Judge rules Winnipeg man, 84, is entitled to life-sustaining care

An injunction preventing Winnipeg’s Grace General Hospital from removing life-sustaining care from Samuel Golubchuk has been upheld by Justice Perry Schulman of the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench. The 84-year-old cognitively disabled patient’s family has been battling hospital doctors who are determined to starve and dehydrate him to death regardless of the family’s wishes. The Winnipeg Free Press reported that Justice Schulman ruled [...]

2009-12-23T13:07:19-05:00March 23, 2008|Palliative Care|

Two new campus clubs established

While some pro-life students are in battles with their student unions for recognition as official clubs on campus, students at Sir Wilfred Laurier and Ottawa Universities are planning events for their first terms as a club. Both campuses had clubs in earlier years, but for various reasons, were unable to continue them until now. Their applications for club status were submitted just [...]

2009-12-23T12:59:39-05:00March 23, 2008|Pro-life Groups, Youth Activism|

More repression of campus groups

The Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) Ontario has decided to weigh in on the controversy at Lakehead University. The Lakehead Student Union officially became “pro-choice” at an emergency meeting on Jan. 21. The motion stated: “the Lakehead University student union (will) withhold any and all funds, space, resources and services within its control from any group … if that group holds any [...]

2009-12-23T13:02:40-05:00March 23, 2008|Pro-life Groups, Youth Activism|

Father-and-son team took it to the streets in the 1980s

Dan McCash looked at the stylishly dressed woman, who was visibly in the last trimester of her pregnancy. Accompanied by a slim darker-skinned escort, she was headed through the entrance to Morgentaler’s Toronto abortuary. McCash stood outside in the cold damp snow. To one side of him stood his son, John, and to the other side stood pro-life activist Joanne Dieleman – [...]

2009-12-23T12:56:13-05:00March 23, 2008|Activism, Profiles|

LA Times exposes abortion malpractice

The Los Angeles Times details the medical malpractice and sexual abuse that occurred at five abortion facilities in southern California. The paper reported that five abortion mills were raided last year by a special unit of the Los Angeles Police Department, the Health Authority Law Enforcement Task Force. The facilities were owned by Bertha Bugarin who, along with her sister were charged with [...]

2009-12-23T12:54:19-05:00March 23, 2008|Abortion|

The crack of dawn

Baseball augurs the beginning of spring, but be careful in listening to the sports’ announcers. Donald Demarco considers the joys – some unintended – of baseball The truest harbinger of spring is not the appearance of crocuses or the arrival of swallows at Capistrano, but the reverberating crack of bat meeting ball. Winter was long and dreary. Her characteristic sounds – the [...]

2009-12-23T12:26:31-05:00March 23, 2008|Columnist, Donald DeMarco|

Bella set to make Canadian debut

The producer and co-writer of the award-winning pro-life movie Bella, Leo Severino, was in Ontario Feb. 14-16 to give a preview to select groups before the movie is officially released in Canada. He was originally invited to speak at the fourth annual Culture of Life Student Leadership Conference in Hamilton, but that grew from just a one-day engagement to three days of pre-screenings [...]

2009-12-23T12:16:40-05:00March 23, 2008|Movie Review|

Aid to Women celebrates

It’s been in downtown Toronto for over two decades now, “rescuing at the gates of hell,” and on Jan. 30, it took time out from its life-saving work to pay tribute to one of the people who helped make it all happen from the beginning, as well as two more individuals who have made major contributions to its work in recent years. [...]

2009-12-23T12:15:12-05:00March 23, 2008|Activism|

Status of Women funding reaches record levels under Conservatives

Josée Verner, minister of Canadian heritage and the Status of Women, has told a parliamentary committee on the Status of Women about the Harper government’s “firm commitment” to Status of Women Canada. Verner said the total budget for the federal organization was $29.9 million, “a record for Status of Women Canada.” Under the government’s new Women’s Partnership Fund, the government provided $10 [...]

2009-12-23T12:13:32-05:00March 23, 2008|Politics|

Some media take notice of abortion issue

Long-held code of silence broken to mark Supreme Court decision In the past two months, there have been a number of pro-life articles appearing in national and local newspapers, particularly the National Post. Generally no friend to the pro-life movement, the media have generally skirted the issue. Last spring, the National Post ran a gingerly worded article called, “The A-word” that touched on the [...]

2009-12-23T12:12:02-05:00March 23, 2008|Society & Culture|

Child pornography betrays society’s claim to care for children

In the middle of February, more than 20 men and one woman were arrested in Ontario on charges of manufacturing and selling child pornography. The police revealed that there were more than 200,000 internet addresses in Canada that actively download the most horrendous scenes of child sexual abuse and that the problem appeared to be growing. Giving talk radio warriors [...]

2009-12-23T12:08:15-05:00March 23, 2008|Columnist, Michael Coren|

An abortionist, an environmentalist and Toronto’s trash

Here is another installment of what didn’t make the paper this issue, with three disturbing items. One is about Toronto’s garbage collection plan that adversely affects large families, another is about the totalitarian impulse of environmental extremists and the last about abortionist Garson Romalis’s comments on why he enjoys being an abortion doctor. Garson Romalis At the University of Toronto’s “symposium” on [...]

2009-12-23T12:06:19-05:00March 23, 2008|Columnist, Issues, Paul Tuns|

No murder charge laid in death of unborn child

Alan Bryan, 43, of Nova Scotia, was sentenced to 15 years in jail recently for his brutal attack on his then-pregnant girlfriend, Charlene Knapp. Knapp, 28, was four months pregnant when, on July 31 last year, Bryan stabbed her up to 15 times with a sword. Knapp survived the attack, but the child in her womb was killed. Despite his killing the [...]

2009-12-23T11:59:24-05:00March 23, 2008|Fetal Rights|

Harper suffering from a bad case of amnesia

And his party is jettisoning conservative principles over what it thinks will win it votes Someone once said power corrupts. It also seems to cause amnesia. Just consider the case of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who, since achieving power, seems to have forgotten that he was once a staunch defender of free expression. Certainly, Harper defended free speech in the days when [...]

2009-12-23T11:55:41-05:00March 23, 2008|Politics|
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