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The Holy Spectre haunting the movement

By Josie Luetke Shortly after I became involved in the pro-life movement, I became cognizant of the push by mostly younger members to secularize its branding, even though we were all Christian. Green as I was and enamored with the clarity of the science of when life begins and the simplicity of the philosophical arguments against abortion, I was sympathetic. Pro-life could [...]

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Norma (‘Roe’) McCorvey

Norma McCorvey appearing in a new documentary, AKA Jane Roe, said her conversion to the pro-life movement was an act. A documentary by liberal activist Nick Sweeney and produced by Vice Media, AKA Jane Roe, claims that Norma McCorvey, the Jane Roe in the 1973 Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade, made a deathbed confession that her conversion to pro-life [...]

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Nova Scotia imposes anti-free speech bubble zone

Ruth Robert of Campaign Life Coalition Nova Scotia addresses the Committee on Law Amendments to speak against the creation of anti-free speech bubble zones in the province. On March 10, less than ten days after Bill 242 was introduced in the Nova Scotia legislative assembly, The Protecting Access to Reproductive Health Care Act passed unanimously and was given Royal Assent [...]

2020-04-06T08:20:50-04:00April 6, 2020|Human rights, Society & Culture|

New Year’s resolution

We have repeatedly used this space to call upon readers to do more for pro-life. Re-establishing a pro-life culture, or merely bringing a little moral sanity back to our society, requires us to dream big dreams, to pray for renewal, and put faith into action. We cannot be quietly pro-life. The world must know we want to end abortion and euthanasia. When [...]

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Mary Wagner freed from jail

Mary Wagner “Mary called from a friend’s car full of excitement and joy,” her mother Jane Wagner wrote in an email to Wagner’s supporters. “She can see the sky, said seven geese flew overhead as we spoke, and she is going to see her Beloved at Mass. She said she was sad to leave some of the ladies in Vanier [...]

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CLC global affairs rep protested for church talk in Alberta hometown

Emily Price When Emily Price returned to her hometown of Athabasca, Alberta, to give a pro-life talk at her local church, she did not expect to make the local newspaper as the subject of protest spurred on by national and provincial abortion “rights” groups. Price, a co-coordinator of Campaign Life Coalition Youth and CLC’s global policy and research coordinator, spoke [...]

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Campaign Life goes to Steubenville Toronto

Nikola Vanderheyden mans the Campaign Life Coalition Youth booth at the Steubenville Toronto Conference. Each year the Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto hosts its Steubenville Youth Conference. Originating in Steubenville, Ohio, the conference has branched out to numerous North American cities, including Toronto. With the goal of “glorifying God and bring souls to Him”, Steubenville Toronto gives Catholic youth an encounter [...]

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Pro-lifers must eschew gestational limits New paper by Jakki Jeffs shows flaws in International Abortion Standards Law

Jakki Jeffs says pro-lifers cannot support gestational limits because they undermine the pro-life ethic. Muddled thinking leads to fatal errors. This is no more so than in the subject of gestational limits, which refers to the age of the unborn child measured in number of weeks This may be a terse way to describe the misguided efforts of WeNeedALaw and [...]

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What do you say when no one listens?

A group of male pro-lifers arrived on the campus of Penn State University recently to dialogue with students about what is truly the most important moral issue of our time. The results were mixed. However, a few female students rigidly maintained that men have no business talking about abortion. Therefore, dialogue between men and women, in their minds, on the subject of [...]

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Handling ‘heart issues’

Occasionally, no rational argument will convince someone of the pro-life position, and maybe this is because their resistance to it comes from the heart and not the head. Experience will aid in your ability to identify when it’s a “heart issue.” The person you’re talking to could be very upset or highly irrational, or constantly returning to one particular circumstance or excuse. [...]

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Unplanned coming to Canada

In a scene from the movie Unplanned, Abby Johnson - portrayed by Ashley Bratcher - reacts to what she is seeing on the ultrasound screen. (Catholic News Service) After being blocked from Canadian cinemas, the movie, Unplanned, will finally be released to the Canadian public on July 12. The film follows the life of Abby Johnson as she transitions from [...]

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The media frenzy and the rush to judgement

Media attacked Covington teens at March for Life, bishops and schools piled on There’s an old saying that life is like high school. I have no idea who originally said it, though American musician Frank Zappa is reputed to have elaborated on the idea by saying that “Life is like high school with money.” There was a time, very recently, when real [...]

Treat pro-lifers the way you would treat pro-choicers

Talk Turkey Josie Luetke I’ve felt quite embattled this past month – by the media’s persecution of the Covington Catholic kids, by some Americans’ embrace of third-trimester abortions and flirtation with infanticide, and by Ottawa City Councilor Shawn Menard’s open discrimination against pro-life citizen transit commissioner Michael Olsen. Most of all, I’ve felt embattled by internal divisions in the pro-life [...]

2019-03-11T14:05:28-04:00March 11, 2019|Josie Luetke, Pro-Life|

Ben Shapiro challenges Trudeau quip about pro-lifers

Host also in hot water over ‘baby Hitler’ comments Ben Shapiro said being 'not in line' with a society that supports abortion is not really a bad thing. During his speech to the 2019 March for Life in Washington D.C., American conservative commentator Ben Shapiro responded to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s 2018 claim that pro-life people are not “in [...]

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