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Abortion linked to final solution

A historic decision by the West German Constitutional Court (Bundesverfass- sungsgerecht) linked the anti-life mentality with that of the Nazi regime. The Court ruled as unconstitutional an amendment to the penal code which would have permitted abortion on demand within the first twelve weeks of life, and pronounced on the Government's duty to protect the life of unborn children. In its judgement [...]

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Defining human

In most dictionaries, the term human being is defined as "a member of the human species". Biologically, this definition is very satisfying and is, in fact, quite precise. The only term an average reader is likely to run into trouble with is "species". To be a member of any species requires that a male and female of that species join in some [...]

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Jamie Jordan, Main Street, Paradise

Dear Parents: Chubby arms will span a threshold from a place that knows no pain, Here I'll claim you and I'll keep you, I'm your child who had no name. I got here prematurely, t'was a very harried flight, For I'd have chose to love you through your common human plight. But they've called me Jamie Jordan, and I'm happy Mamma Dear, [...]

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The scientific basis of the ovulation method

In the last article, we said that the Ovulation Method provided women with a more complete understanding of the phases of fertility and infertility in their cycles. In other words, women need to know not only when ovulation occurs and when infertility begins after ovulation. They also need to recognize the onset of fertility. This is particularly true of nursing mothers, anovular [...]

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Kiwanis Club address in N.S.

One of the greatest evils of the past two decades has been the corruption, abuse, and misuse of language. Words are being used to hide, distort, and deceive, rather than to express truth, goodness, and love. Euphemisms are used to mislead and shade reality. We hear about medical management of the elderly as a nice sounding phrase for killing old people. Infants, [...]

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Homemaker’s continues pro-abortion propaganda

The April 1983 issue of Homemaker's magazine includes yet another hard-line pro-abortion article. The column in this issue under the heading "Healthwise" was written by Naomi Mallovy, who tried to substantiate her pro-abortion position with wildly inaccurate and totally false statements such as "... an early abortion by a qualified medical practitioner is at least eight times safer than childbirth..." The article [...]

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U.S decade sees steady increase in abortions — beware

The National Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia, is well known for its use of selective data on the abortion issue. The Center is operated by hard-line pro-abortionists and as expected, its data over the years has been highly slanted, in favor of the pro-abortion cause. For example, the Center recently reviewed selective data from institutions that are under strict medical [...]

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The sleeping giant roused

Abortion propaganda in the early seventies used to fire off the slogan that only the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church opposed abortion. The last decade has proven them wrong. Abortion is a grass roots issue. It is also a Protestant one. Unfortunately though, the majority of evangelical Protestants have remained silent for too long. We have played into the hands of [...]

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Conscientious objection to abortion by nurses

Canadian nurses, who do not wish to assist at abortions, are in a very difficult legal position. This is based on the fact that there is no "conscience clause" in the abortion section of the Federal Criminal Code. The Provincial Human Rights Codes, however, usually provide that no one can be discriminated against on the basis of "creed". Thus, nurses, in theory, [...]

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The skeptic and the optimist

For people who find it hard to think about death, the following article may help. Once upon a time, life began for twin boys in their mother's womb. The spark of life glowed until it caught fire with the information of their embryonic brains. With their simple brains came feeling, and with feeling a sense of surroundings, of each other, of self. [...]

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The R.E.A.L. Women of Canada Realistic, Equal, Active, for Life

On Mother's Day this year we celebrated the birth of a special Canadian baby. Small but vocal, like all newborns, this child represents the true women's movement. This pro-family, pro-life national women's organization, the R.E.A.L. Women of Canada, was conceived by a group of women who could no longer tolerate the way the majority is being represented. Together with the media, the [...]

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Warnings from sex-happy Sweden

According to the doctrine of the proponents of More and Increasingly-Explicit Sex and Contraceptive Education in Schools, such a programme would lead to a sexual utopia: unwanted pregnancies would cease to be; there would be no more unwanted or battered children; life would be wonderful. If, however, we look at Sweden, the country with the longest history of school sex education and [...]

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An introduction to adoption

Adoption is very much a pro-life matter. An orphaned child, the child of an unwed mother who can't cope, a foundling - all are children who, like any others, require a family, a mother and father, and a home. They require in a fundamentally biological way, a mother to nourish and care for their needs as babies - otherwise they will die. [...]

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Parents Concerned For Responsible Education and Family Health

The following is the first in a group of articles composing a brief presented by Mrs. Shirley Pennell and Mrs. Penny Costin to the Hamilton Board of Education on Tuesday, March 1st, 1983. We are representatives of a group recently formed in many areas of the province of Ontario called 'Parents for Responsible Education and Family Health'. The number of parents concerned [...]

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Biblical realism and the economic crisis

A critical comment on 'Ethical Reflections on the Economic Crisis', a report from the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops. At Campaign Life's request, Professor Robin Richardson prepared, on short notice, this critique of the Bishop's report as a contribution to the public debate, which has begun. He welcomes a continuing dialogue with concerned Christians on the issues raised in the Bishop's report [...]

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