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Legislating morality

The old trope is not whether we legislate morality, but whose morality do we legislate. The question is pertinent in regards to the issues we deal with at The Interim like abortion, the family, homosexual rights, and religious freedom. At Intercollegiate Review, Amelia Sims addresses the issue in a short post entitled, "Is not legislating morality an option?" And of course the [...]

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Standing in the gap

CHP deputy leader Rod Taylor And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none. Ezekiel 22:30  Here we are in the first few weeks of 2014; we in the Christian Heritage Party, like all Canadians, [...]

2014-02-24T13:00:36-06:00February 24, 2014|Politics|

Bits & Pieces

Canada Pro-life MP Rob Anders is once again facing a challenge from the Red Tory wing of the party for the Conservative nomination in his riding. Ron Liepert, a former provincial finance minister, announced he would challenge the incumbent in Calgary-Signal Hill, a new riding that makes up most of Calgary West, the riding Anders has held since 1997. Liepert’s supporters launched [...]

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World’s oldest oppression

According to the preamble of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, “Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law.” It follows, therefore, that any distance between its founding principles and its current ones may be measured at a glance: insofar as both God and the rule of law are recognized in Canada, its original [...]

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Pro-life work is making me sick

I’ve been a pro-life activist for six years. One of my primary files as a lawyer for the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada is the “Life” file. Daily, I study issues like euthanasia, assisted suicide, reproductive technologies and abortion. I’m currently working on an abortion-related project that the EFC is preparing to release. This means that for the last four days I’ve worked [...]

2014-02-24T12:53:20-06:00February 24, 2014|Pro-Life|

Contemptuous judicial activism in prostitution case

Tania Fiolleau, a former madam, says that prostitution is in itself dangerous and that the Supreme Court decision is wrong to think liberalizing prostitution will make the practice any safer On Dec. 20, the Supreme Court of Canada handed down its decision in Canada v Bedford, the latest in a long string of arbitrary and outrageous judicial excesses over the [...]

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US law would protect states’ rights on marriage

A bill before the U.S. House of Representatives would protect a state’s right to define marriage. HR 3829, the State Marriage Defense Act, introduced on Jan. 9 by Rep. Randy Weber (R-Texas) with the support of 28 co-sponsors, would require that federal agencies apply marital status only to couples who are given marital status by their state of legal residence. “The 10th [...]

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Cardinal Dolan: It’s abortion advocates who are ‘obsessed’

New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan has come out saying that it’s the “other side” that is “obsessed” with abortion, not pro-life advocates. “They’re so obsessed with it that they want to expand it even more!” Dolan told National Review in advance of the national March for Life in Washington. Speaking about his opposition to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s “Women’s Equality Act,” [...]

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Having a wife and kid is labeled an ‘alternative lifestyle’

Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist notes that NBC is called an "alternative lifestyle." The NBC headline states: "“David Wise’s alternative lifestyle leads to Olympic gold.” The story reports: At only twenty-three years old, he has a wife, Alexander, who was waiting patiently in the crowd, and together they have a two-year-old daughter waiting for them to return to their home in Reno, [...]

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Woodworth addresses Manitoba pro-lifers

Stephen Woodworth (second left) with pro-life youth from Manitoba. MP Stephen Woodworth (CPC, Kitchener Centre) talked to a pair of pro-life groups in Brandon, Manitoba in January about his 2012 motion, M-312, that sought to have Parliament explore the scientific and medical evidence regarding preborn life and determine if that information had any human rights implications. When it was defeated [...]

2014-02-19T09:06:05-06:00February 19, 2014|Politics, Pro-Life|

A difference of opinion is not hate speech

Michael Coren Journalist for Life To an intelligent, open-minded person who sincerely believes in pluralism the entire Phil Robertson, Duck Dynasty incident from December should have nothing at all to do with where one stands on gay issues or what one thinks of the man’s opinions, but whether we believe in freedom of speech or prefer intolerance, and censorship. Tragically, [...]

2014-02-19T08:58:47-06:00February 19, 2014|Michael Coren|

Vested interests

Light is Right Joe Campbell “They considered the science settled,” Dingwall said. “On global warming?” I asked. “On global immobility,” he replied. “In the seventeenth century, influential academics insisted that the earth is the immovable centre of the universe and the sun orbits it. That’s why they rejected Galileo, who asserted the opposite.” “It sounds a lot like today,” I [...]

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Been there, done that: never-ending doomsday predictions about overpopulation

There is no shortage of doom and gloom books that look at world demographic trends, but what is surprising is how many get the story wrong. While many countries are trying to figure out how to restore fiscal sanity following out-of-whack budgets that fund a welfare state predicated on population growth and having a critical mass of workers to pay for dependents [...]

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Quebec’s Bill 52 hasn’t passed and doctors are already looking to expand euthanasia

From the National Post yesterday: Quebec’s National Assembly is set to begin final adoption next week of a law that will legalize euthanasia in the province, making it the first jurisdiction in North America to allow physicians to deliberately end patients’ lives. And as Bill 52 moves forward with support across party lines and among a majority of Quebecers, the province’s College [...]

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For income-splitting

Amid the apparent controversy over income-splitting for tax purposes with reports that the Conservative government may not be as committed to it as previously thought and left-wing groups such as the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives and the Broadbent Institute attacking income-splitting as a pro-rich scheme, Andrea Mrozek of the Institute of Family and Marriage Canada has a column in the Ottawa Citizen [...]

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