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Out of the mouths of babes

My Darling Michael: What an interesting couple of months it has been. As always, your curiosity and quest for knowledge has led you to ask many questions and resulted in my searching for the best answers. It all began in April at the March for Life. You knew we were going to Ottawa for the March for Life and you understood that [...]

2010-08-08T10:21:05-06:00August 8, 2004|Columnist, Motherhood|

Dreamin’ about another outcome

I had another one of my horrific dreams recently. It ranged somewhere in between a nightmare and watching a reality show. There were the headlines in the Toronto Star: "HARPER WINS IN LANDSLIDE - ONLY PRO-LIFE LIBERALS SURVIVE." "MARTIN LOSES SAFE LIBERAL SEAT AND RESIGNS AS LEADER OF LIBERAL PARTY." "CONSERVATIVES TAKE ALL WESTERN SEATS - DEFEATED NDP LEADER JACK LAYTON SAYS [...]

2010-08-08T10:19:59-06:00August 8, 2004|Columnist, Frank Kennedy, Politics|

Victories take time to achieve

In 1942, the battle of the North Atlantic was fully engaged. Nazi submarine captains stealthily hunted Allied ships, loosed their torpedoes on unsuspecting prey and watched with grim satisfaction as burning hulks slipped beneath the waves. In the summer of that year, German U-boat U-215, embarked on her maiden voyage, destination Boston Harbour. Her mission was to seed the harbour with deadly [...]

2010-08-08T10:18:56-06:00August 8, 2004|Columnist, Pro-Life, Rev. Royal Hamel|

Social conservatism in Quebec

The most significant outcome in Quebec of the 2004 federal election is, unfortunately, the easy victory of the Bloc Quebecois. It had an important impact on the general outcome in Canada since it determined a minority government for the Liberal Party. In December, Paul Martin was expecting to get more than 50 Quebec seats but on election day his party got just [...]

2010-08-08T10:17:32-06:00August 8, 2004|Columnist, Politics|

Winning for life in a culture of death

Members of the pro-life movement are always eager to embrace encouraging news. A recent Gallup Youth Survey (Nov. 24, 2003), conducted through a scientific methodology to ensure a representative sample of the U.S. population, showed that 72 per cent of youth between 13 and 17 believe that abortion is morally wrong. An elated Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Ethics and [...]

2010-08-08T10:16:27-06:00August 8, 2004|Abortion statistics, Columnist, Donald DeMarco|

Gearing up for Life Chain

On Sunday, Oct. 3, pro-lifers from all denominations across the country will once again participate in the annual international Life Chain. Last year, approximately 18,000 people were involved in Life Chain at hundreds of locations in Canada. Hundreds of housands more also joined in this peaceful demonstration across the United States. The website for Life Chain defines the mission as "a peaceful [...]

2010-08-08T10:15:03-06:00August 8, 2004|Activism, Pro-Life|

Teens are spurning the ‘Britney-and-Janet’ fashion sense

Despite bombardment by the media on young females to enhance their sex appeal, fashion and image, recent news reports claim that that pre-teen and teen girls are opting for more modest wear. As of late, young girls have been feverishly attempting to dress like favourite Hollywood and MTV celebrities. These women, with their ultra-thin, ultra-tight, ultra-low styles, set a high "sex" standard [...]

2010-08-08T10:13:59-06:00August 8, 2004|Society & Culture|

Health Canada funds explicit AIDS prevention billboard campaign

Viacom runs ads after Pattison refuses to run such 'porn' Interim Staff Editor's Note: There are graphic descriptions of sexual content in this story. Health Canada and a handful of AIDS groups are running a new national HIV ad campaign targeting homosexual men, which features graphic black-and-white photographs of men apparently engaging in sexual acts. The ads contain slogans such, "He came [...]

2010-08-08T10:12:58-06:00August 8, 2004|Marriage and Family, Sex Education|

Pregnancy helps women live longer

Interim Staff Scientists believe that the passing of stem cells from an unborn baby into the mother's bone marrow during the early stages of pregnancy may be the secret to why women live longer than men. A study, published in a recent edition of The Lancet medical journal, suggests that the stem cells of an unborn baby could benefit the mother by [...]

2010-08-08T10:10:03-06:00August 8, 2004|Motherhood|


Scott Brockie celebrated by friends and supporters Nearly 250 people celebrated the faithful witness of Scott Brockie, a Christian printer persecuted for refusing to violate his Christian conscience when approached by the Gay and Lesbian Archive to do business. On June 26, Equipping Christians for the Public Square Centre (the ECP Centre) held a fundraising dinner for Brockie to help him pay [...]

2010-08-08T10:09:20-06:00August 8, 2004|Pro-Life, Profiles, Religion|


Monsignor Vincent Foy celebrated by friends and supporters He was honoured not only for a remarkable 65 years of service to the Roman Catholic church and its people, but also for his strong and principled stand against a position taken by Canada's bishops in 1968 that many saw as being at odds with the teachings of the Pope of the time, Paul [...]

2010-08-08T10:07:11-06:00August 8, 2004|Pro-Life, Profiles, Religion|

European women choosing sterilization as contraceptive

Interim Staff A recent study reported that, on average, 10.8 per cent of women across the U.K., France, Spain and Germany were either sterilized or relied on their partner having a vasectomy in order to prevent pregnancy. The U.K. levels were the highest, reaching 20.8 per cent, twice the European average. The authors of the study, which was presented at the European [...]

2010-08-08T10:05:01-06:00August 8, 2004|Abortion|

‘Catholic,’ pro-abortion Kerry sued for heresy

On June 14, some heavy news hit both the canon law community - those who oversee the Catholic church's internal legal system - and the American political scene. Marc Balestrieri filed a formal canonical petition before the Archdiocese of Boston, in which he denounced John Forbes Kerry for the ecclesiastical crime of heresy. Balestrieri is a respected lay canon lawyer fed up [...]

2010-08-08T10:04:03-06:00August 8, 2004|Abortion, Pro-Life|

Show the Truth tour successful despite a small altercation

Show the Truth completed a successful presentation at an intersection in Brooklin, Ont. despite an altercation caused by two angry passersby on July 12. Rosemary Connell, Show the Truth president, explained that the problem began when an irate woman tore apart two Show the Truth signs and another man threatened to do so as well. When Show the Truth personnel called the [...]

2010-08-08T09:57:26-06:00August 8, 2004|Activism, Equal Rights|

Manitoba to fund abortions

The Manitoba government has buckled to pressure after years of standing strong against using taxpayers' money to fund abortions at private abortuaries. As of July 1, abortions are being publicly funded at "Jane's Clinic" in Winnipeg, much to the dismay of pro-life supporters across Canada. Manitoba is joining the ranks of of Newfoundland, Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta in fully financeing abortions [...]

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