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Kerry Catholics

I reluctantly tuned in to the third and last debate between Senator John Kerry and President George W. Bush. I was afraid they might have gotten into a fist fight. Well, nothing exciting like that happened. However, a lot of curious things did happen. There was a subtle attempt by both Bush and Kerry to grab the Catholic and evangelical Protestant vote. [...]

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Even the 21-month-old knows

My Darling Baby; As you continue to grow and we continue to prepare for your arrival, I am constantly amazed at the excitement and participation your brothers show. Michael is more outward in talking to you and making plans for what he will do with you and what we need to get ready for you. Patrick, on the other hand, will often [...]

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Science v Faith

This summer, a humanist interviewed on CBC radio declared that his ideal world would not be based on religion, but on logic and science. In early October, Dr. Stanley Hauerwas (whom Time magazine named America's best theologian) stated, "Science tries to do more than it is qualified to do." "Science is only hypothetical," Rev. Dr. Ian Ker of Oxford University pointed out. [...]

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Pro-life politicos need reminding

On these pages, in my last column, I came down pretty hard on the mainstream political parties. Someone might even think I'll never vote again, or, at the very least, never vote for traditional parties. Don't get me wrong. I am not abandoning the Canadian political scene. It is just my frustrations are exactly what is causing so many other folks to [...]

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Supreme Knight is a bulwark for life and family

I am a Knight of Columbus and can sincerely say that one of our greatest blessings at present is our Supreme Knight, Brother Carl A. Anderson. Mr. Anderson, who lives in the U.S., is an eloquent and fearless supporter of pro-life and true marriage. In the October issue of the Columbia Monthly Magazine, he wrote a beautiful article entitled, "Serving the Cause [...]

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The presidency and stem cell research

By now, even I am getting tired of reading about embryonic stem cell research. Democratic presidential candidate Senator John Kerry has made it a campaign issue and the deaths this year of Ronald Reagan, who had Alzheimer's, and Christopher Reeve, who had a spinal cord injury, have focused attention on the political debate over such research. Two recent items, though, caught my [...]

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In the September issue, Peter Stock's column, "Civil unions no way to renew the culture," examining lawyer Iain Benson's proposal to recognize civil unions, erroneously attributed quotes to Benson that were, in fact, from a National Post editorial. While The Interim and Peter Stock regret the error, the Post editorial did indeed summarize Benson's argument, as Benson himself had noted at the [...]

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Local pro-life group foregoes annual event

After effectively being barred from participating at a local fair in 2003, a Port Colborne, Ont. pro-life group wasn't able to file an application to get in this year. A 12-member committee overseeing the annual Port Colborne Canal Days event had voted last year to not allow the Welland-Port Colborne Pro-Life Association to take part by having a display booth, which was [...]

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One-child policy opponent tortured in Chinese labour camp

LifeSite News A Chinese woman imprisoned for activism against China's restrictive one-child rule is a victim of inhuman torture in prison, according to a civil rights organization. According to the New York-based Human Rights in China (HRIC) report, Mao Hengfeng was fired from her job at a Shanghai soap factory in 1988, after becoming pregnant with her second child, in contravention of [...]

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The Royal Bank went too far in support of homosexual activism

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) has been actively supporting homosexual organizations and events for years through corporate donations and sponsorships. It publicly trumpeted its sponsorship of Toronto's gay pride parade and a number of gay and lesbian groups list RBC as a benefactor. Yet the bank's support of homosexual causes seems to go beyond donations. It made the news a couple [...]

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Abortion scandal in England

Interim Staff The Telegraph newspaper has found that a publicly funded "charity" - and the United Kingdom's largest committer of abortions - the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, has been facilitating hundreds of illegal abortions on healthy preborns over six months' age without medical justification. The newspaper described the racket as "a horrific underground industry" that trafficked with a Spanish abortuary. An undercover [...]

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Euthanasia symposium a success

Interim Staff The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition's fifth euthanasia symposium, this one co-hosted with the EPC of British Columbia, and held in Vancouver on Sept. 25, was a great success. The 100 participants were pleased by the speakers, from whom they learned about euthanasia and eugenics, the law and disability issues, advances in pain and symptom management and world-wide developments. The symposium was [...]

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Students shown how its done

The National Campus Life Network held its annual Symposium Oct. 1-3 at St. Augustine's Seminary in Toronto. There were 23 students in attendance, representing pro-life campus clubs from across Canada. Some clubs have been active for years, while others are fighting for club status on campus. No matter what stage they are at, everyone had a common goal during the weekend - [...]

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Waterloo students told abortion is genocide

The University of Waterloo Students For Life campus club brought Stephanie Gray to its campus for a talk entitled, "Echoes of the Holocaust: Abortion and the Genocide Awareness Project." The event was based on a comparison between abortion and historical atrocities such as the Holocaust. Gray made it clear that abortion is genocide. The definition of genocide she works with is found [...]

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Student wins free speech case

A judge has ordered Ann Arbor Public Schools in Detroit, Mi. to pay over $100,000 in attorney fees and costs to the Thomas More Law Centre, because the school community there refused a student, Betsy Hansen, the right to express her religious views against homosexuality during her school's annual Diversity Week in 2002. Detroit Federal District Judge Gerald E. Rosen ordered the [...]

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