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Canada Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin announced she will retire from the Supreme Court of Canada in December after 28 years on the top court. During her 17-year tenure as Chief Justice, the Supreme Court okayed the Chretien government’s plans to legalize same-sex ‘marriage’ and deemed as unconstitutional laws outlawing prostitution and euthanasia … Joyce Arthur, executive director of the Abortion Rights Coalition [...]

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The myth of the violent pro-lifers

Pro-life activist Bill Whatcot at a Metro Police station after a June 1999 assault. On May 29, Ontario Attorney General Yasir Naqvi announced that the government was planning on implementing bubble zones, or “safe access zones,” around Ontario abortion facilities. Considering that it was calling for something that cannot truthfully be interpreted as anything other than a restriction on the [...]

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Canadian Cancer Society supports embryonic stem cell research

The Canadian Cancer Society remains committed to funding human embryonic stem cell research despite great advances in adult stem cell therapy and the controversial nature of research that relies on the harvesting of human embryos. CCS spokesperson Rosie Hales confirmed the organization has not changed its policy. The registered charity reported that donations made up 84 percent of its 2016 revenue of [...]

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Ontario aims to reinstate injunction against pro-lifers

The Ontario Liberal government is aiming to reinstate a 1994 temporary injunction that bans pro-life activity in front of abortion centers, claiming it was dismissed five months ago by mistake. The attorney general’s office brought an urgent motion last month to reinstate the 24-year-old interim injunction. It was issued by Justice George Adams as part of a $500,000 lawsuit for damages that [...]

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The Interim produces curriculum for teachers, home-schoolers

For the past 16 years The Interim has been fighting climate change; not the fake kind allegedly impacting our planet, but rather the genuine intellectual pollution that brings on confusion and undermines true education, so crucial to the formation of an informed and honest citizenry. Our secular state, in the name of tolerance and modernization demands a secular approach toå education for [...]

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Ontario doctors fight law forcing them to help kill their patients

Lawyer Albertos Polizogopoulos says doctors should not have to choose between their conscience and their practice. Five doctors and three doctors’ groups were in an Ontario court June 13-15 arguing a policy from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) violates their Charter rights to freedom of conscience and religion. The CPSO forces doctors to refer patients for [...]

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Hospital, parents spar over care for infant

Baby Charles Gard with parents Connie Yates and Chris Gard. Since last October, Charlie Gard has lived at the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London, England. He was born in August 2016 with mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, which has no known cure. Doctors at the hospital wanted to withdraw treatment saying there was nothing they could do to [...]

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Ontario forced to release abortion numbers

In a June 9 decision, Justice Marc Labrosse of the Ontario Superior Court threw out a 2012 provincial law banning access to abortion statistics. Patricia Maloney was successful in her lawsuit seeking to overturn freedom of information exemptions for abortion stats. Pro-life blogger Patricia Maloney of Run for Life challenged the the Dalton McGuinty government’s amendments to Ontario’s Freedom of [...]

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‘Deceitful’ anti-Crisis Pregnancy Centre report refuted

In May 2017, pro-life blogger Patricia Maloney, who operated Run with Life, released a report called “Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada Deceitful on Crisis Pregnancy Centres.” This report is a critique of a report written in 2016 entitled “Review of Crisis Pregnancy Centre Websites in Canada” by ARCC’s founder Joyce Arthur, in which Arthur attempted to show that most of the 180 [...]

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Ontario releases abortion stats to blogger

Statistics on abortion services in Ontario during the 2014/2015 fiscal year were released in an email from the Ontario Ministry of Health Ontario to pro-life blogger Patricia Maloney who operates Run with Life and was suing the government for the release of such information. The statistics reveal that 45,573 abortions were committed in Ontario during the 2014/2015 fiscal year. Out of these [...]

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A history of Canada’s secularization

Under Siege: Religious Freedom and the Church in Canada at 150 (1867-2017) by Don Hutchinson (Word Alive Press, $22.99, 276 pages) In Under Siege, former Evangelical Fellowship of Canada vice president and general legal counsel Don Hutchinson writes about the history of Christian churches in Canada describing how the Dominion began as a predominantly Christian nation to one in which is being [...]

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A history of Canadian federalism

Sir John’s Echo: The Voice for a Stronger Canada by John Boyko (Dundurn, $19.99, 213 pages) John Boyko is the author of six books on Canadian history and his latest, Sir John’s Echo, presents the story of Canada since Confederation as a struggle between Ottawa and the provinces, with the central government often asserting itself as a force for national cohesion and [...]

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1975 summer blockbuster about corrupt man, not nature

The arrival of the first warm days brings with it the summer blockbuster, a seasonal indicator as venerable as crowded cottage weekends, sandy beach towels, the chemical cocktail of bug spray and sunscreen and the smell of gas generator exhaust and cotton candy at a fairground. The summer blockbuster has been declining with the general fortunes of Hollywood lately – this summer [...]

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A future without gender Transgenderism or gender equity may soon be passé. So too may be Emma Watson’s #HeforShe initiative or lamenting the grave injustice of the wage gap. For certain gender activists the ultimate goal is the abolition of gender all together. Postgenderism, often associated with transhumanism – the movement to transform humanity with science and technology – is not just [...]

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Advice for Christians

Rory Leishman As recently as 50 years ago, it was still a serious criminal offence punishable by up to life in prison for anyone in Britain, Canada or the United States to commit an abortion. And much the same was true everywhere else in Western Europe where stringent laws protected human life in the womb Today, of course, that is [...]

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