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From NDP candidate to pro-life activist

Suzanne Fortin is a 32-year-old mother of two. She and her husband have been married for seven years. When Suzanne is not busy raising her family, she busies herself promoting the right to life among other young French Canadians. “Culturally, I’m a Quebecker,” she shares. “I grew up in Quebec City. I spent the first 25 years of my life there, before [...]

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There is good reason to hope for pro-life gains

So far, Canada’s new Conservative government has done precious little to promote the sanctity of human life, but pro-lifers should not give up on the Conservative party. There is good reason to hope for major pro-life gains from the Harper Conservatives after the next federal election. Consider what Prime Minister Stephen Harper has already accomplished. Thanks mainly to his leadership, the formerly [...]

Saint John Vianney

All saints are extraordinary, but St. John Vianney, known as “The Cure of Ars,” was most extraordinary. He was born at Dardilly, near Lyons, France. His father was a farmer and John spent most of his youth herding cattle and feeding pigs. He received virtually no education and joined the French Army, but deserted in 1809. The only thing he wanted to [...]

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Book dissects bishops’ controversial statement

Birth Control: Is Canada Out Of Step With Rome? By Msgr. Vincent N. Foy (Life Ethics Information Centre, 128 pages, $9.95) Reviewed by Doug McManaman The Interim For 18 years, I’ve been teaching young people what exactly is the moral difference between contraception and the legitimate use of natural family planning and I’ve had no difficulties getting them to understand the reasonableness [...]

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Conference critiques contraceptive mentality

The current, troubled moral state of the Western world vindicates the predictions of the late Pope Paul VI in the 1960s concerning what would happen if the use of contraception became widespread, says one of the world’s leading scholars on the issue. Speaking at the Humanae Vitae 2006 – A New Beginning conference in Ottawa, staged by The Rosarium organization May 12-14, [...]

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Things going pro-life way, says author

Although the situation may often appear bleak, things are actually breaking the pro-life way in the struggle to protect human life from conception to natural death, says one of modern-day Catholicism’s leading authors and commentators. Speaking May 9 at a Campaign Life Coalition clergy luncheon in Toronto, George Weigel acknowledged that it is easy to get depressed when we are surrounded by [...]

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Professor cites links between abortion and breast cancer

Interim Staff On the morning of the March for Life, breast surgeon Dr. Angela Lanfranchi, clinical assistant professor of surgery at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Jersey and co-founder of the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute, explained the biological reasons for the link between abortion and breast cancer, noting the physiological changes that occur during pregnancy and the cessation of pregnancy. [...]

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Ultrasounds may bolster pro-life cause

Increasing numbers of couples from across the Maritimes visit private sonogram clinics in the United States for three-dimensional ultrasound photos of their unborn babies. They can’t get photos of their unborn babies at home, because most Canadian hospitals refuse to perform non-medical ultrasounds, often because of the cost. Nova Scotians Tracey Gray and John Boulay were especially eager to learn the gender [...]

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No New Brunswick hospital to commit abortions after June 30

Interim Staff June 30 will be the last day that abortions will be committed in New Brunswick hospitals, after Fredericton’s Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital announced that it would cease committing them on that date. Pro-lifers are applauding the move, saying they expect the number of abortions committed in the province to continue to decline. Peter Ryan, executive director of New Brunswick Right [...]

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Alberta private member’s bill protecting conscience is killed

A bill protecting the freedom of Albertans to opt out of teaching homosexual material or performing same-sex “marriages” ran out of time on May 8, as opposition members used stalling tactics to ensure it did not have a chance to pass. The private member’s bill, the Protection of Fundamental Freedoms (Marriage) Statutes Amendment Act, offered protection to those who oppose homosexual activity. [...]

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B.C. pro-life advocates test the limits of ‘bubble zone’ restrictions

On May 4, the B.C. Court of Appeal heard testimony from pro-life and civil liberties intervenors in the case of Gordon Watson and Don Spratt, who were arrested in December 1998 for having stood inside a “bubble zone” in front of Everywoman’s abortion site in Vancouver. The two men are appealing convictions of violating B.C.’s Access to Abortion Services Act, which prohibits [...]

2010-08-17T12:07:43-06:00June 17, 2006|Abortion Law, Activism| t-shirts rouse curiosity

“Hey, what’s with the shirt? What’s” “I could tell you, but better yet, why don’t you go online and check it out?” On school campuses across the U.S., Canada, and even England, students are showing up to class with shirts emblazoned with a distinctive “” logo. Each day, they’re showing up wearing a different shirt, in a different style or different [...]

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Adulation greets Bishop Henry in Kitchener

He rose to more public prominence during battles over the same-sex “marriage” issue that saw him become the target of human rights complaints and threats from the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency to take away his church’s charitable tax status. At a fundraising dinner for the Kitchener, Ont.-based Defend Traditional Marriage and Family organization April 21, Catholic Bishop Fred Henry of Calgary [...]

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Some men who boldly defend life

Abortion is typically presented by its advocates as a women’s issue, but pro-lifers know better. As Vicki Thorn, who founded Project Rachel, has taught: unborn children will only be protected when both men and women come together on their behalf. In this month of Father’s Day, The Interim salutes a few good men who are boldly defending life and family. In the [...]

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