Pope Benedict XVI: a defender of life, faith, family

John-Henry Westen Special to The Interim Newly elected Pope Benedict XVI, unlike his predecessor John Paul II prior to his election, comes to lead the Catholic church after spending the last 24 years in the public eye as the head of the most important office in that church – the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. As such, his teachings on [...]

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Cardinal Ouellet and the Catholic renewal in Quebec

Marc Cardinal Ouellet has launched a real renewal in the Catholic church of Quebec since his inauguration as archbishop of Quebec City and primate of the church in Canada. Right from the beginning, at his inaugural sermon in January 2003, he called Quebecers to conversion, to come back to the faith of their fathers or, he warned, they will die as a [...]

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Martin and Bush

I had a dream recently, in which I wished that I had taken my camcorder to bed so the whole world would be able to see it in living colour. It was Condoleezza Rice, the U.S. secretary of state, racing into President Bush’s office at the Crawford Ranch in Texas, yelling: “George! It’s Paul Martin! The prime minister of Canada! He’s been [...]

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On the sacrament of marriage

With all the publicity on marriage in recent times, I felt an inclination to write an article on the Catholic teaching regarding the sacrament of marriage, but I did not feel that I had the ability to adequately express it. So I did some research on recent pamphlets and came across an excellent article in a pamphlet entitled, “True Marriage a Lifelong [...]

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Life’s blessings

On February 28, a month before the due date, my wife Christina was induced. Our family physician and the ob-gyn had determined that at 36 weeks, the child inside her was likely to be fully developed. There is a 96 per cent chance that the child’s lungs are fully developed at 36 weeks and a 98 per cent chance at 37. Waiting [...]

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Parliament has been reduced to a mere handmaiden of the courts

In kicking off the debate on the government’s civil marriage act, Prime Minister Paul Martin declared: “I stand before members here today and before the people of our country to say that I believe in and I will fight for the Charter of Rights.” That’s typical of Martin. Instead of advancing any reasonable explanation for his newfound determination to enact same-sex “marriage” [...]

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Anglican primates suspend Canadian and American churches

Sue Careless The Interim The two national churches that spoke most of being inclusive have been excluded for three years from their own communion. Both the Anglican Church of Canada and the Episcopal Church of the U.S.A. have been effectively suspended from their international body, the Anglican Communion, until 2008, at which time, if they do not change their ways, they might [...]

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Refugee claimant rejected for forcing abortion

Interim Staff The Vancouver Sun reported that Li Min Lai, a Chinese “family-planning manager” who forced an abortion on a worker who was seven months’ pregnant was denied refugee status in Canada. Federal Court Justice Sandra Simpson said that Li’s actions constituted a “crime against humanity,” even though she was not motivated by cruelty and was just doing her job enforcing China’s [...]

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Q & A with: Mark Crutcher

Tony Gosgnach The Interim Mark Crutcher is the founder and president of Life Dynamics Inc., a Denton-Tx.-based organization founded in 1991. LDI has become known for its Abortion Malpractice Program, the Direct Mail program and various undercover investigations into the U.S. abortion industry. Those investigations have revealed, among other things, a trade in human body parts and cover-ups of pedophiles and child [...]

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Institutionalizing our children

Eli Schuster The Interim In his famous book, The Trouble With Canada, William Gairdner blasted then-prime minister Brian Mulroney’s 1988 promise of a national daycare scheme as “an openly socialist measure,” arguing: “This program, which, if it ever comes into effect, I believe history will show, to be a crucial factor in the breakdown of the Canadian family (primarily because it subsidizes [...]

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Pettigrew pushes gay rights at UN

LifeSiteNews.com Special to The Interim Canada’s Liberal government has been pushing the line that ending discrimination against sexual orientation necessitates allowing same-sex “marriage.” With his Liberal colleagues spouting that line at home, Canada’s Foreign Minister Pierre Pettigrew was in Geneva March 14, urging the United Nations to fight discrimination based on sexual orientation. The United Nations Commission on Human Rights opened its [...]

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Terri’s execution sparks sense of déjà vu

Pete Vere The Interim As I submit this piece to The Interim, a flurry of political and legal maneuvering is underway to get Terri Schindler-Schiavo’s feeding tube reinserted. Along with over a million other people, I continue to pray for a miracle. Will Terri still be alive by the time you read this? I don’t know. Only God can save Terri now. [...]

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Rock for Life active in Canada

Tony Gosgnach The Interim It’s been rockin’ the U.S. for many years with the pro-life message and now it’s spreading in Canada. Rock for Life started in this country in 2002 and in the time since, has already established itself with chapters in Calgary, High River and Westlock in Alberta, as well as Prince George and Victoria in B.C. It was also [...]

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Parliamentarians speak out on same-sex “marriage”

Editor’s Note: Excerpts from the House of Commons debates over C-38, the government’s legislation that redefines marriage to include homosexual couples. Garry Breitkreuz (Yorkton-Melville, CPC) “In 1999 I voted alongside my colleagues and with those sitting across the way on the government side, and my vote was in favour of the traditional definition of marriage and so to were the votes cast [...]

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Marriage battle more than a turf war over a word

Rev. Tristan Emmanuel The Interim In the current marriage debate, we have identified problems and rehashed history, but many social conservatives haven’t actually answered the most fundamental question of all: what is marriage? The debate does beg this fundamental question. After all, there are a whole bunch of issues that Christians could rally behind. What makes marriage so unique that it deserves [...]

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