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Mother Teresa’s secret

I am "stealing" the following article from an Irish magazine. Having read it, you may say, "Well, we can't all be like Mother Teresa." That's true. But we can all learn something from her, which could affect our lives and the lives of others. So here it goes. Apparently, she had been asked the secret of her success with the poor and [...]

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Good news from the West

Once again, a new year is upon us ... we look back to the old at the same time we glance forward. There are some interesting developments. On Nov. 27, the Planned Parenthood Association of B.C. changed their name. I have no idea why they felt that the name "Planned Parenthood" no longer warranted a letterhead. That is for others to speculate. [...]

2010-08-05T12:42:03-06:00January 5, 2004|Columnist, Planned Parenthood, Pro-Life|

Political dirty dealings

Stalin would feel right at home with our electoral system. It can be bought, twisted and manipulated, as Ontario demonstrated recently. The truth is that people who don't vote are telling all the politicians, "None of you is worth getting off my duff to vote for!" (I'm quoting a disgruntled voter at the door.) But those people are voting. They're sitting on [...]

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Young people entrapped

As we emerge from the Christmas season, sacred to many because it marks the birth of the Son of God to a virgin mother, this paper carries a troubling story of casual sexual activity among adolescents and older teens. It could be set in any part of the country. One teen noted that today, virgins are looked down on. With these attitudes, [...]

2010-08-05T12:38:57-06:00January 5, 2004|Religion, Society & Culture|

When churches accept immorality

It was a CBC Radio call-in show in the early afternoon. The guests included an Anglican rector, and an articulate Anglican layman from Christ Church in Hamilton, where two lesbians had been "married" in August of this year. The host posed this question for the listeners: "What would you advise Anglican people to do over the same-sex marriage issue?" I tried to [...]

2010-08-05T12:37:09-06:00January 5, 2004|Columnist, Religion, Rev. Royal Hamel|

Our destiny to live and love

By Donald DeMarco The InterimKyrie and Brielle Jackson were born on Oct. 17, 1995, a full 12 weeks ahead of their due date. The standard practice, that time, at the Medical Centre of Central Massachusetts in Worcester, where the twins came into the world, was to place them in separate incubators in order to reduce the risk of infection. Kyrie's birth weight [...]

2010-08-05T12:36:09-06:00January 5, 2004|Columnist, Donald DeMarco, Pro-Life|

College offers scholarships to attract pro-life students

By Ann Wilson The Interim"The amazing thing is, we had awards money left over at the end of the school year!" reported Bryana Straker, admissions counsellor at Pacific Redeemer College in Langley, B.C. For a cash-strapped student checking out colleges, this should sound like good news. Furthermore, not only can students apply for awards from Redeemer, but also from the parent college, [...]

2010-08-05T12:34:22-06:00January 5, 2004|Pro-Life|

Condoms without borders

Interim StaffMorten Rostrup, president of Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders), has said the Vatican was responsible for spreading AIDS "by not supporting the use of condoms and not advocating the use of condoms as one of the preventative measures." He added, "I would say that the Catholic church is helping the spread of a deadly disease." On Nov. 30, the Vatican [...]

2010-08-05T12:33:26-06:00January 5, 2004|Sex Education, Society & Culture|

Christians should stop being defensive

By Tristan Emmanuel The Interim On Sept. 17, 2003 a group of Christian clergy gathered with me to denounce the passage of Bill C-250. We wanted to urge the Senate to give sober second thought to the bill. In addressing the Senate, and the national press, we gave the following as our opening statement: "We preface our statement by saying that as [...]

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European rights court to rule on abortion

But only pro-abortion groups granted intervenor status By John-Henry Westen The InterimThe European Court of Human Rights heard a case Dec. 10 that sought to establish that unborn children have the right to life. A ruling on the case is expected in several weeks. LifeSite has learned that the only two NGOs to which the European Court granted intervenor status were the [...]

2010-08-05T12:29:06-06:00January 5, 2004|Abortion, Abortion Law|

An ex-lesbian returns to her faith

Editor's Note: Rev. Dawn McDonald is a priest at Holy Cross Japanese Canadian Anglican Church in Vancouver. She delivered a moving testimony to during the so-called dialogue process when the New Westminster Anglican diocese was moving to blessing same-sex unions. A version of this testimonial appeared in the December 2003 issue of PRINT.By Rev. Dawn McDonald Special to The Interim In many [...]

2010-08-05T12:26:44-06:00January 5, 2004|Marriage and Family, Religion|

Poll finds Canadians’ support low for redefining marriage

Interim StaffA National Post-commissioned COMPASS poll has found that fewer than one in three Canadians wants to redefine marriage to include homosexual partners. COMPASS found that 63 per cent of Canadians are supportive of maintaining the current definition of marriage as the union between one man and one woman, while 31 per cent want to redefine marriage to include homosexual couples. The [...]

2010-08-26T09:47:29-06:00January 5, 2004|Marriage and Family|

Priest argues in favour of denying food and fluids

By Gillian Long The InterimPro-lifers were very concerned after the Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute's third annual Connie Heng Lecture in Bioethics on Nov. 14, with keynote speaker Fr. Kevin O'Rourke, O.P., who presented the topic, "The Nutrition-Hydration Debate: Various Options." Following his address, a panel of experts discussed the paper. O'Rourke is a well-known advocate for the removal of food and fluids [...]

2010-08-05T12:23:57-06:00January 5, 2004|Bioethics, Pro-Life, Religion|

Toronto Anglicans put off vote on same-sex unions

By Sue Careless The InterimA motion to bless same-sex unions has been deferred for a year by the Anglican Diocese of Toronto, although Archbishop Terry Finlay has announced from the pulpit that he favours same-sex blessings. Finlay made his remarks during an opening night charge to delegates at the 150th annual diocesan synod, which met Nov. 20-22 in Toronto. From the pulpit [...]

2010-08-05T12:22:27-06:00January 5, 2004|Marriage and Family, Religion|

Ontario Liberals rescind school tax credit

By Eli Schuster The InterimThe Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools (OACS) and other non-Catholic religious groups suffered a setback in early December, when a provincial court ruled against a suit filed against the new Ontario Liberal government for cancelling the Equity in Education Tax Credit (EETC). The association's lawyer, David Brown, argued that scrapping the tax credit increased parents' overall tax burden, [...]

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