Private members’ bill before the House

The ongoing terrorist concern has eclipsed every other issue on Parliament Hill in recent weeks, so there isn't a lot to report from the federal scene in terms of developments on the life issues. It would be a good time to remind you of the various private members, bills and motions that have been introduced and could be drawn for debate at [...]

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Kenyan situation

Lifesite Daily News, which keeps us informed of what is happening in the moral spheres of the world both good and bad, had some sad news in a recent issue regarding my beloved land of Kenya. Herewith is the relevant quote: "Nairobi. Oct. 4, 2001. A government report suggests the legalization of abortion in Kenya. A team appointed by the Health Standards [...]

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Hi-tech war

The National Post had a great cartoon recently that revealed Canada's unpreparedness for war. A private in the Canadian Army said to another private: "The Canadian Army ranked 17th." The other private said: "17th! Say that's pretty good... who ranked 16th?" The first private said: "The Salvation Army." Canadians have always considered war an aberration or a luxury item we couldn't afford. [...]

2010-07-21T09:47:43-04:00November 21, 2001|Frank Kennedy|

God bless America

Goodness me, I've never been a particular fan of many of the foreign and domestic policies of the United States. I've said this, written this, broadcast this. I've taken a few blows for it as well. But there is a time and a place for everything. And at this time and in this place I say just three words. God Bless America. [...]

2010-07-21T09:47:11-04:00November 21, 2001|Michael Coren, Society & Culture|

Jeepers Creepers

Jeepers, creepers where'd ya get them peepers Jeepers, creepers where'd ya get those eyes Gosh oh, git up how'd they get so lit up Gosh oh, gee oh how'd they get that size (Al Donohue and Johnny Mercer) I've been wondering if Preston Manning, former head of the Reform and Canadian Alliance parties, was whistling this catchy tune in the halls of [...]

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It’s not wise to bite the hand that feeds you

At the federal government-funded ($80,000) "Women's Resistance: From Victimization to Criminalization" conference in Ottawa, Oct. 1, Sunera Thobani, a women's studies professor at the University of British Columbia, and former president of the National Action Committee on the Status of Women (NACSOW), declared that, "From Chile to El Salvador to Nicaragua to Iraq, the path of U.S. foreign policy is soaked in [...]

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World Briefs

Fetal pain study LONDON, England - A British study suggests that an unborn child might feel pain as early as 20 weeks. The head of the government-appointed Medical Research Council at Edinburgh University in the United Kingdom said an unborn child was absolutely aware of pain by 24 weeks and perhaps as early as 20 weeks - earlier than the previously accepted [...]

2010-07-21T09:32:30-04:00November 21, 2001|World Briefs|

Across Canada

New Physicians for Life president VANCOUVER - Dr. Will Johnston has succeeded Dr. Robert Pankratz as president of Canadian Physicians for Life. Johnston, co-chair of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition of B.C., heads the organization of 3,000 members who are committed to the Hippocratic Oath and the principle, "first, do no harm." Recently, PFL wrote Health Minister Allan Rock urging a dialogue on [...]

2010-07-21T09:30:44-04:00November 21, 2001|Across Canada|

Secularism’s dishonest slogans

Bob Mills, CA member of Parliament for Red Deer, declared on the CBC Radio program The House (May 19, 2001) that "religion and politics should be kept separate." His statement reveals a serious misunderstanding of both religion and politics; that's what happens when slogans dominate people's thinking. It's such a common mistake, it really ought to be analyzed. Several such slogans are [...]

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Removing God from the public – and private – squares

We hear rumours that God is being expunged from the public square. Our eyelids close, we sigh and our heads droop as we recognize the hammer sounds of yet another nail in the coffin. Does the pessimist toast this thud or does the optimist celebrate his prophecy? Is it hopelessly naive and simplistic to remember that our forefather and mother, a certain [...]

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Ontario Provincial Pro-life Conference October 13 2001

The Ontario CLC Conference was held in Richmond Hill, Ont., Oct. 13 and CLC national president Jim Hughes told The Interim that it was a great success, attended by more than 150 people. Speakers included CLC Youth Executive Director Tanya Granic, CLC Medical Advisor Dr. John Shea, author and lawyer Wesley Smith, Alberta MLA Julius Yankowsky and several CLC staffers. Dr. Shea [...]

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Activist settles, resumes witness

Toronto sidewalk counselor Alex Vernon went before a judge Oct. 11 to enter into a common-law peace bond, whereby the Crown withdrew charges on the condition that Vernon refrain from communicating with a Scott abortuary staff member, and not be found within 100 feet of that abortuary, located at 157 Gerrard St. East. Defense counsel Blaise MacLean considered the peace bond an [...]

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GOOD NEWS CORNER The girl in the blue bomber jacket

A grey car drove over to where Robert was standing outside the downtown Toronto abortuary. A man called out, "Keep your eye on my girlfriend if you see her. She's got on a blue bomber jacket. Tell her I don't want her to do it." A puzzled Robert asked, "How do you know who I am?" Replied the man, "I've been watching [...]

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Legal issues behind embryonic stem cell research

Under the proposed Canadian legislation governing assisted human reproduction, a person may be permitted to engage in the following activities provided he or she possesses a licence to do so under the authority of the minister of Health, and provided that he or she has obtained the necessary legally valid informed consent of the relevant person(s). To create an embryo. To create [...]

2010-07-21T09:15:07-04:00November 21, 2001|Bioethics|

Looking back to today, 10 years hence

"How do you think the Liberals will do in the last election? Personally, I think they'll sweep Ontario." Or, to put it another way, welcome to the world of backcasting, where you can confidently predict what has already happened, and give your reasons why. The future is notoriously murky, isn't it? But the past is clear. You can look back for miles. [...]

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