Gearing up for an election

The situation in Parliament is volatile. It is quite possible that an election will be called between the time we put this paper to bed and the time you receive it. So we remind you simply of your obligation to vote pro-life and pro-family on election day. While there are other important issues, none are as important or as urgent as restoring [...]

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News Briefs

Conservative Anglican paper banned BRANDON, Man. — Anglican Bishop Jim Njegovan has banned The Anglican Planet, an independent monthly paper, from his diocese of Brandon, Man. According to the CBC, Bishop Njegovan charged the publication was “sowing the seeds of distrust and disdain within the church” and failing to respect “those in authority over them.” It appears that the bishop is concerned [...]

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Who’s afraid of Christmas?

Sadly, each year the list of Scrooges and Grinches grows, as more public spaces remove the vestiges of Christmas during this holy season and new retailers announce policies that replace well-wishes of Christmas cheer with politically correct pap about “happy holidays.” The great irony is that the government seeks to be “inclusive” by turning its back on our Christian heritage and rejecting [...]

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Free speech not so free anymore

Doreen Beagan The Interim “Canada is a free country,” the young journalism student declared. “We can express our opinions freely.” He had quite bluntly stated his strong objections to homosexual activism and same-sex “marriage.” Given today’s prevailing politically correctness, it was startling to hear such forthright statements. “In your field, you will need to choose your words carefully when you talk about [...]

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A pro-life saint

Some months ago, I was in a Catholic bookshop looking for a certain book. By chance, I spotted a book entitled, Saint Gianna Molla. At the bottom of the cover, it said, “Wife, mother, doctor” under the picture of a beautiful young lady holding two babies in her arms. As I had never heard of Saint Gianna Molla, I purchased the book [...]

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What’s the difference?

How can we tell one political party from another? You can’t! Recently, we had John Tory, the head of the official Tory opposition in Ontario, putting a hammer lock on his elected MPPs and forcing those poor wretches to vote for same-sex “marriage.” Tory didn’t want to make same-sex an issue. John was in a two-step with the Ontario Liberals. John, you’re [...]

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It is honourable to stand with the faithful

During the fight for traditional marriage over the past two years, I encountered a troubling phenomenon among some evangelical Christians. A goodly number, including some pastors, couldn’t bring themselves to defend marriage, because they had the notion that this would be offensive to homosexuals. Some even held that to defend the truth of marriage was to act in a hateful way towards [...]

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LifeChain brings out the best and worst in people

Those of us who participated in this year’s LifeChain in London, Ont., were greeted with many encouraging honks and friendly waves, as well as some expressions of strong disapproval of our peaceful, pro-life witness. Among the dissenters were three young ladies in a jeep that had stopped for a red light in front of where I was standing with a sign stating, [...]

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Sun Life not sponsor of Morgentaler award

Interim staff In The Interim’s September article, “Another award for abortionist,” about the reception by Henry Morgentaler of the 2005 Couchiching Award for Public Policy Leadership, it was reported that Sun Life Financial company was the sponsor of the award. This was based on information provided in both a press release from the Couchiching Institute on Public Affairs and subsequent Canadian Press [...]

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Pro-family Ontario party looks to the future

Commentary by Giuseppe Gori The Interim While some federal politicians are making an effort to represent the pro-life cause, provincially, the picture is pretty grim. Whom should we support at election time? The established political parties have monopolized Ontario’s political scene with the help of electoral rules that give them preferential treatment.  With electoral reform coming to Ontario, it is now a [...]

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Ottawa won’t recognize ‘fetus’ claim

Interim Staff Conservative MP Gary Breitkreuz (Yorkton-Melville) introduced a motion to have the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights investigate the case of Lloyd Schrier, whose mother underwent “de-patterning” experiments in 1960 under CIA-funded Montreal psychiatrist Ewen Cameron until her nine-month of pregnancy. In 1994, Ottawa compensated 77 of Cameron’s patients who were exposed to prolonged drug-induced sleep and massive electroshock [...]

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School flunks in allowing use of f-word

Analysis by Dina Kok The Interim A United Kingdom secondary school announced a startling new policy just prior to classes being resumed in early September: students will be permitted to swear at teachers five times during a lesson. Weavers School in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire revealed the astonishing policy to parents and supporters with the rationale that the policy should improve the behaviour of [...]

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Not very funny, Mr. Slinger

Commentary by Donald DeMarco The Interim On Oct. 11, 2005, one day after Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving, a cherished event of religious origin and tradition, the Toronto Star, the nation’s largest circulation newspaper, printed an article that epitomizes hatred of religion, petty vindictiveness, and a level of ignorance that is an embarrassment to the author, the paper and the country. The author, alleged [...]

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Symposium aims at spreading the pro-life message on campuses

Theresa Matters The Interim The National Campus Life Network hosted 34 students from across Canada at its annual symposium at St. Augustine’s Seminary, Toronto, Sept. 30 - Oct. 2. The event was for campus pro-life leaders and had as its purpose the equipping of campus leaders to effectively spread the message of respecting life from conception to natural death. Two students, Chuck [...]

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‘Shooting up’ with a city’s blessing

Eli Schuster The Interim Should the city of Toronto spend millions of dollars to make it easier for hard-drug users to indulge in their addictions? That’s the question Toronto councillors are wrestling with in the wake of a new $300,000 report from the city’s public health authorities. They are calling for taxpayer-funded “harm reduction” sites, where junkies can ingest their narcotics free [...]

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