Battle over HRCs takes a unique twist

Liberal introduces motion to modify Human Rights Act, while Tories told to stay quiet Liberal MP Keith Martin has introduced a motion (M-446) in the House of Commons to strip the Canadian Human Rights Commission of its Section 13(1) powers to investigate and punish the lawful expression of opinions and facts. That section of the Canadian Human Rights Act refers to ideas [...]

2009-12-23T11:54:07-05:00March 23, 2008|Human Rights Commissions, Politics|

Only half of the issue addressed at U of T’s abortion symposium

On Jan. 25, professionals and students gathered at the University of Toronto for a day to mark the 20th anniversary of the R. v. Morgentaler decision in 1988. The symposium, entitled, “Of What Difference: Reflections on the Judgement and Abortion in Canada Today,” was a collaborative effort by the International Reproductive and Sexual Health Law Program at the Faculty of Law, the University [...]

2009-12-23T13:03:19-05:00March 23, 2008|Pro-life Groups, Youth Activism|

Believe it or not, abortive women are getting EI benefits

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation broke a story that shocked even most pro-lifers when it revealed in its Jan. 31 Let’s Talk Taxes communique that women who have abortions are eligible for employment insurance. Under Service Canada regulations, women who have an abortion within the first 19 weeks of pregnancy are eligible for sick leave of up to 3.5 months, because the rules do [...]

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Cheque or cash, Brian?

In Great Britain, they say that when a politician loudly claims to the media his opponent is “not playing fair,” it’s a sure sign he’s losing. The latest news is that Cryin’ Brian Mulroney is complaining through his lawyers that the members of the House of Commons ethics committee conducting a probe into his suspicious business dealings were guilty of “glaring violations [...]

2009-12-23T11:47:39-05:00March 23, 2008|Columnist, Frank Kennedy|

This is a time to speak up

"For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place and you and your father’s house will perish. And who knows whether you have not attained royalty for such a time as this?” Persecution of Christians by the state has arrived in Canada. I speak of the recent spate of attacks by human [...]

2009-12-23T11:45:56-05:00March 23, 2008|Columnist, Rev. Royal Hamel|

When the Word became Flesh

"In the beginning, I was. I was for a long time. Then things began to happen. Inside me, something was beating fast and outside, something was beating slower. For a long time, that was all I knew.” So opens the marvellous first-person story of an ordinary unborn child, as told by Regina Doman in Angel in the Waters. It is a children’s [...]

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Christians and human rights commissions

Every federal and provincial human rights code in Canada prohibits discrimination on the basis of religion, so why do faithful Christians not take advantage of these laws to protect themselves from anti-Christian discrimination? To anyone who is at all familiar with human rights litigation, the answer is, or should be, obvious: Canada’s human rights codes are a two-edged sword that [...]

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A note to our readers

I am very honoured to serve as the editor of The Interim and I want to thank everyone who has contributed to its success over the years: the staff, contributors, and volunteers, as well as subscribers. I especially want to thank my seven predecessors for leading and building a newspaper like no other: Jim Hughes, the late Carl Scharfe, Sabina McLuhan, Fr. Alphonse [...]

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The Interim at 25

A quarter century ago, Campaign Life Coalition started The Interim because the mainstream media refused to cover several press conferences held in Ontario by Bernard Nathanson. Nathanson is a former abortionist and co-founder of the U.S. National Abortion Rights Action League, but he changed his mind and came to Canada to tell why. Instead of complaining about media bias, CLC did something [...]

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The Politics of the Passion

Although the central events of the Christian calendar are fraught with theological implications, an understandably neglected, but, at the same time, quite obvious focus can be brought to bear on these sacred mysteries, a focus that seeks to learn only from the unpleasant facts of the unjust execution of an innocent man. Obviously, the religious importance of this story is impossible to [...]

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World Briefs

Planned Parenthood statement to UN NEW YORK –The International Planned Parenthood Federation released a statement endorsing the theme of the 41st session of the Commission on Population and Development: “Population distribution, urbanization, internal migration and development.” The session is scheduled to take place April 7-11. According to the IPPF, “Urban growth is predominantly fuelled by natural population increase rather than migration. It [...]

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Bits & Pieces

Canada Dr. Joseph Roncaiolo, a Newmarket, Ont. gynecologist, says he did not phone 911 when he discovered his wife dead at their home because he wasn’t sure she had stopped breathing and didn’t want her to survive “as a vegetable.” He said he did likewise when his pet was sick: “I did the same thing when my dog died – I didn’t call [...]

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