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Benedict XVI and church renewal in Quebec

On April 19, 2005, the College of Cardinals could not have made a better choice for the universal Catholic church than electing Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger to succeed John Paul the Great. It was, in fact, the choice of the Holy Ghost, because Cardinal Ratzinger was seen as much too conservative, divisive and old just a few months ago. At the moment of [...]

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Knights promote traditional marriage

As a chaplain to the Knights of Columbus and a fourth degree member, I am proud to present to the readers of The Interim the following letter to all federal cabinet members. It is signed by the official members of the Ontario State Council of the Knights of Columbus and was sent to all federal cabinet ministers: On behalf of the 57,000 [...]

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Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone …

“We would appreciate your discretion in not publicizing our project or this survey.” So states the letter sent out in March announcing the “Crisis Pregnancy Centres” Project, courtesy of the Pro-Choice Action Network’s Joyce Arthur. I received my copy from one of the “sisters” it was addressed to, so I thought I would mention it to you in confidence. CPC’s around Canada [...]

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Clinton weighs in on Martin

Former U.S. president Bill Clinton was on the phone. “Frank, it’s me, Bill! Not Bill Gates! He was the one that suggested I call you and get the real lowdown on Canadian politics. He said if there was anybody who thinks he knows what’s going on in Canada, it’s you.” “Thanks,” I said lamely. “Say, how’s Belinda coming along? See her much?” [...]

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The anti-child mentality and ‘choice’

Recently I was at a food court in downtown Toronto, reading the paper while grabbing some lunch. As the editor of The Interim, I have read and seen much of the moral decadence in our age and it seldom surprises me. But, for all this, I wasn’t prepared for the conversation that took place at the table next to mine. Three women [...]

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The Cancer Research Society offers an ethical alternative Special to The Interim Pro-life Canadians who want to donate money to medical research often find themselves in an ethical dilemma. Most organizations supporting disease research in Canada have policies supporting the use of human beings at the embryonic stage for living research test subjects. On March 4, 2002, the Cancer Society wrote in a media release: “The Canadian Cancer Society [...]

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Controversy in Florida ends with 13-year-old given ‘right’ to abort

Dina Kok The Interim In a case that garnered international attention, a 13-year-old girl fought in Florida state court for the right to abort her unborn child. L.G. (the initials of the young girl) was a ward of the state and was discovered to be pregnant after she was found following an escape from her foster home. Police reports indicated she was [...]

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Abortion worst thing I ever did, says Osbourne

Dina Kok The Interim In the new book, Sharon Osbourne: Unauthorized, Uncensored – Understood, the trials and tribulations of the famous wife of heavy metal star Ozzy Osbourne are revealed by author Sue Crawford. Of particular interest is the disclosure of an abortion Osbourne underwent at the young age of 17. Osbourne was ordered to have the abortion by her mother, who [...]

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Anglican imbroglio over blessing of same-sex unions continues to simmer

Sue Careless The Interim During a meeting in Mississauga, Ont., the Primate’s Theological Commission has found same-sex blessings, or SSBs, to be a matter of doctrine. At past Anglican synods, those favouring SSBs argued that the controversial rite involved only pastoral care, not doctrine. If the commission’s St. Michael Report is accepted by General Synod in 2007, the earliest that SSBs could [...]

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Same-sex ‘marriage:’ a political and judicial time line

Paul Tuns Editor-in-chief, The Interim • 1969: Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau passes Bill C-150, an amendment to the Criminal Code that decriminalizes homosexuality. • 1982: Parliamentarians debate, but ultimately do not include, special protection for individuals based on sexual orientation within the Charter of Rights. • Late 1990s: Charter challenges are launched in British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec, claiming that the definition [...]

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A Pope who is actually Catholic – imagine!

Commentary by Michael Taube The Interim When Pope John Paul II died on April 2, many Christians and non-Christians mourned the loss of a great man. They respected what John Paul had done to defeat communism, build bridges with different faiths and work towards the betterment of society. He had been a superb leader of the Catholic church and a true friend [...]

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Protests against Morgentaler’s UWO honour hit fever pitch

Tony Gosgnach The Interim The University of Western Ontario’s intransigence in awarding an honourary doctor of law degree to notorious abortionist Henry Morgentaler may wind up costing it as much as an astounding $50 million in lost donations from alumni. Such a loss has the potential to disrupt London, Ont.’s economy as a whole. And as of this writing, 10,000 people had [...]

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Pro-life society of priests founded

Tony Gosgnach The Interim The foundation of a new society of Roman Catholic priests dedicated exclusively to the pro-life cause promises to bring the struggle to preserve human life to a whole new level. Father Frank Pavone, national director of the Priests for Life organization, recently announced the formation of the society in Amarillo, Tx., in which diocese it will be based [...]

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Stakes high in New Brunswick abortion fight

Doreen Beagan The Interim Canadian abortionist Henry Morgentaler and federal Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh are trying to force New Brunswick to pay for all abortions, Peter Ryan told the annual meeting of P.E.I. Right Life at its April 23 meeting in Charlottetown. Ryan is executive director of New Brunswick Right to Life and a spokesman for the multi-group Coalition for Life and [...]

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Korean creates and kills clones for research Special to The Interim Once again South Korean scientist, Dr. Hwang Woo-suk has made international headlines by creating a number of cloned human beings intended to be killed and harvested for their stem cells. The doctor, whom the National Post called a Korean “folk hero” for his work in human cloning, has obtained stem cells from clones created from patients with [...]

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