Abortion’s legacy will be felt for decades

The bulk of the Baby Boom Generation came of age during a period of great social change. Unlike previous generations, the boomers, the sons and daughters of those who had sacrificed so much for their native countries during World War II, were not content to simply follow the status quo of their parents. No, the first cohort in a long time to [...]

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All in the dysfunctional family

Michael Coren Journalist for Life An episode of All in the Dysfunctional Family, as it were. Let me tell you a story. A woman journalist whom I know, a gay woman, has been living with her partner for some time now. Some years ago they wanted a child, a baby. So the brother of one of the women had sexual [...]

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Christmas and the ultimate gift

There is so much discussion about the attempt to take Christ out of Christmas. The expunging of the word and the spirit is regrettable of course. I wonder, however, if we’re missing the point. One doesn’t have to be a Christian to be a supporter of life, but it’s impossible to doubt that most in the pro-life community are indeed Christian, and [...]

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Homosexuality: epigenetics vs. genetics & what does it all mean

There were  many recent headlines about a study suggesting that homosexuality stems not from genetics, but epigenetics. The original study hasn't been released, except perhaps to io9.com, which has a story seemingly more complete than the abstract or press release of the study on which it is reporting.  Sheepcat has an excellent, long post on the issue and what the study says [...]

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National anti-euthanasia conference features variety of speakers

Dr. Barrie de Veber with his Wife Iola at a dinner honouring his many contributions to society. More than 100 people attended the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition national convention Nov. 17 in London, Ont., to hear from speakers from legal, medical and disabilities backgrounds address the issues of euthanasia and assisted suicide, and to honour Dr. Barrie de Veber at a [...]

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RTL Kent rebuilds after fire destroyed offices

The new building that houses Right to Life Kent. A pro-life organization in Chatham in southwestern Ontario has roared back to life after its office was destroyed by a fire. Right to Life Kent, forced to rejuvenate itself, has now moved into its own building and provides more services geared towards women in need and youth outreach, and its number [...]

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Northern Ontario pro-life groups bring in national EPC leader for speaking tour

Alex Schadenberg of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition addressed three groups in northern Ontario. A talk with Alex Schadenberg organized by a Northern Ontario pro-life group was given positive coverage in the local newspaper. Schadenberg, the executive director and international chair of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, spoke at the Encore Club in Kirkland Lake on Sept.19. The event was planned by [...]

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Bathroom bill endangers children: pro-family groups

Conservative MP Rob Anders has been pilloried for his opposition to C-279. Numerous pro-family organizations and one conservative MP are calling upon citizens to oppose a “hate crimes” bill they warn will allow men to use women’s restrooms and showers. The private members Bill C-279 would include “gender identity” and “gender expression” in the hate crimes sections of the Canadian [...]

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Ottawa files argument in euthanasia appeal

Justice Lynn Smith The federal government has come out strongly against assisted suicide in an appeal against a British Columbia judgment declaring the ban to be unconstitutional. On Oct. 26, it filed its legal argument with the B.C. Court of Appeal, claiming that assisted suicide is prohibited in order to protect the most vulnerable members of society who might otherwise [...]

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Our duty to not be the Joneses

Those Joneses always showing off their new toys. How can we live a life of humble virtue and quiet selflessness when they come into work after the holidays with the brand new iPhone? How can we feel good about our low-key Christmas when our neighbour was on a cruise in the Caribbean? How can we, who consider ourselves to be pro-family, believe [...]

The world’s Good News

When Christ left this world, Tiberius sat on the throne of Rome, and Rome sat proud and potent over its many conquered lands. Israel was a far-flung province at the Empire’s ever expanding edge, and the Jews feared Rome, just as Christ’s followers feared the Jews. Nevertheless, with His last words, Christ exhorted His small and fearful handful of followers to “teach [...]

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The war on Christmas is a boring story

The Daily Beast reports on the decline of the war on Christmas : Jon Stewart recently introduced his annual skewering of the “war on Christmas” with a montage of Fox News personalities breathlessly reporting the latest outrages against the holiday’s religious origins. “Let’s face facts,” Stewart said. “The annual Fox ‘war on Christmas’ has become a little predictable.” And: How did this [...]

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Pro-lifers sue for free speech rights on Canadian university campus

As LifeSiteNews.com reports, a group of students at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in British Columbia are suing their school's student association after it rejected their application to form an officially sanctioned pro-life club. LSN reports: "The student union has adopted an officially pro-abortion stance, an increasingly common occurrence on Canadian campuses. They claim recognizing a pro-life club would violate policy." Sadly, such stories are [...]

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Campus freedom index documents censorship of pro-life groups

Carleton pro-life student Ruth Lobo was arrested in 2010. The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms has released its 2012 Campus Freedom Index which measures and rates the state of free speech at Canadian universities and gives 28 F grades and just three As. The JCCF’s Index, and an accompanying longer report, The State of Campus Free Speech in 2012, examines [...]

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The Bible, as interpreted by Hanna-Barbera

The Greatest Adventure: Stories from the Bible, TV Series: 13 Episodes, 1985-1993. Produced by Hanna-Barbera, distributed by Warner Bros (VHS and DVD, $18.70 each for select DVDs). Many animation companies have produced movies, TV specials and direct-to-video releases of Bible stories for children. Some well-known series include Superbook, Veggie Tales, and Animated Stories from the Bible. There have also been one-shot specials [...]

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