Trost, Lemieux for CPC leader

Since last fall, The Interim has encouraged its readers to sign up for the Conservative Party leadership because there were two candidates running that deserved the support of Canadian pro-lifers: MP Brad Trost and former MP Pierre Lemieux. As this paper has noted several times, there have been pro-life candidates for leadership before, but never has a candidate for the Conservatives -- [...]

Bits & Pieces

Canada In November, pro-life Progressive Conservative candidate Sam Oosterhoff, 19, became the youngest MPP ever elected in Ontario when he won the Niagara-West Glanbrook by-election after beating three other Tories for the nomination including Ontario PC president Rick Dykstra. Oosterhoff won the right to contest the general election in 2018 after winning the nomination against Tony Quirk, who finished fourth for the [...]

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Volunteers are backbone of Campaign Life’s work

Every day, around 9 a.m., Nicole walks into the Campaign Life Coalition office in Toronto, sits down at her desk, turns on her computer and starts to take on the tasks that were assigned to her by the office manager. Updating the database and sorting through petitions are usual day-to-day responsibilities, but as a certified graphic designer and experienced photographer, she’s also [...]

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‘Phobias’ kill our freedom of expression

Law Matters John Carpay Like homophobia, Islamophobia is a dangerous word. Both words are dangerous because they are ambiguous. Uncertainty about the meaning of words makes it impossible to have honest discussion and debate. Without honest debate, democracy and society function poorly. Undermining the citizen’s ability to communicate with others results in misunderstanding and fear. Dictionaries define “phobia” as “an [...]

State can’t protect preborn from illicit drugs

National Affairs Rory Leishman In recent years, there has been an appalling increase in the number of newborn Canadian babies who suffer acutely from opioid drugs that were passed on to them in the womb by their drug addicted mothers. According to a recent article in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, literally thousands of Canadian newborns have suffered in recent [...]

2017-04-24T09:02:18-04:00April 24, 2017|Rory Leishman, Society & Culture|

A crucial distinction

Light is Right Joe Campbell "Don’t call it sin,” he declared, and proposed that, to describe someone’s immoral behaviour, I write objectively disordered. Preserve us from word-watchers, I thought. His lecture was a reminder of how much verbal clutter irritates me. Oh, I understand why he complained. I just don’t understand why he thought it necessary. It wouldn’t bother him [...]

2017-04-24T09:04:14-04:00April 24, 2017|Joe Campbell, Religion, Society & Culture|

A priest’s rest

On Monday, March 13, at the age of 101, Monsignor Vincent Foy passed away peacefully in his room at Providence Villa in Toronto. He will be warmly remembered as a tireless advocate of the pro-life cause; as the headline of a recent Catholic Register profile put it, Foy was “pro-life before there was pro-life.” He was, in particular, an ardent defender of [...]

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Abortion since Confederation. And the Garden of Eden

Philip Anisimov won second place in the Fr. Ted Colleton Essay contest sponsored by Niagara Right to Life and presented by The Interim. His is a home schooled student from Oshawa, Ont. Times change and so do people, culture, and laws. Today we enjoy the benefits of music, language, and technology that have evolved drastically over time. Innovation is natural [...]

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CLC endorses Trost, Lemieux; opposes O’Leary

Campaign Life Coalition says members should not vote for Kevin O'Leary. Campaign Life Coalition has endorsed Conservative leadership candidates Brad Trost and Pierre Lemieux, saying they are the only two unabashed pro-life candidates in the race. CLC vice president Jeff Gunnarson said both Trost and Lemieux have perfect pro-life and pro-family voting records and have campaigned on moral issues during [...]

2017-04-12T13:23:37-04:00April 12, 2017|Announcements, Features, Politics|

Justin Trudeau announces $650 million for global abortion, contraception

The Liberal government used March 8, International Women’s Day, to announce it would use $650 million in Canadian taxpayer money to fund so-called sexual and reproductive health services in the developing world, including abortion and abortion lobbying. In January, President Donald Trump reinstated the Mexico City Policy that prohibits U.S. foreign aid money from going to any organization that carries out or [...]

2017-04-14T08:19:23-04:00April 7, 2017|Abortion, Announcements, Features, Politics|

Weaponized aid

Pierre Trudeau Last month, Prime Minster Justin Trudeau announced that $650 million of Canada’s foreign aid budget would be directed to support “sexual and reproductive health programs.” The specific amount of Trudeau’s pledge will go some way to fill the gap created by President Trump’s recent reinstitution of the Mexico City Policy, which prohibits U.S. aid from funding abortion overseas. [...]

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