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Yesterday’s treasures debuts in Toronto

TORONTO - Campaign Life Coalition is going into the used clothing and merchandise business to help provide additional funding in the ongoing pro-life struggle. In November, Campaign Life introduced Yesterday's Treasures, located in a small booth at the Knob Hill Farms store at Dundas street and Lansdowne avenue in Toronto. The store is situated near a string of small retail operations, including [...]

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Toronto parish hosts pro-life Sunday

Parishioners at St. Bonaventure Church in suburban Toronto were treated to a smorgasbord of pro-life literature November 2 at the community's first Celebrate Life Sunday. Born of an urgency to bring greater right to life information to a wider audience, the event was sponsored by the parish's Small Christian Community Group. "We would like to continue the tradition of organizing these Celebrate [...]

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Panel examines life/death cultural clash

TORONTO - The clash between the contraception mentality's "culture of death" and the respect for life position embraced by traditional Christian theology was the focus of a one-day seminar November 8 at St. Michael's College of the University of Toronto. The seminar, The Culture of Life vs. The Culture of Death, attracted nearly 100 participants and touched on many issues of concern [...]

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Loss for Rosalie Hall community

Sister Therese Bonneville, the former director of Rosalie Hall in Scarborough, died suddenly November 5 at age 68. The one-time Superior General of the Misericordia Sisters, Sister Bonneville died from heart complications in Montreal. Rosalie Hall, a residence of young women in crisis pregnancies, was a major part of Sister Bonneville's life for 18 years. She showed her strong leadership skills as [...]

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Mail strike playing havoc with Rosalie Hall appeal

As the Christmas letters pile up, so does Rosalie Hall Foundation's most important letter of the year. Each year, friends and supporters of Rosalie Hall's work with single young women and their children donate about $54,000 over the Christmas season for programs. This year the postal strike jeopardizes the entire campaign which must raise an additional $200,000 to meet the $515,000 shortfall [...]

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GTA club to aid pro-life work

A newly formed Catholic young adults' club is committing itself to support a number of pro-life, pro-family projects around southern Ontario. The Greater Toronto Adult (GTA) Catholic Network began in November as a social, spiritual, charitable and recreational organization for adult Catholics in and around Metro Toronto.    The group is open to Catholics aged 27 and up. Although the majority of members [...]

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Alliance delegates urged to hold fast to truth

The real facts fit the pro-life message. This is the message given by speaker after speaker at the 1997 annual conference, Life and Family a Community Affair, held in Waterloo, Ontario, October 31 - November 1. Is the world running out of food? Yes say the doomsdayers and the population manipulators. No, says Dr. Glenn Fox, professor of agricultural economics at Guelph [...]

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On tour with grim abortion message

Two American pastors who have devoted their lives to showing the graphic nature of abortion, believe that a respect for life attitude is gaining strength in the popular imagination. Pastors Matt Trewhella and Ralph Ovadal of Wisconsin, were in Toronto recently to meet Canadian Show the Truth Tour organizers, and to attend the recent Ontario Students for Life conference. Trewhella, pastor of [...]

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Suicide bill now law in Oregon

Oregon voters November 4 strongly reaffirmed their support of doctor-assisted suicide on the same day the state attorney general's office said the original law is now in effect. The vote and the legal interpretation mean a person who is mentally competent and diagnosed as having less than six months to live could request a lethal prescription from a doctor immediately, wait the [...]

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Health care staff on the front lines of moral choices

News Item: A group of Roman Catholic operating room nurses are facing a moral dilemma over performing abortion duties, arising from their transfer from St. Joseph's General Hospital to Thunder Bay Regional Hospital. - Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal, June 6, 1997 The practice of medicine today poses some of the most controversial moral dilemmas to health care providers. Social, legal and medical [...]

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Bringing faith to the marketplace

OTTAWA - The influence of religious faith as it applies to decision making in the public domain was the focus of a recent public forum at St. Patrick's parish hall in Ottawa. Sponsored by the Catholic Civil Rights League and the Canada Family Action Coalition, the event featured pro-life Members of Parliament Deborah Grey (Reform, Edmonton North), Jason Kenney (Reform, Calgary Southeast) [...]

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Abortion figures termed ‘appalling’

Pro-life officials take little comfort in published reports that Canada's abortion rate is levelling off. Statistics Canada figures released in early November indicate the rate of increase to be 0.4 per cent, the smallest rise since 1988, when the Supreme Court struck down the former abortion law. The data also shows that nearly 107,000 abortions were committed in the country in 1995, [...]

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Signage battle heating up in Lindsay

Police and justice officials in the town of Lindsay, northeast of Toronto are playing hardball with local pro-lifers. Bowing to a handful of public complaints, Lindsay police October 18 confiscated four large signs showing the remains of aborted children. The signs were part of a protest outside Ross Memorial Hospital, the scene of pro-life protests over the last two years. According to [...]

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Pro-abortion view growing indefensible

Over the past several months, the morale of the pro-choice side of the abortion stalemate has visibly collapsed. Roe v. Wade remains the law of the land, and 1.5 million abortions continue to be performed every year. But defenders of the right to an abortion - once so supremely self-confident - now express unprecedented doubts and misgivings about their cause. In October, [...]

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Legal limbo continues for unborn

TORONTO - Canada's pro-life community is once again lamenting the justice system's failure to recognize the personhood of the unborn child. Reacting to the Supreme Court's decision in the Winnipeg child case, pro-life officials said justices missed an ideal opportunity to free the unborn child from legal limbo. In a 7-2 ruling October 31, the Supreme Court ruled the courts have no [...]

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