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Just thanks

My Darling Paul: As our anniversary draws near, I sit here and reflect on all that we have experienced together both in our married life and before. I think of all the ways we have grown, the mistakes we have made, the forgiveness we have bestowed and the love we have held onto. I think of all these things and know they [...]

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The lone hope for the Tories

I was talking to the wife of a long-time Tory friend of the family, who was angry with the treatment her husband "Jimmy" got from the Ernie Eves government. The Citizens for Lifelong Learning program was cancelled abruptly after the spring program this year by the provincially appointed supervisor of the Toronto District School Board, Paul Christie, and David Reid, director of [...]

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On foot, for life

People often mistakenly assume all members of a family share the same values. Sometimes I do it myself. Like the day in May when my strong-minded daughter and I were rolling along the Trans Canada Highway through New Brunswick, heading for Toronto via Ottawa. As we whizzed along, I asked, "Going to join me in the pro-life walk when we get to [...]

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What a week

I think it is true to say that the week of May 12 to May 17 was one of the most inspiring I have experienced for quite a long period. I received an unexpected invitation, through a teacher named Mrs. Cindy Ashton, to speak to the students of St. Joseph's All Girls High School at Morrow Park. The subject was "pro-life" and [...]

2010-07-30T09:00:09-06:00July 30, 2003|Religion|

Does ‘pro-choice’ violence exist?

Ever since the forces that protect and advance the cause of Abortion Inc. have enacted their self-imposed censorship of debate on abortion, those in the pro-life movement have had to be content with the occasional ravings (did I say ravings? I meant writings) of a few brave souls who, from time to time, venture in front of a computer screen and bravely [...]

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The end of democracy?

On June 10, the three unelected judges who sit on the Ontario Court of Appeals overturned a traditional definition of marriage that has stood since time immemorial and which was reaffirmed by Parliament less than four years ago. This decision does not merely imperil religious freedom, nor is it simply another blow to the traditional family. It is, rather, one of the [...]

2010-07-30T08:55:02-06:00July 30, 2003|Editorials|

Misplaced priorities

During the week of May 14, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ignored the March for Life in Ottawa, despite the fact that some 3,500 Canadians participated in that witness on behalf of the unborn. This is in contrast to other, smaller protests that received coverage from the national broadcaster in recent months, including: 300 fishermen in Badger's Quay, Nfld., who got two minutes [...]

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Confessions of a doting grandfather

T. H. Huxley, for whom evolution provided both his religion and his family tree, asserted repeatedly that, "A man has no reason to be ashamed of having an ape for his grandfather." What Huxley did find shameful was having a grandfather who was given to argumentation that was supposedly marred by "religious prejudice." Presumably, it would have been less shameful for Huxley [...]

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Happy birthday Fr. Ted

For Father Ted, intorductions are unnecessary, and superlatives are inadequate: we can only offer our gratitude. His courageous deeds, inspiring words and unparalleled acts of bravery and selflessness, have invigorated a generation of pro-life Canadians. He has prayed, protested, and been arrested many times, and still he remains an undaunted champion for the unborn. His conviction is rivaled only by his compassion. [...]

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Across Canada

Depo-Provera increases STD risk Bloc favours same-sex 'marriage' Memorial day for children proposed Assisted suicide conviction Marriages increase slightly 'Anti-homophobia' initiative Depo-Provera increases STD risk HAMILTON, Ont. -- Researchers at McMaster University have found that the abortifacient, injectable birth-control drug Depo-Provera causes mice to be 100 times more susceptible to infection with herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2). The study, published in [...]

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In Memoriam

Mr. & Mrs. R.M. Abernethy Mary Acommando Denis Adams Evangeline Adams Evelyn Aitchison Helen Albertson Fr. Carl T. Albury Mrs. Isobel A. Allen Gordon Anderson Sister Mary Andre Marguerite Anglin Frank & Mary Arrigo Dialina São Jose Furtado Arruda Herni Arsenault Mary & Alfred Ashfield Raymond Atance Josephine Attard André Audette Carmelo Azzopardi Evelyn Azzopardi Adrienne Bachand Henri Bachand Antoinette & Gus [...]

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APA seeks to normalize pedophilia

Confirming the warnings of pro-family groups about serious on-going efforts to legitimize adult-child sex, the American Psychiatric Association recently sponsored a symposium in which participants discussed the removal of pedophilia from the psychiatric manual of mental disorders. Cybercast News Service reported that psychiatrists at the May 19 conference in San Francisco proposed removing several long-recognized categories of mental illness - including pedophilia, [...]

2010-07-30T08:40:11-06:00July 30, 2003|Society & Culture|

Editor wants better abortion coverage

It has been revealed that Los Angeles Times editor John Carroll sent a memo to all section editors of his paper calling upon them to ensure that the pro-abortion and liberal bias evident in a recent Times story would not be repeated. The May 22 memo, which was leaked and posted on several websites including LA Observed, National Review and WorldNetDaily, was [...]

2010-07-30T08:38:01-06:00July 30, 2003|Abortion|

How to research MPs and legislation

A well-written letter can be a powerful instrument. An effective letter is clearly focused with a defined purpose, is concise, and based on good research. The key to writing effective letters is good research, and the internet is an invaluable tool to look up information on MPs. Bill C-13, the Assisted Human Reproduction Act, has huge implications for the protection of human [...]

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Arthritis society changes tune on embryonic stem cell research

Soon after LifeSite News published an expose on The Arthritis Society, revealing a position paper and statements by TAS President and CEO Denis Morrice in support of funding embryonic stem cell research, the Knights of Columbus met with the charity The Knights of Columbus of Ontario, which has given the organization some $15 million, expressed its concerns to members of the TAS [...]

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