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Hospital limits live births

A controversial decision to limit the number of live births at an Ottawa hospital sparked a protest by healthcare workers and criticism by an organization representing obstetricians and gynecologists. The Queensway-Carleton Hospital imposed a cap of 2,100 live births per year as a cost-saving measure. The hospital has demanded obstetricians sign written assurances that they will limit the number of live births [...]

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Contradictory UN reports on population

Two agencies disagree on whether growing population is a problem A new report issued by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) contends that population growth has resulted in human misery and environmental ruin throughout the world. UNFPA claims these problems will become calamitous unless women gain access to reproductive services, which includes abortion. UNFPA's annual State of the World Population ("Footprints and [...]

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Surrey book battle to Supreme Court Despite missed deadline to appeal, Justice allows case to proceed

A British Columbia battle over gay and lesbian books has made its way to the Supreme Court of Canada despite the fact that the applicants had missed an already extended six-month deadline to submit their appeal. The unusual decision to still let them have their day in court was granted by a panel of three justices headed by Justice L'Heureux-Dube, a well [...]

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Klein squashes abortion defunding effort

Alberta Tory Premier Ralph Klein has closed the door to re-examining public funding of abortion. The Edmonton Journal reported that Alberta's standing policy committee on health was looking at deinsuring various procedures in order to save health care dollars for more serious health concerns and that several MLAs were hoping to have abortion funding on the table for discussion. A provincial pro-life [...]

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Student censured for pro-life shirt

Lisa Klassen, a Grade 11 student at Central Elgin Collegiate in St Thomas, Ont., was given an "unofficial suspension" for wearing a pro-life shirt that said, "Abortion is mean." Klassen was sent home by principal Ele Gibling, who told the 16-year-old that some people found the shirt offensive. Klassen told The Interim that two days before the Oct. 25 suspension, the vice [...]

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New Toronto abortion site calls into question Harris’s promises

How good is a politician's word? Not very, if the results of promises made by outgoing Ontario Premier Mike Harris are any indication. Although he certainly did not characterize himself as pro-life, Harris did toss a small crumb to appease Ontario's pro-life movement during his 1995 campaign to become premier. He pledged "no new abortion clinics," according to a front-page headline in [...]

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Ontario PC leadership race

Three of five candidates pro-abortion, while Clement and Flaherty send mixed signals It did not take long for abortion to become an issue in the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party leadership campaign - just long enough, in fact, for the media to ask the first announced candidate about his views on the issue during his kick-off press conference. Unfortunately, it was became an [...]

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Pro-life and politics

With two official leadership races in this country underway in this country right now - the Canadian Alliance federally, the Progressive Conservatives in Ontario - our minds are focussed on the role of pro-life Canadians in politics. Many of us (too many of us) limit our involvement in politics to the voting booth, if that much. On one hand, it is understandable [...]

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Quebec to push same-sex civil unions

While the Quebec courts consider the recognition of same-sex marriage, the provincial government has tabled legislation which would allow homosexual civil unions. On Nov. 8., Michael Hendricks and Rene Le Boeuf, supported by intervenors including Equality for Gays and Lesbians Everywhere, challenged in Quebec Superior Court, the definition of marriage as exclusively between a man and woman as a violation of Section [...]

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Personal attacks’ in election 2000

There is a very important aspect of the just-completed federal election campaign which I haven't seen addressed honestly anywhere in the mainstream media: that is, the concerns raised about the "personal" nature of much of the election rhetoric - this despite the volume of commentary provided by pundits on the priority given to personal attacks over the discussion of issues during the [...]

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Nightmare on pro-life street

I had this nightmare recently - only I was wide awake while I was having it. I was shocked by what I saw on the Internet: WANTED: STOCKWELL DAY, AN ESCAPED AND DANGEROUS CHRISTIAN - FIVE MILLION DOLLAR REWARD! What?! I knew the media had described Stockwell Day as "scary" because he believes in creationism and when Stockwell ran for prime minister [...]

2010-07-14T08:20:00-04:00January 14, 2001|Frank Kennedy|

Reflections on a strong and loving father

Being pro-life is, as I assume we all know, about much more than standing up for the unborn. It is about community, about family, about love. I know love. I know it very well indeed. Mum telephoned from England last week. I knew, I just knew. "I've got some bad news", she said, crying. "Dad has had a stroke." I was at [...]

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Act of Contrition People tell me that I lost my vote in the last election by voting for the Canadian Alliance. I don't think so. I voted for the party that would guarantee me the right to private property. People who voted for the Liberal Party do not have that right. As a matter of fact, Canadians had the right to private [...]

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Just who has the hidden agenda?

Talk radio listener attacks pro-lifer, decries 'millions wasted on unfit and unworthy lives' "Dr. Johnston … you has [sic] a hidden agenda." Delivered via fax machine, the letter responded to a recent morning radio interview given by Physicians for Life representative Dr. Will Johnston in Vancouver. The writer's agenda was not hidden. "I am strongly in favor of euthanasia. Millions of tax [...]

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Changing the world from your kitchen sink

Pro-life speaker shares how family life and activism really make a difference "We are called to be light and salt in our society. As the courts chip away our rights, it is clearly time for us to get real bright, and real salty!" Kathie McGann told listeners in Moncton recently, during a talk called "Changing the world from your kitchen sink." The [...]

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