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Shake Up on Parliament Hill

In an article on the front page of the Toronto Star of August 30, 2000, under the title, "Fiery Chretien hammers Day," the Prime Minister is quoted as accusing Canadian Alliance leader Stockwell Day of "trying to rob Canadian women of their right to choose an abortion." He continues, "We Liberals support a woman's right to choose, but he wants a divisive [...]

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The meeting that never was – or was it?

Past columns of mine have dwelt on the top-secret meeting that then-British Columbia Attorney-General Ujjal Dosanjh held with representatives of B.C.'s abortion industry, including Joyce Arthur of the Pro-Choice Action Network. I'm told that various folks are working themselves into a tizzy regarding my exposure of this meeting. Indeed, I received an ever-so-rare e-mail message from Arthur herself, "warning" me to "cease [...]

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Crouton’s Election Video

I blundered into a room in the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa recently looking for a washroom. I saw numerous cameras and lighting equipment and panic-stricken people running around. "What's going on?" I asked. "We're shooting a promo of the PM for the upcoming election," said a man standing at the back of the crowd. "We're going to have a federal election?!" "Shhh. [...]

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Shake Up on Parliament Hill

Did you see that amazing story several weeks ago about how new Canadian Alliance leader Stockwell Day refused to join other MPs in standing to applaud as strident homosexual Member of Parliament Svend Robinson was introduced in the House of Commons? He said it had something to do with the New Democrat MP spending his entire parliamentary career advocating values inimical to [...]

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Growing up along the Pilgrimage for Life

By Catherine Fournier In my last article for The Interim, I mused about how foreign the idea of pilgrimage is to the North American mind. We want to get there, and the sooner the better. Patience just isn't a cultural trait on this continent. Over the years though, the pro-life movement has learned that their battle will not be won overnight. The hearts, [...]

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Requiescat in pacem

Fr. Ben Hermann OMI - a big man who cast a giant shadow By Margaret Purcell The Interim Those who keep archives will say that Fr. Bernard Michael Hermann was born on Oct. 21, 1922 in Odessa, Sask. In 1940 he entered the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate novitiate at St. Charles, Man. He professed his first vows on Sept. 15, 1941. [...]

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CLC Manitoba president Niel Slykerman dies

By Mary Ellen Douglas The Interim The pro-life movement lost a valiant warrior and a great leader when God called Niel Slykerman of Winnipeg home on Sept. 26, 2000. We extend our love and prayers to his grieving family; his wife Maria and his children Carol, Cory and Lisa. Campaign Life Coalition leaders learned of Niel's death during a national conference call [...]

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Toronto Muslims protest gay agenda in schools

By Mike Mastromatteo The Interim Traditional family supporters, including thousands from Toronto's Islamic community, are not giving up in their opposition to the Toronto District School Board's equity policy, which lends legitimacy to the homosexual lifestyle. More than 300 people took part in a Sept. 27 rally and march at Queen's Park to draw attention to the policy and to voice their [...]

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Mary Wagner faces new bubble-zone charges

By Ted Gerk The Interim The young woman in the photograph demands that no attention be focused on herself. Instead, Mary Wagner's challenge and focus is the Christian community. On Tuesday, Aug. 29, Mary was again arrested at the notorious Everywoman's Health Centre in Vancouver. Her crime? Once again Mary was offering roses to women arriving for their abortion. Four appearances in [...]

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Mexican abortion laws vary from state to state

By Bill Whatcott The Interim Mexican pro-lifers have had quite a fight on their hands these days. The PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party) has recently lost a national election, and after 70 years of power, patronage and corruption, they have to hand over power to the relatively conservative PAN (National Action Party). While the PAN leader Vicente Fox looks promising, Mexican pro-lifers are [...]

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Study shows women at 75 percent risk of STD

By Tim Bloedow The Interim "Condom use is the best ways to combat sexually transmitted disease." While this is definitely not the kind of message one would expect in a pro-life publication, it is no more shocking than reading that condoms are a useless defence against sexually transmitted disease in a mainstream publication such as the National Post. But that's what you would [...]

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A psychological perspective on abortion: Understanding the contradictions

By Barbara Maloney McAdorey The Interim A recent article, entitled "Abortion Wars," by Leonard Stern, which appeared in The Citizen's Weekly, a Sunday supplement in The Ottawa Citizen, gave a fair and honest account of the abortion situation in Canada, something not often seen in mainstream media. As reported in the June issue of The Interim, at an outdoor Mass in Vanier, Ottawa's Roman Catholic [...]

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Media notices latest victims of China’s one-child policy

Media commentary by Paul Tuns The Interim The Huang family of the village Caidian in the Chinese province of Hubei already had three children when local family planning officials heard about Mrs. Huang's pregnancy. The officials tried but failed to induce an abortion by injecting Huang with salt water. The baby survived the botched abortion attempt and the officials visited the family [...]

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U.K. physicians debate fetal pain in abortion

Pro-abortion doctor admits preborn children suffer, says anaesthetics should be used By Paul Tuns The Interim Pro-abortion doctor Vivette Glover, of Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea Hospital in London, England, recommended Aug. 28 that "all terminations [abortions] between 17 and 24 weeks be performed under anaesthetic," after recognizing the unborn child is capable of feeling pain. Her remarks came more than two months [...]

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Municipal elections soon in four provinces

By Paul Tuns The Interim Pro-life, pro-family groups in four provinces are urging citizens who hold traditional values to get involved in local politics. Municipal (city council) and school board elections will be held in Nova Scotia Oct. 21, in Saskatchewan Oct. 25 and in Ontario Nov. 14. Municipal elections will be held in Prince Edward Island Nov. 6. Campaign Life Coalition [...]

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