the early 1970s.  The article illustrates the depths to which population control advocates could stoop to trick their unwitting victims into a lifetime of infertility.  This particular camp was organized [...]

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