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Pro-life campaign in Scotland Pro-life March in Nicaragua Kenya VP backs sanctity of life Vatican corrects UNFPA Abortionist to be hanged Vatican clarifies UN claim Infanticide said to be rampant in Senegal Two arrested in illegal abortions in Spain Abortion seekers to view photos Dead babies' hearts kept Pro-life campaign in Scotland GLASGOW - A new Scottish pro-life group says it will [...]

2010-07-22T13:33:33-04:00November 22, 1999|World Briefs|

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Harming pre-born child criminalized ‘Forbes strengthens pro-life stance Partial-birth abortion bans celebrated Planned Parenthood could make big bucks off baby parts Harming preborn child criminalized The legislative director of National Right to Life characterized as "helpful" the House of Representatives recent decision to make it a crime to harm a preborn child during the commission of a violent act against a pregnant [...]

2010-07-22T13:32:47-04:00November 22, 1999|US Briefs|

Peter Singer’s murderous logic

I am not an avid reader of American newspapers, but on Thanksgiving Day I came across one in our community room and decided to spend some time looking over it. I don't think I can be appalled by anything I read in newspapers at the present time, but one article certainly did disturb my equilibrium. It regarded a new appointment to a [...]

1999-11-22T11:00:56-05:00November 22, 1999|Issues|

Pork barrelling

There is a politician at Queen's Park whom they say has never let a pork barrel pass him by in his life. But it is not just politicians who have their arms deep into the pork barrel - they are joined by lawyers and recently retired Queen's Park bureaucrats who are now slobbering consultants. Last of all, but not least, are hungry [...]

2010-07-22T13:31:25-04:00November 22, 1999|Frank Kennedy, Politics|

Eugenics, Part II

Digging again into a "forgotten" chapter of Canada's history, one must note that it was a gaggle of physicians who saw to it that legislation such as the Sexual Sterilization Act was passed in the British Columbia Legislature. Despite opposition by the archbishop of Vancouver and a group of "health cultists," an act was passed that called for a Board of Eugenics [...]

1999-11-22T11:00:51-05:00November 22, 1999|Issues|

Queen Adrienne

Greetings one and all from the land of the Throne Speech, which opened the latest session of Parliament early last month. I don't hear many people talking about the prime minister's Throne Speech, but social conservative circles have been all abuzz lately with the Reform leader's response to it, and the reaffirmation of his pro-life and pro-family sentiment. You think you've heard [...]

1999-11-22T11:00:48-05:00November 22, 1999|Issues|

Out, damn spot!

Being in the business of reporting on abortion, by far the most heated battle of the culture wars, we at The Interim like to think that nothing can surprise us. Time and again, we've seen how abortion is unlike any other issue in our society, and that when it comes to abortion, the normal rules of fair play don't apply. Every once in [...]

2010-07-22T13:31:47-04:00November 22, 1999|Editorials, Issues|

Book sheds light on Orthodoxy and life issues

The Sacred Gift of Life: Orthodox Christianity and Bioethics by John Breck, St. Vladimir's Seminary Press, 1998. Distributed in Canada by Novalis, 1-800-387-7164. 288 pages softcover, $26.95. "Personality can be transplanted: Shy mouse made sociable, Discovery raises hope of ‘gene psychiatry' for humans." So scream the day's headlines as I prepare to review The Sacred Gift of Life: Orthodox Christianity and Bioethics by John [...]

2010-07-22T13:28:19-04:00November 22, 1999|Book Review|

CLC Christmas cake sales more vital than ever

Jorge Teles has some big shoes to fill as the new coordinator of Campaign Life Coalition's annual Christmas cake sale program. Also serving as director of the Yesterdays Treasures thrift shop in Toronto, Teles takes over from long-time cake sale coordinator Tom Brown, who died August 31. Brown had supervised CLC's cake sale effort for the last 10 years. Teles assumes control [...]

2010-07-22T13:17:17-04:00November 22, 1999|Pro-Life|

Entrepreneur initiates pro-life fundraiser

Proceeds from sale of education programs will be donated to Campaign Life Coalition It has been said that the true mark of an individual is one who is unspoiled by success and who has never forgotten his roots. By all counts Dale Smith, former high school history teacher and now a successful businessman falls into that category. Perhaps it was something in [...]

2010-07-22T13:16:32-04:00November 22, 1999|Issues|

Winnipeg pastor was an inspiration to youth

News of the death of Monsignor Justinus Bertasius was met with sadness throughout the Winnipeg Archdiocese. Regarded as a kind and holy priest, he was remembered as the parish priest of St. Casimir's Church and as the shepherd of Winnipeg's Lithuanian community. Less known was his ministry to the medical students who frequented his Masses. Within walking distance of the University of [...]

2010-07-22T13:13:54-04:00November 22, 1999|Religion|

CLC launches youth wing as hope for the future

Campaign Life Coalition is in the process of forming a new organization that will link young people's pro-life efforts coast to coast. Campaign Life Coalition Youth (CLCY) will be led by Tanya Granic, 19, a second-year science student at the University of Western Ontario. Granic is currently on a four-month sabbatical and is working with Campaign Life Coalition. She recently served as [...]

2010-07-22T13:10:26-04:00November 22, 1999|Youth Activism|

Contraception belongs to the culture of death

‘We will not win the battle on abortion until we take our foot our of Satan's camp' Most of us would agree that abortion is an integral part of the Culture of Death. Many would guess, without really understanding why, that chastity belongs to the Culture of Life. But what about contraception? Do we even have to choose? Isn't it a very [...]

2010-07-22T13:09:53-04:00November 22, 1999|Society & Culture|

The ‘morning-after pill’: A pro-life Anglican responds to the Archbishop of Canterbury

We live in a country that condones abortion. Some of us attend churches that do not condemn it. As a pro-life Anglican, I was unsettled by comments made recently by the head of the Anglican Church, Dr. George Carey, on a London radio show. Carey, the Archbishop of Canterbury, appeared on Radio 4 Today earlier this fall to promote his newest book, Jesus 2000. [...]

2010-07-22T12:36:09-04:00November 22, 1999|Abortion, Religion|

Ken Campbell active as ever, in spite of illness

Can anything stop Rev. Ken Campbell on his mission to put God back in the public schools, and restore the historic theistic principles that made Canada great? Certainly not prostate cancer! Who else but Ken Campbell - aware of his condition - would take a Paul Revere-like solo 16-day, 5000-mile foray to Saskatchewan during the September provincial election to take on seemingly [...]

2010-07-22T12:34:08-04:00November 22, 1999|Frank Kennedy, Politics|
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