Proving the truth

The main character in one of Molière’s plays makes a delightful discovery: without knowing it, he had, all of his life, been speaking in prose. A similar revelation occurred to the politicians, pastors, and right-thinking citizens of the 20th-century who learned that they were “pro-life.” What had hitherto been the unspoken conviction of civil society in an unbroken tradition from Hippocrates to [...]

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U.S. Supreme Court throws out pro-traditional marriage law

National Affairs Rory Leishman While judges in Canada and the United States usually hand down reasonable decisions in conformity with the separation of legislative and judicial powers, occasionally some rogue judicial activists take the law into their own hands with potentially disastrous consequences. A case in point is the judgment on June 26 by the United States Supreme Court in United [...]

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Our place in the sun

Light is Right Joe Campbell From time to time, federal politicians fantasize about inviting the Turks and Caicos Islands to join Canada. I don’t share that dream. I fantasize about inviting Canada to join the Turks and Caicos Islands. If all we want is to hang out in the Caribbean without going through customs, it doesn’t much matter who annexes [...]

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Correcting Pierre Trudeau myths. Partly.

The Truth about Trudeau by Bob Plamondon (Great River Media, $34.95, 397 pages) Political commentator Bob Plamondon, author of two books on the Conservative Party of Canada, has turned his attention to a much-needed topic, debunking the myths surrounding Pierre Trudeau. In The Truth about Trudeau, he usefully goes through Trudeau’s record from foreign policy to social policy, from his handling of [...]

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CL Catholics challenge Trudeau’s contradiction

In a video Sharon Milan questions how Justin Trudeau can praise Pope John Paul II and yet adhere to pro-abortion and pro-same-sex 'marriage' views. On June 12, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, who supports abortion and gay “marriage,” tweeted a photo of himself as a child with the Pope John Paul II, saying he “lucky to have met him as a [...]

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Suicide is no dignified exit

Brian Sewell Just a few weeks ago, a British art critic named Brian Sewell described, in an article for the Daily Mail newspaper, how he was going to kill himself. “I shall write a note addressed ‘To whom it may concern’ explaining that I am committing suicide,” Sewell wrote, “that I am in sound mind, that no one else has [...]

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Classism, love and getting one’s due – part 2

Thanks to Jezebel columnist Callie Beusman, I discovered a rather interesting idea that seems to complement Amanda Marcotte's recent piece at Slate without sounding half as ridiculous. In summary, Beusman wrote that the current economic climate makes it difficult to establish lasting romantic relationships and marriages. When a would-be lover does not have a lot of money at her disposal, frequenting public [...]

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Classism, love and getting one’s due – part 1

Can Amanda Marcotte include logic in any of her writing? A recent piece at Slate makes me wonder about that, in which she describes the protesters at an abortion facility in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Apparently, a gang of loud and brash men show up to harass its most low-income patrons, who must visit on Saturdays since they travel across the country and/or cannot [...]

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Condom commercials: who is really childish?

Dear ProWomanProLife: why must you bring the most ... inspirational ... parts of the internet to my attention? (Their more lighthearted posts often serve as writing prompts, like this one. The latest commercial shown on the blog is an ad for Durex condoms, showing children interacting with their families. Some kids engaged in the typical misbehaviour they eventually grow out of, and [...]

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All Students Challenged!

The Father Ted Colleton Scholarship   The co-sponsors of the Father Ted Colleton Scholarship program, The Interim newspaper and Niagara Region Right to Life, are proud to announce the theme for the essay portion of the contest for the upcoming academic year 2014-2015. This edition will be the 13th year of the scholarship and it continues to grow and draw young people into the pro-life movement as learners. [...]

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Pro-life MP retiring from Canadian politics

CTV reports that Conservative MP Merv Tweed (Brandon-Souris) will resign his seat at the end of the month. Campaign Life Coalition rates Tweed pro-life and according to the votes they track, has a 100% pro-life and pro-family voting record. There is no record of him leading on pro-life issues the way caucus colleagues Mark Warawa and Stephen Woodworth have, but he was a [...]

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Not an abortion clinic?

A news brief on Jill Stanek's website yesterday featured an article from the California-based Merced Sun-Star. A medical facility called “Women's Health Specialists” was moving into the community. According to the agreement between building owner Ethan Conrad and the business staff, less than five per cent of the clinic's activity is abortion-related. However, this did not pacify pro-life residents, who still protest nearby. [...]

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Letters4Life activist still encouraged, busy a year after campaign

Aleandra Jezierski (second left) organized the Letters4Life campaign Youth make up a significant portion of Canada’s pro-life movement. An entire generation can now call themselves survivors of a form of genocide, since the infamous R. v. Morgentaler decision was made 25 years ago this past January. There are probably many more who would like to get involved, but feel their [...]

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Calls to liberalize sex ed in Ontario amid sex controversies within system

Editor’s Note: There is sexually explicit content in this story. Former deputy minister of education Benjamin Levin, federal Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, and former federal Liberal interim leader Bob Rae at Toronto's gay pride festivities in June. Levin, a member of Wynne;s transition team who now faces child pornography charges, was the top bureaucrat at the Ministry [...]

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Promoting perversity

Michael Coren Journalist for Life In early July the Toronto police arrested a man named Benjamin Levin, who most of us had never heard of. That was all about to change. The 61-year-old Levin was charged with seven counts of child exploitation, including charges of possessing and accessing child pornography, and was released into his brother’s custody on $100,000 bail. He [...]

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