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Bits ‘n’ Pieces

Montana lawmaker Roger Koopman is sponsoring a bill that would provide death certificates for aborted babies. He said it as "a small way for our society to acknowledge that a life did exist, even if they didn't get to see a sunrise or blow out a birthday candle." The Billings Gazette reports that pro-abortion critics are calling the measure "mean-spirited" … The U.S. Justice [...]

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Judgement day for Jean

I had just finished reading Paul Tuns's Jean Chretien: A Legacy of Scandal (a great book and a must-read for people who believe there's justice out there somewhere) when my TV switched on of its own accord and there in full colour was St. Peter at the Golden Gate. Soon, I found myself in a large cavernous room. There were all kinds [...]

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The raven still croaks at Christmas

Donald DeMarco The Interim Christmas is a time of peace and merriment. And we are most reluctant to celebrate the birth of Christ in any other way. Yet, as scholars have informed us, the first Christmas was shadowed by a power-hungry king who had no compunction about killing babies. He was, as the American poet John Richard Moreland identifies him, "Herod heedless [...]

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Democrats abort their future

Fr. Richard John Neuhaus Special to The Interim Survey research and common sense combine in telling us that children tend to share the values of their parents, including their political views and way of life. It is far from the most important factor in abortion, but there are enormous political consequences in the 40 million children aborted since the infamous Roe v. [...]

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The fix was in

Commentary by Rory Leishman The Interim The judgment of the Supreme Court of Canada in the "same-sex marriage" reference is a devious ploy, signaling the determination of the court that the traditional definition of marriage in Canadian law will soon be abolished. Granted, the court has plenty of willing political collaborators. In response to the outrageous judgment of the Ontario Court of [...]

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Project Rachel offers hope for healing

Tony Gosgnach The Interim They've called from as early as three days afterwards to as long as 60 years later, with an average time span of 20-25 years. They could be fathers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and even doctors and nurses. They can suffer from feelings of fear, anxiety, guilt, panic and pressure, both before and afterwards. If early results of the [...]

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Burlington conference explores ways of igniting Christian activism

Cyril Bagin The Interim About 200 Christians, mostly Reformed, gathered Nov. 13 for the ECP Centre's Ignite Our Culture conference in Burlington, Ont. at the Crossroads Centre. Speakers discussed both the current moral crisis in our society, as well as what responsible citizens can do. The ECP Centre (Equipping Christians for the Public Square) was founded by Rev. Tristan Emmanuel, a Presbyterian [...]

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Catholic ob-gyns gather in Rome

Tony Gosgnach The Interim Providing an obstetrical-gynecological alternative to the Planned Parenthood-United Nations Population Fund-World Health Organization school of medicine was one of the chief purposes behind a gathering of almost 100 professionals from 22 countries in Rome, Italy recently. The Third International Workshop of Catholic Obstetricians and Gynecologists was presented by MaterCare International and the World Federation of Catholic Medical Associations [...]

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Legal abortion to increase third world maternal mortality

John-Henry Westen Special to The Interim The population control arm of the United Nations, UNFPA, and its abortion-pushing allies, most notably International Planned Parenthood, relentlessly press for legalizing abortion with the claim that it is needed to reduce maternal mortality by reducing "unsafe" abortions, particularly in the Developing World. However, Jeanne Head, R.N., the chief pro-life lobbyist at the United Nations, and [...]

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Assisted suicide debate sparked

Alex Schadenberg The Interim On Nov. 4, 2004, Evelyn Martens was acquitted of aiding and abetting the suicide deaths of Leyanne Burchell and Monique Charest. After her acquittal, Martens stated to the media that she has retired from the assisted suicide cause. But her acquittal has opened a door for the assisted suicide issue in Canada. Two weeks later, in response to [...]

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Declining interest in sex (show)

Tony Gosgnach The Interim Attendance at a recent, annual Toronto exhibition of all things sexual is reported to have been down significantly, and activism by concerned local Christians is being credited with playing a role in that development. Under new ownership, the Fifth Annual Everything to Do With Sex Show took place on the grounds of the Canadian National Exhibition Oct. 28-31. [...]

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Right-to-life language prompts Canadian objection at the UN

John Henry-Westen Special to The Interim Once again revealing the pro-abortion extremism of Canadian delegates to the UN, Canada's representative at the UN voted against a resolution on "human rights and terrorism" on Nov. 11. In the explanation of his vote, the Canadian representative noted Canada voiced objection to a clause in the documents which spoke of the "right to life" as [...]

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Canada increases its support to the UNFPA to make up for shortfall from the U.S.

Paul Tuns The Interim On the eve of President George W. Bush's visit to Canada, it was reported that the Liberal government, in the words of the Toronto Star, would raise "a small flag of independence" with a planned announcement that Ottawa would provide "a major funding increase" for the United Nation's Population Fund, the UN's population-control arm. On Dec. 1, while [...]

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The fight has just begun, say pro-family groups

Response to Supreme Court's ruling on same-sex 'marriage' referencePeter Stock The Interim Pro-family leaders received a Christmas surprise from the Supreme Court again this past year in the form of answers to the federal government's reference questions on marriage. In recent years, the courts have taken to releasing controversial decisions before major Christian holidays in a cynical attempt to stifle public debate [...]

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The Interim’s top stories of 2004

Canada 1. Bill C-6 passes The government's reproductive and experimental technologies bill will lead to the deaths of untold millions of tiny human beings through destructive embryonic stem cell research and opens to the door to human cloning through poor definitions and loop-holes. 2. Social conservatism and the Canadian election Prime Minister Paul Martin and his media accomplices inject the topic of [...]

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