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B.C. Liberals take cowards route

British Columbia NDP leader Gordon Campbell, er, sorry, I mean Liberal Leader Gordon Campbell, has declared that he and his party are anti-choice on abortion. The would-be-leader of the People's Republic of British Columbia has declared in a number of news columns that it's pro-choice or no choice when it comes to that issue. In other words, the pro-choice leader offers no [...]

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Funny happenings in the snake pit

I get more of a laugh when I read some serious stuff than when I read the comics. (And they're supposed to be funny.) After police arrested 32 spectators recently for fighting and various drinking offenses and handed out $13,000 in fines at an annual charity hockey game between two student residences at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, the [...]

2010-07-14T12:48:15-06:00February 14, 2001|Frank Kennedy|

Tories must choose true conservatism

Joe Clark seems to have had an epiphany on the way to his new, smaller, Parliament Hill office. It apparently has dawned on Joe that, hey, he lost the election, is hanging onto official party status by his fingernails, and that future prospects for the PC party are looking discouraging. Time for a new strategy. "What to do?" (You can see Joe's [...]

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Contrary to Chretien, abortion not a settled issue

During the federal election of November last, abortion surfaced as an issue in the English debate and in the media coverage at large. At one point Jean Chretien intoned that it's a settled issue for Canadians and that we have had social peace on the issue for a long time. Progressive Conservative leader Joe Clark used slightly different words, but his pro-abortion [...]

2010-07-14T12:39:17-06:00February 14, 2001|Abortion, Politics|

Lutherans for Life worker HENRY BARNHART BIEBER R.I.P.

Henry B. Bieber, husband of Alice Bieber, died peacefully in Pembroke January 27, 2001, in his 82nd year. Henry and Alice were longtime supporters of the pro-life cause and are remembered from the early 1970s when they joined Action Life of Ottawa in response to an advertisement in the Ottawa Citizen. Henry was born and raised in Saskatchewan and came to eastern [...]

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Pro-life Philosopher ELIZABETH ANSCOMBE R.I.P.

NRO Weekend E.M. ("Elizabeth") Anscombe, who died at the age of 81 in January, was a titan in the world of philosophy, and one of the 20th century's most remarkable women. At Cambridge, she studied with Ludwig Wittgenstein, and upon his death in 1951 became one of his literary executors. Among her most important early contributions to philosophy were publications (often requiring [...]

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Guess who came to the inaugural address?

When she won the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1979, many were surprised. When she delivered her acceptance speech in Oslo Norway on December 11, she surprised her skeptics even more. She was audacious enough to say things that are not usually expected on such occasions, though they were exactly the kind of things she was wont to say always and anywhere. [...]

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Show the Truth protest charges dropped

It's being hailed as a victory for free speech and expression. The latest set of criminal charges have been withdrawn against Show the Truth demonstrators, who were arrested following events in Sturgeon Falls, Ont. in November 1999. The development means that Show the Truth - which tours different parts of Canada each year publicly displaying large, graphic signs of the effects of [...]

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Linda Gibbons arrested

Police restrict reporters activity on scene Linda Gibbons is in custody once again after her latest challenge of the Ontario government's "bubble zone" court injunction shielding certain abortion centres from pro-life activities. Gibbons was handcuffed and dragged to a waiting police cruiser by three police officers and a sheriff the morning of Feb. 13 after pacing back and forth with a placard [...]

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Toronto pro-lifers picket new abortuary

Mike Harris promised in 1995 his government would not increase abortion services Ontarians dismayed by a provincial government calling itself conservative, when it has demonstrated itself to be anything but, have cause for further grief after discovering that yet another, publicly funded abortuary has been operating in Toronto. This despite Premier Mike Harris's pledge, made prior to his election in 1995, that [...]

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Recent gains and losses on the chemical abortion front

The value of protests and boycotts by the pro-life movement was demonstrated recently when a British pharmaceutical company decided to discontinue sales of Preven, the so-called morning-after pill that has been referred to by its proponents as "emergency contraception," but is regarded by pro-lifers as abortifacient. Shire Inc., with its Canadian headquarters in Oakville, Ont., cited poor sales as the reason, noting [...]

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NCLN speaker says humanity of unborn is key

Abortion is not about poverty or capital punishment. Its about one issue: What is the unborn? Canadian students are taking a leading role in keeping the right-to-life issue alive on college campuses across the country, says a leading pro-life educator. Speaking January 13 at the annual National Campus Life Network (NCLN) symposium in Toronto, Scott Klusendorf of the California-based Stand to Reason [...]

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World Youth Alliance trains Ontario pro-lifers to do battle at the United Nations

Several of Ontario's pro-life young people earned a crash course in international lobbying January 6 during a United Nations training session sponsored by Campaign Life Coalition in Toronto. Led by Anna Halpine, the president of the New York-based World Youth Alliance, and a former president of Campaign Life Coalition New Brunswick, the training session featured an overview of the need for a [...]

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Bush administration takes initial pro-life steps

American Life League uneasy about how Tommy Thompson will handle fetal experimentation Media reports in the first weeks of the new Bush administration suggest that President Bush is committed to a limited pro-life agenda. This is getting a mixed reaction from American pro-life groups. Bush signed an executive order re-instating the so-called Mexico City Policy, suggested Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy [...]

2010-07-14T11:02:45-06:00February 14, 2001|Paul Tuns, Politics|

National vigil planned

Bill Mullally, Campaign Life Coalition Public Affairs Co-ordinator (Toronto office), told The Interim that the candlelight vigil at this year's March for Life will be a spiritually uplifting event that will allow pro-lifers who cannot make it to Ottawa to be present in a symbolic way. The March, to commemorate the 32nd anniversary of the legalization of abortion in Canada, will be held [...]

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