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Pro-life senator Stanley Haidasz dies

One of Canada’s most committed pro-life politicians, Stanley Haidasz, passed away August 6 at the age of 86. Haidasz, a Liberal, served in Parliament for nearly a half-century. First elected in 1957, he lost his re-election bid the following year, but regained his Parkdale seat in Toronto in 1962 and was then re-elected five times. In 1978, he was appointed [...]

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Amnesty International slams Nicaragua for abortion ban

Amnesty International is slamming yet another Latin American country for its pro-life laws. In a recently released report , Amnesty called Nicaragua’s total ban on abortions a “cruel, inhuman disgrace” and charged that the new law has led to an increase in maternal deaths. As in the cases of Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Peru, Amnesty’s latest report on Nicaragua incorrectly argues that [...]

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New concerns raised over HPV vaccine

A new study released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control on August 19 found that vaccines for the human papillomavirus (HPV) have caused 12,424 adverse reactions after more than 23 million doses have been administered in the United States since 2006. Most were classified as “non-serious” – fainting, headaches, rashes – but 772 were serious including anaphylaxis (life-threatening allergic reactions), blood [...]

2009-11-20T15:47:06-06:00September 30, 2009|Society & Culture|

Skin no longer in – dressing modestly at school

In the wake of the launching of the first-ever Campaign Life Coalition student-run fashion show benefit, it seems that mainstream media and grassroots pro-life, pro-family groups may be on the same page. And, with back-to-school shopping season upon us, the timing couldn’t be better. In August, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, an award-winning American radio talk show host whose weekly program boasts over 8.5 [...]

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Easy justice for con men

If you’re going to be a crook, Canada’s the place to be. Not Zambia, where the government isn’t printing any more of its worthless money. Or Somalia, where they haven’t had a central government in 10 years. Or Saudi Arabia, where thieves get their hands cut off and adulterers get stoned. Or Iraq, where your coloured voting finger gets cut off by [...]

2009-09-29T08:51:22-06:00September 29, 2009|Columnist, Frank Kennedy|

Life issues permeate US health care debate

Health care reform bills introduced by Congressional Democrats and backed by the White House include federal taxpayer funding of abortion and open the door to rationing care for the elderly and other vulnerable persons, in order to realize savings in the overall health care system. These controversial measures have led to a backlash against President Barack Obama’s goal of broadly [...]

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40 Days for Life expands in Canada

This fall begins the fifth annual campaign of what organizers are calling “the largest and longest co-ordinated pro-life mobilization in history” – 40 Days for Life. The campaign consists of a three-point program: prayer and fasting, constant vigil outside select abortuaries and community outreach aimed at educating the public and raising awareness. 40 Days for Life began five years ago [...]

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Godless schools

At the beginning of another school year, the parents of children in the public schools of Canada might well earnestly reflect upon what their children are likely to be taught about the vital issues of faith and morality. Fifty years ago, there was little reason for concern. Parents could have confidence that teachers in the publicly funded Catholic and non-denominational [...]

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Mad about Mad Men

The critical success of the show Mad Men, which has just returned for its third season, is probably due to how seductively easy it is to write about. Writers on deadline are ravenous scavengers and, when they run out of things to say about its pre-Beatles 60s setting, its slick period aesthetic or the New York advertising world where most of its [...]

2009-09-29T05:38:11-06:00September 29, 2009|Columnist, Rick McGinnis|

Sexualizing children

Once again the assembled chiefs of police in Canada have called for an increased number of officers to deal with what they describe as a “spiralling increase” in the amount of child pornography on the internet. They explained to a press conference that a quarter of a million separate internet addresses in Canada are actively downloading the most horrendous scenes [...]

2009-09-29T05:32:53-06:00September 29, 2009|Columnist, Marriage and Family, Michael Coren|

Empty schools. Wonder why?

Last month, the National Post reported that one in five schools in the Toronto public school system is at least 40 per cent empty and that the board hopes to save $10-15 million by consolidating or closing some of those institutions. West Toronto Collegiate cancelled its Grade 9 program this year because there were too few students enrolled in first-year high school. [...]

2009-09-29T05:56:39-06:00September 29, 2009|Paul Tuns|

Promoting childlessness, celebrating selfishness

Childlessness is becoming more popular and the proof is apparent not only in sub-replacement fertility levels and 100,000 abortions every year in Canada, it is being mainstreamed in the popular culture. Maclean’s ran a cover story on August 3, entitled, “The Case Against Having Kids.” A new book by French author Corinne Maier, No Kids, 40 Good Reasons Not to Have Children, [...]

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REAL Women warns of Human Rights Museum left-wing bias

In its July/August Reality newsletter, REAL Women of Canada warned that the $300 million Human Rights Museum project in Winnipeg, Manitoba “is a mess” because it has “established a biased and duplicitous Content Advisory Committee to determine which displays will be installed in the museum.” REAL Women also warned that content advisory committee “is mainly comprised of feminist/homosexual activists and their supporters.” REAL [...]

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Quebec abortion mills exempt from safety, sanitation laws

In the spring, the National Assembly of Quebec passed Bill 34, a law that mandated minimum safety and sanitation requirements for private health care facilities that perform surgeries. It mandated, for example, sterile operating rooms and separate ventilating systems, as well as outlined procedures to protect patients who use non-hospital facilities for medical care. In August, three Montreal abortuaries said they would [...]

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