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CHP leader speaks in Toronto

Most Canadian political leaders will agree that this country is in a profound crisis. Quebec wants sovereignty, the devastating recession persists, unemployment is high, health care costs are going through the roof and the debt continues to mount. Federal, provincial and municipal parties continue to offer a bevy of solutions – none of which can be counted as huge successes. Canadians have [...]

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What can one do?

Doreen Beagan 'As a society, we accept, participate in and perpetuate things that are inherently evil. Things like poverty, racism, social inequality, economic imperialism, all kinds of discrimination, are so entrenched in our way of life that we can scarcely recognize them and their harm," said a woman I know. She studies social cultures and humans as members of social groups. "For [...]

2010-08-07T16:03:40-06:00July 7, 2004|Columnist, Society & Culture|

So much for ‘social peace’

Whew! The election is over. By the time you read these words of mine, most of the signs will be gone. And every baby that was legally abortable in Canada the day before the election will still be legally abortable the day after. And, I suppose, the day after and the day after. Not to say there will not be the brave [...]

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On politics and Christianity

Recently, there has been some criticism of the Canadian Catholic bishops for their lack of support for the pro-life cause, particularly regarding the recent election. But, we must give credit where credit is due and I would like to express my appreciation for the uncompromising position taken by some of our episcopal leaders, so I shall devote this article to their public [...]

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Pro-lifer did everything

Tony Gosgnach The InterimSchool caretaker, bus driver, factory worker, Santa Claus, Scout leader and Knights of Columbus member. There wasn't too much that Harold Mitchell didn't do in his 75 years. But it was perhaps his pro-life work that was most important. The Cobourg, Ont. resident helped found the local right-to-life group, was active in fundraising and distributed literature at local malls, [...]

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Interim readers’ generosity shines on family

David Bolton The Interim In December, The Interim ran a story of a single mother of twin boys who had, through the ministry of Aid to Women, changed her mind about aborting her twins 10 years earlier. Although Amelia and her boys, Jim and Bob, had been doing well since the birth of the twins, recent setbacks meant the family was once [...]

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STD explosion in Toronto’s homosexual community

LifeSiteNews A recent report reveals the incidence of sexually transmitted disease is skyrocketing among Toronto's homosexual community. Since 1998, HIV infections have increased by 49 percent. In 1999, there were 19 syphilis cases reported, by 2002, this number had soared 10-fold to 195. Among heterosexuals, chlamydia and gonorrhea rates are also out of control, up by over 50 percent in the last [...]

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Rape and incest victims call for hearings on abortion

Say women who become pregnant from sexual assault don't want or need abortions LifeSiteNews A group of women who have experienced pregnancies resulting from rape or incest are petitioning Congress and state legislatures to hear their stories, saying women who become pregnant from sexual assault don't want or need abortions. The petition comes on the heels of a Defence Department appropriations amendment [...]

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Fate of ‘Terri’s Law’ to be decided by Florida Supreme Court

LifeSite News The Florida Supreme Court has decided 4-3 to take on the case of Terri Schindler-Schiavo and the constitutionality of the law that saved her life last October. "Terri's Law," passed in emergency session of the state legislature, ordered the re-insertion of a feeding tube, the only "life support" Terri needs, after her husband Michael had ordered it removed. Michael Schiavo's [...]

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Canadian government found to be funding radical homosexual activist organizations

LifeSiteNews The Canadian government, under the Liberal party, has long funded radical feminist organizations whose objective has been the transformation of society according to their vision. The same strategy has been used to advance the homosexual agenda. EGALE, the group that fought three court cases resulting in legalization of same-sex unions in Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec, has posted on its website [...]

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Scientists waste no time destroying embryos for research

LifeSite NewsStem cell scientists have wasted no time in going ahead with research using discarded embryos from IVF clinics. Dr. Ronald Worton, scientific director of the Stem Cell Network, is co-ordinating a national effort to create stem cell lines from living human beings in the embryonic stage. Many studies have shown that embryonic stem cells have proven to be virtually useless in [...]

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Shroud of Turin exhibit in Ontario this summer

Six churches in Ontario will be venues for the general showing of the "Holy Shroud of Turin" exhibition this summer. This non-denominational presentation has been touring the world for several years. The exhibit features a full sized replica of the Holy Shroud, many photographs, historical and archeological findings as well as results from forensic and scientific research. A crucifix with the markings [...]

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Oshawa Catholic school board ready to fight for freedom of religion

LifeSiteNews The Durham Catholic District School Board (DCDSB) in Ontario has issued a clarification of its position in the Marc Hall case after the airing of a made-for-TV movie which it says "took serious liberties with reality." In the spring of 2002, Marc Hall, a Grade 12 student at Monsignor John Pereyma Catholic Secondary School in Oshawa won a court battle that [...]

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A fond farewell to the U.S. right-to-life movement

Pete Vere The Interim My belongings are safely tucked into boxes that surround me. In a few days, I will pick up the U-Haul, load it up with the boxes and depart for the Great White North. I never thought I would miss the United States, but these past few years have seen me living the American dream as a social and [...]

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Irish pro-life stalwart narrowly loses EU seat

Paul Jalsevac The InterimDana Rosemary Scallon, the singer-turned-politician and Ireland's most famous champion of the pro-life cause, narrowly lost her seat in the June 14 European parliamentary election. Scallon became famous as a singer, radio and television personality in Ireland in the 1970s and used her talents to spread her faith and beliefs through religious music and singing at several World Youth [...]

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