U.S. groups deny links to New Year’s Eve shootings

The pro-life movement is once again in the position of denying any links with violent protest. On New Year’s Eve, John Salvi, a 22-year-old hairdressing student from Hampton, N.H., walked into two separate Boston-area abortion centres and opened fire, killing two workers and injuring five others.  He then climbed into his car, drove over 800 km to Norfolk, V.A., and sprayed another [...]

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N.S. ruling sends wrong message

A suspended sentence for a Nova Scotia  woman convicted of aiding and abetting her friend’s suicide sends an ominous message across the country says the president of the province’s Campaign Life organization. Herm Wills of Campaign Life Nova Scotia said a suspended sentence on an assisted suicide conviction puts out word that “mercy killing” practitioners can now set up shop in the [...]

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CSIS informant may hold key to clinic bombing

What does Canada’s spy agency know about the Morgentaler fire and why aren’t they saying anything? Pro-lifers are demanding answers from the federal government in light of news reports linking the destruction of Henry Morgentaler’s abortion clinic with radical left-wing groups out to discredit the pro-life movement and force the government to take action against it. The Security Intelligence Review Committee, in [...]

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Yes, it’s murder

“Life is a precious gift.  It belongs to the person to whom it was given. . . Tray’s life was hers to make of it what she could.  My life is going to be astounding.” I think that everybody in Canada, who watches or reads the news, is aware of the stories of the deaths of two young Canadians.  Tracy Latimer, of [...]

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A wave of infanticide

When Susan Smith first told her story about her children’s abduction during a carjacking, I was one of those cynics who immediately responded, “Drag the lake.” Not that I knew there was a lake, but because I’ve never met the mother who would leave her children in the circumstances Smith described.  Our society’s legacy of over 25 years of legal abortions is [...]

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A pretty drastic step

A Nebraska Juvenile Court judge resigns instead of giving a minor the go-ahead to have an abortion On August 25, 1993, I resigned as Juvenile Court Judge in Douglas County, Nebraska, rather than accept an abortion case assigned to me.  Robert Destro, a law professor at Catholic University in Washington, commented that my resignation was “a pretty drastic step.”  This is the [...]

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Special needs children: Family’s hard work brings intensely gratifying results

Wow! Another boy! What a wonderful surprise! Five daughters and now two sons.  He looks like his siblings, blond round head.  A beautiful son. Little did we know that there were more surprises.  Daniel, our beautiful son, was born with Down Syndrome.  Even though we were told in the most gentle way – it was still a shock.  Guilt, sorrow, shock, denial [...]

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The most ‘happy, cheerful, delightful’ child ever

Mylomeningocele: little did we know we were going to learn all about this strange word when our third child was born.  All seemed normal with the pregnancy – just like the other two.  I did not have an ultrasound, but we were informed that it may not have shown anything anyway. He was born 12 days later and weighed 8 lbs, 1 [...]

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Battling a history of alcohol abuse

A young man rises above his Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.  Studies show many social drinkers may worry too much about the possibility of F.A.S. Paul, who turned 25 on his last birthday, is a delightful young man.  When he comes home for the weekend, he fills our house with his talented piano playing and is always ready for a game of cards. Paul [...]

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The tragic mistreatment of Down Syndrome babies

Surviving pre-natal prejudice The past ten years have seen huge advancements in the technology of pre-natal testing.  Doctors are now able to detect a wide variety of abnormalities during very early stages of pregnancy.  Increasingly, parents are opting for abortion instead of taking on the physical, emotional and financial obligations associated with caring for special needs children.  No one, not even organizations [...]

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What makes a party pro-life?

The American pro-life movement is hailing the Republican landslide in the November elections as a tremendous victory.  For the first time since the fifties, the Republicans now control both House of Congress. I think that any serious look at the Republican Party platform will reveal that pro-lifers have nothing to cheer about.  What the Republicans intend to do will dramatically increase the [...]

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“Being there” is the key

Dr. Dobson’s speech wows 4,000 at Toronto’s Convention Centre Several thousand people, cordially greeted by 100 volunteers poured into the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on December 5 to spend an “Evening In December” with Dr. James Dobson, founder and President of the non-profit Christian organization Focus on the Family. The excellent 20 minute video on the history of Focus on the Family [...]

Families to target for social service cuts

Liberal proposals to drop the Child Tax Benefits will especially hurt single-income families Human Resources Development Canada (Lloyd Axworthy’s Ministry) has recently released a new booklet called Have Your Say. It’s available at local postal outlets.  In it, Canadians are invited to give their comments about the future of social programs in Canada. The booklet covers many topics from Unemployment Insurance to [...]

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Why remain faithful?

1994 ended a tremendously difficult year for the pro-life movement. Much of the year was taken up by the Ontario provincial government taking pro-lifers to court in an attempt to gain a province-wide injunction against all forms of pro-life activism.  These restrictions swept across the country and the call went out: “Stifle the pro-life voice.” From Nova Scotia to British Columbia, pro-life [...]

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Where’s the proof?

“He that first cries out stop thief, is often he that has stolen the treasure.” William Congreve (1670-1729) Who shot abortionist Garson Romalis?  Who bombed Henry Morgentaler’s abortion clinic in 1992? The pro-abortion movement, with intense media support, has incessantly pointed the finger at the pro-life movement.  Now, however, it has broken with tradition, blaming the neo-Nazi movement in conjunction with pro-lifers. [...]

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