Amnesty won’t support this prisoner

Poor Linda Groce. She’s doing 12 months in jail for illegal sidewalk counselling outside of Robert Scott’s Toronto abortuary. She is also one of the 18 pro-lifers charged two years ago by the former NDP government for their pro-life activities. Linda, 46, the mother of three children is well acquainted with the serious problems ensuing from having an abortion (having had one [...]

Child slavery abounds in India, Pakistan

Group estimates there are 80 million children in servitude across Asia Iqbal Masih, a 12 year old Pakistani Christian who had won international acclaim for his crusade against child slavery, was shot and killed when returning to his home near Lahore, Easter Sunday, April 16. Now there are reports that his whole family has been and some fellow andti-slave activists arrested. Iqbal, [...]

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Pushed out of society

Looking at some news stories in Ontario causes me to wonder-and worry-about the future facing disabled persons. Toronto Star columnist Thomas Walkom recently wrote about the plight of one Ontario family in the wake of welfare cutbacks. Matthew Jensen is an eight year old with severe autism who cannot speak feed or dress himself. Matthew is fed through a tube inserted directly [...]

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Editorial – 40,000 angry women

As this paper goes to press, 40,000 of the most powerful and angry women from all around the world will gather in Beijing to rant and rave about their unjust plight. There will also be a pro-family contingent but don’t expect the press to acknowledge their presence. All rational people (men included) support the just and equal treatment of women. Holding a [...]

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French court acquits activists

Judge declares a pre-born baby a “future human being, already alive.” Paris-   In early July, a French court acquitted pro-life activists for blocking access to an abortion ward at Paris’ Satpetriere   hospital last November. The acquittal was granted on the grounds that the pre-born baby is a “future human being.” Presiding Judge Thierry Denervoix de Bonnefond de Lavialle said a fetus is [...]

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You Were Asking

Is it true that surgeons can operate on a preborn baby? C.S. Mississauga Yes, it is true. Today, such is the state of the art of medicine, a baby can be removed from his mother’s womb for surgery, and then replaced. Many conditions which require surgery are treated whilst this little “second patient” is still inside the uterus. In A Time to [...]

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Morgentaler attacks Church

Henry Morgentaler delivered the opening address at the annual convention of the Humanist Association of Canada at the University of Guelph on June 23. He used the opportunity to blame the Catholic Church for Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler’s murder of millions of Jews. “Had the Church not persecuted Jews for centuries,” said Morgentaler, “Hitler could never have mastered the public support to [...]

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Jane Roe denounces her pro-abortion past

The woman who played a central role in the legalization of abortion in the U.S., now claims she is pro-life. Norma McCorvey, who, as Jane Roe served as the plaintiff in the class action Roe vs. Wade (the Supreme Court case that won the day for pro-abortionists in the U.S.), had always been portrayed as a hero for “women’s rights.” Until recently, [...]

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New York abortionist convicted of murder

A New York abortionist has been convicted of murder. He faces up to 25 years in prison after performing an abortion that killed a 33-year-old Honduran immigrant woman. Dr. David Benjamin performed the abortion on Guadalupe Negron who was five months pregnant at the time. Failing to examine Negron to determine gestation, Benjamin perforated the woman’s uterus and left her unattended while [...]

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The Month in Review

Off the wire A euthanasia bill was rejected by the state Parliament of South Australia on July 27. The bill would have allowed terminally-ill adults to have themselves killed within a year of their anticipated date of death. The Italian National Committee on Bioethics has rejected the idea of euthanasia and called for palliative care. The committee referred to euthanasia as “gravely [...]

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The real population scare

There has been so much in the news recently about last year’s Cairo Conference on Populations and Development and the forthcoming Beijing Women’s Conference in September that I felt myself almost impelled to do some study on world population and the world food situation. I confined myself to three sources, The War Against the Family, by William D. Gairdner; The War Against [...]

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Senator Cools: No friend of the feminists

Senator Anne Cools, a Pierre Trudeau appointee to the Senate, took considerable heat last March when she stated at an International Women’s Day Celebration  that “behind every abusing husband is an abusing mother.” Were the feminists ever angry about that! Cool’s statement, in effect, discredited one of their dearest theories—namely, that women are not only helpless victims at the mercy of brutish [...]

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The long march from Rome to Beijing

These days, the mere suggestion of a UN conspiracy brings an immediate hail of scorn. However, by tracing the UN’s movements since the 1950s,  Winifride Prestwich has put together a pretty good case. Freedom, both religious and political, can never be taken for granted. In 1995, people in Britain, Ireland, the USA, and Canada are learning, to their dismay, that many of [...]

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The final assault on humanity: Ottawa’s response

Opinion polls clearly show Canadians’ distaste with genetic engineering. Why is the Health Minister dodging the issue? Medical and legal experts have long recognized that scientific and technological developments in regard to new reproductive technologies (NRT) have far outstripped the law. They have warned that, unchecked by legislation, this “area of research is par excellence one likely to produce problems for mankind [...]

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