Life Chain & AIDS walk converge Side-by-side demonstrations in P.E.I. provide interesting insights

Charlottetown. Across Canada, October 2 was Life Chain Day. It was also Walk for AIDS Day, opening AIDS Awareness week. In Charlotte, AIDS PEI had unintentionally scheduled their fundraising walk to begin at almost the same time as the Life Chain, and almost beside it. With some quick rearranging, they avoided having their walkers get caught up in the Life Chain. Organizers [...]

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Seminar renews grassroots spirit

The pro-life movement has seldom received any corporate or media support and for this reason has always survived at a grassroots level. Events such as the September 10 Christian Family seminar are perfect examples of how the movement strengthens its grassroots and stays alive, despite the unfriendly times. Held in a small Ukrainian-rite Church basement, the lively seminar drew over 1000 people [...]

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The day the pro-lifers won

I got a call from Premier Don Pennell last week.  I barely had recovered from celebrating the upset victory of the Family Coalition Party in the recent Ontario election that reduced the NDP to enough members to play a game of chess. I offered my congratulations to Don and reminded him that I supported him dutifully (and every other off-the-wall pro-life initiative [...]

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The evolution of population control Part 3: The decade from Bucharest to Mexico, 1974-1984

Global View From 1974 to 1984, world conditions – both economic and political – were not conducive to encouraging development in the Third World.  Developed countries, themselves, were struggling to cope with adverse conditions. A world recession, high interest rates, distortion in the international monetary system, failure of national and international financial institutions, and high unemployment rates, all affected the standard of [...]

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Life Chain attracts over 37,000 pro-lifers

In early October, Canadian pro-lifers took to the streets for their annual Life Chain demonstrations.  As in past years, Canadians lined the streets with signs such as “Abortion Kills Children”; “Adoption: The Loving Option,” and “Jesus Forgives and Heals.” As in past years, Vancouver produced the biggest turnout with over 7,000 participants.  Across Canada, over 35,000 people took part. Though the numbers [...]

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Little children learn to deal with big issues Two books which deal with the difficulties of family love

Alfie’s Home Written by Richard A. Cohen Illustrated by Elizabeth Sherman 1993 International Healing Foundation, P.O. Box 901, Bowie, MD, 20718-0901 Tel. (301) 773-5573 $14.95 US plus $3.00 US Postage Hardcover Ages 7 to 12. Love You Forever Written by Robert Munch Illustrated by Sheila McGraw 1986 Firefly Books, Annick Press $4.95 Soft cover Ages 3 to 6 For parents and teachers [...]

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Overpopulation scare tactics nothing new

Almost as far back as we can trace, people have worried about increasing population.  In the year 500 B.C. both Plato and Aristotle worried about over population in Greece and neighbouring countries.  In the same year Confucius worried about it in China and Terullian scratched his head about it in Carthage in the second century A.D. In 1798, Robert Malthus startled England [...]

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Cairo: A mixed outcome of ‘darnel and good seed’

Did we win or lose in Cairo? To answer this question, one has to make a full study of the Final Draft Document, delving into the language that the Conference agreed upon, the intensive behind-the-scenes negotiations, and all the confused media coverage. At the outset, I must caution that I did not have day-to-day access to the Governments’ side of the Conference.  [...]

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Activists deal with injunction Counsellors hold their ground, a little further away from the clinic

Toronto police seemed bent on making sure that an Ontario Court injunction is not ignored by pro-lifers.  Two elderly ladies who were strip-searched call it harassment. On August 31, just one day after the injunction was set down, Rosemary Connell, Bill Whatcott and Linda Gibbons resumed their usual sidewalk counseling practises outside Manole Buruianna’s and Robert Scott’s abortuaries in downtown Toronto. Police [...]

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Nova Scotia nine sentenced Judge rules one-year probation for activists

Halifax—On September 22, nine protestors accused of mischief for blocking acces to the Morgentaler clinic in October of 1992, received suspended sentences. The nine included Kenneth Biso, Paul Cheverie, Ellan Chesal, Paul Morre, Noreen Mosher, Pauline Mullen, Sharon Keddy, Anne Ashford-Hall and Anne Marie Tomlins. They were also placed on probation for a year and ordered to refrain from blocking access to [...]

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In Canada, 1 in 5 aborted

Halifax – On September 22, nine protestors accused of mischief for blocking access to the Morgentaler clinic in October of 1992, received suspended sentences. The nine included Kenneth Biso, Paul Cheverie, Ellan Chesal, Paul Morre, Noreen Mosher, Pauline Mullen, Sharon Keddy, Anne Ashford-Hall and Anne Marie Tomlins. They were also placed on probation for a year and ordered to refrain from blocking [...]

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Province appeals latest ruling

Fredericton, N.B. – Henry Morgentaler won another victory when the Court of Queen’s Bench declared unconstitutional the New Brunswick’s 1985 laws prohibiting abortions outside hospitals. However, Premier Frank McKenna’s provincial Liberals have decided to appeal the Sept. 14 decision. Mr. Justice Ronald Stevenson ruled that the measures in the 1985 legislation reflect criminal laws, intended to limit abortions.  Since provinces have no [...]

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U.S. threatens Third world Despite setbacks at Cairo, the U.S. is still poised to force its agenda on the world’s poorer nations

Before leaving for the Cairo International Conference on Population and Development I had fears of being one of only a handful of pro-lifers in attendance.  However, it soon became apparent there were many pro-life people there among the Non Government Organization (NGOs) representatives, the government delegates and even the press.  I met at least 100 pro-lifers, many of whom met every evening [...]

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Abuse should not be dealt with lightly

A couple of years ago, a Montreal paper broke the story that a young local doctor had stopped treating patients because he was in the last stages of AIDS.  It revealed that he had worked in obstetrics at several of the city’s teaching hospitals over the previous four years.  This despite the fact that his colleagues were aware that he appeared gaunt [...]

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Fighting a $20 billion assault on population Cairo: A mixed outcome of ‘darnel and good seed’ Egyptian hospitality

From the moment I got off the plane in Cairo it was a delight to experience the warm cordial greeting of Egyptians.  Everyone was smiling, friendly, courteous and eager to be of assistance – from the shuttle bus drivers to security personnel who were everywhere. “Welcome to Cairo” was the refrain that was heard often from morning til night. Some conference attendees [...]

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