Pro-lifers maintain seats in House of Commons

Pro-lifers maintain seats in House of Commons By Tim Bloedow The Interim The final seat count for the federal election gives the Liberals 173, the Canadian Alliance 66, the Bloc Quebecois 37, the New Democrats 13 and the Progressive Conservatives 12. The Liberals and the Alliance were the only parties to make seat gains. The Liberal gain of 18 seats from the [...]

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Poll contradicts Chretien: Most Canadians disagree with status quo on abortion

Paul Tuns The Interim The November 25 National Post reported that a poll released in the closing days of the recent federal election campaign found "most [respondents] support abortion rights" but a closer look at the numbers - and the questions - paints a different picture. The COMPAS survey of 512 Canadians on what the Post referred to as "hot-button issues" including abortion, [...]

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Veteran pro-lifer has learned “God’s help will prevail’

By Grace Petrasek The Interim The outside of the building needs a facelift and the inside needs fixing, but now Fredericton has a much needed crisis pregnancy center. Located next door to the well-appointed downtown abortuary, in the area that encompasses a Catholic church, a public school and gathering places for many of the city's 5,000 university students, the new Mother and [...]

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Abortion issue centre stage in federal election campaign

Commentary Paul Tuns The Interim Abortion was thrust upon the national stage during the federal election campaign after party leaders and the media lambasted Canadian Alliance leader Stockwell Day's pro-life position and the party's pro-referendum policy. Campaign Life Coalition national president Jim Hughes told The Interim, "Abortion has always been discussed at the door but is usually stifled at the upper levels," during [...]

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Election 2000 saw new signs of hope among Protestant and Catholic leaders

By Paul Tuns The Interim The head of the political arm of Canada's pro-life movement took a better-late-than-never approach to the prominence some religious leaders gave to abortion as an election issue for Christians to consider as they cast their votes on November 27. Campaign Life Coalition national president Jim Hughes told The Interim he would have preferred a generally stronger and earlier [...]

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On religion and public life

Stockwell Day told a TV audience at the beginning of the election campaign that he prays for journalists who ridicule his religious faith. Surely not individually by name. He would have time for little else. Appearing on the Christian talk show 100 Huntley Street, Day specifically referenced a Toronto Stararticle about him that sarcastically signed off with "God bless his holy-roller Pentecostal soul." The Starwriter [...]

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Baby chop-shop ads ruled nasty

Somewhere in Winnipeg is a little-known institution that is oh-so-Canadian. Its a typical bureaucratic monstrosity, depending largely on secrecy in order to operate and extend its tentacles into the business of Canadians. I am, of course, speaking of Advertising Standards Canada. Set-up to monitor truth in advertising, the top-secret group even tries to tackle moral issues, or should I say, when the [...]

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Eddie Goldenberg ran into Prime Minister Jean Crouton's office shortly after the federal election had been announced. Eddie screamed excitedly: "Denis Vincent is here! Denis says that he doesn't want to run against you this year!" Crouton is shocked. "What kind of a friend is he?! Does Denis want to see me defeated?! Show him in." Eddie darts out and Denis enters [...]

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Coren’s Lifesite webcasts on CD

The Best of Michael Coren on LifeSite in Real Audio (Interim Publishing, Toronto, $15). Review by Paul Tuns The Interim Interim readers will be familiar with journalist and broadcaster Michael Coren, not only from his column in this newspaper, but also from his writing in the Sun newspapers, his many books, and his Crossroads television show, Michael Coren Live. It's likely, however, [...]

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B.C. youth pro-life conference inspiring

By Margaret Bright The Interim They say the future of the pro-life movement lays in the hands of our young people. One hundred young adults kept this in mind as they attended the eleventh annual Youth Pro-Life Conference held in Surrey, British Columbia last weekend. After a few "break-the-ice" games and prayer led by Fr. Tom Lynch of St. Augustine's Seminary in [...]

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‘He walked with me through it all’

Family, colleagues, and fellow Christians rallied when freedom of the press was threatened By Sue Careless The Interim When there is danger for journalists, there is danger for freedom, danger for democracy. UNESCO Secretary-General Frederico Mayor, in awarding the World Press Freedom Award 2000 to Jesus Blancornelas, a Mexican journalist shot by the drug traffickers he was exposing "The Lord hear thee [...]

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Rosalie Hall scholarships help young mothers

Program enables women to choose life and continue their education By Mike Mastromatteo The Interim The Rosalie Hall Foundation has added scholarships to its range of services to young women in crisis pregnancies. The scholarships, eligible to up to 10 high-achieving graduates of the Rosalie Hall secondary school program, enable young mothers to continue their education at the college or university level. [...]

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Memories of a perfect September day

By Mary Ellen Douglas The Interim It seems the pro-life family has experienced so many difficult and trying problems in the last short whole. Two million babies killed in their mothers' wombs, the arrival of chemical abortions, attacks on born children, and the threats and reality of euthanasia. But God in His infinite mercy chose to bless us with the happiest event [...]

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Sometimes crazy people save babies

By Grace Petrasek The Interim Recently, Robert Hinchey, co-counsellor with Joanne Dieleman at Toronto's Aid to Women, was chatting with a couple headed for the abortuary located next door. As they spoke, an abortuary employee darted from within and screamed, "Don't listen to him. He's crazy. They're all crazy up there. He's crazy. Don't listen to him." Later, while reflecting on this [...]

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