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International Round-up

European approval of RU-486 condemned Health minister calls for fetal harvesting UN predicts aging population Vietnam gets population award Adoption scandal in Brazil Sex-selection abortions assailed Vatican clears up counselling questions Provide abortions and divorces says UN Nun advocates for some abortions Britain bans human cloning European approval of RU-486 condemnedBERLIN - German authorities have ignored last-minute appeals from the Roman Catholic [...]

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U.S. Digest

A compendium of life- and family-related news from south of the border Bauer says Bush disappoints on pro-life Coalition opposes stem cell research Cardinal leads pro-life demonstration Texas seen as ‘most anti-choice' state Steep decline in Michigan abortions Nurses quit over ‘morning-after' pill Baird a fixture at pro-life convention $10 million to population control Bauer says Bush disappoints on pro-life Republican presidential [...]

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Across Canada

Record set straight on MAP Morgentaler loses manager Kitchener PP moving Officer's appeal rejected Protestants back school religion Pro-life family needs help Photos of stillborns spark outcry Record set straight on MAP ABBOTSFORD, B.C. - In a letter to the editor of Medical Post magazine, Dr. H. Robert Pankratz of the Physicians for Life organization has set the record straight on the misinformation [...]

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Every day is Father’s Day, poem reminds us

I am writing this column on Father's Day.I intended to write on another subject, but came across what I consider a beautiful poem, entitled My Dad. I don't know who wrote it or where I got it, but I think it is well worth quoting even though it will not be printed until well after Father's Day. Every day is Father's Day. [...]

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Judgment is up to God

Conservatives like me tend to view the concept of "hate speech" with jaundiced skepticism in this age of political correctness. The terminology is so frequently misapplied to relative trivialities, and used as a tactical weapon by the politically correct, that it has become devalued from overuse. People who object to abortion and other causes advocated by militant feminism are alleged to "hate [...]

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Musings about ‘pro-choice’

In an earlier column, I commented on the fact that B.C.'s pro-abortion community refuses to debate or appear publicly with anyone who values all human life. The head of the B.C. Pro-Choice Action Network, Joyce Arthur, was invited to participate in a debate with pro-lifer Scott Klusendorf. Arthur put on her best brave face and declined the invitation. However, in the days [...]

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To judge the judges

Before I get around to kicking our judges all over Ottawa and elsewhere for the weird rulings they come up with, I have a gem of a true story to bring you from a trade magazine called Coverings. Clara Null of Oklahoma City, Okla. remembered one of the worst days of her life. She said, "The washing machine had broken down, the [...]

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Ted Byfield has never abandoned principles

The Book of Ted: Epistles from an Unrepentant Redneck, by Ted Byfield (Keystone Press Inc., $34.95, 269 pages) The American columnist George Will once said that before there was Ronald Reagan there was Barry Goldwater, before there was Goldwater there was National Review, and before there was National Review there was William F. Buckley. The point was that political movements have their beginnings in [...]

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Poignant letters to baby

Letters to Gabriel: The true story of Gabriel Michael Santorum, by Karen Garver Santorum with a foreword by Mother Teresa and an introduction by Dr. Laura Schlessinger ($22.95). Karen Garver Santorum is the wife of a prominent pro-life senator and mother of three who, when she found out she was expecting her fourth child, decided to write "letters" to her yet-to-be-born child. [...]

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UN grants new ‘sexual rights’

Population conference says 10-year-olds have right to contraception and ‘safe' abortions Between June 30 and July 2, a special session of the General Assembly of the United Nations reviewed the Cairo International Conference on Population and Development. Planners of Cairo+5, including the pro-abortion United Nations Population Fund and the International Planned Parenthood Federation, sought to expand abortion rights and contraception access, as [...]

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Risking innocent lives to make political points

Many Canadians probably take for granted that medicine is one area where rational investigation and a commitment to tangible and verifiable data is a fundamental requirement. Careful observers of developments in the field are noticing challenges to this assumption on a number of fronts. One of the greatest threats appears to be from homosexualist radicals who take issue with anyone who characterizes [...]

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‘Denominational armour’ is not the Armour of God’

Editor: Interim subscriber Brian Austin received a telephone call recently asking if his church would like to subscribe to the newspaper. He said he didn't think so; but he decided afterwards to pay for a group subscription on behalf of his church. Mr. Austin, a Protestant, regretted his initial response. He was afraid that a few members of his church would object [...]

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Tyrell Dueck goes home

After a nine-month struggle with cancer, Tyrell Dueck died at St. Paul's Hospital in Saskatoon on Wednesday, June 30. He was 13 years of age. His parents, two sisters, family and a host of friends mourn his passing. Last October, Tyrell discovered a lump on his leg after slipping in the shower. Tests revealed that is was cancer, a rare osteosarcoma. According [...]

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Former ambassador a man of honesty, courage

Mr. Yvon Beaulne, former ambassador from Canada to the Holy See in Rome and a former permanent representative of Canada to the United Nations in New York, died in his home in Hull, Que. early in June, after a long and painful illness. I served under Mr. Beaulne when he was director-general of the Department of External Affairs' bureau for Africa and [...]

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Memorial honours victims of abortifacients

There was just the right mix of fun, prayer, recreation and reflection at the recent Catholic Family Weekend July 9-11 at Springwater Catholic Campground, located just northwest of Barrie, Ont. During the weekend, Pharmacists for Life had the opportunity to dedicate a cross to the memory of children whose lives have been taken due to the effects of abortifacient drugs or devices. [...]

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