Abortuary chaplain

On a lecture tour last winter in Toledo I heard many stalwart Catholics complain about the indifference of priests in the face of the greatest war of all time, abortion. Incidentally, in that diocese there is brewing a potentially horrible sex-education program whose bibliography does not even mention Humanae Vitae or Familiaris Consortio but does include dissident theologians like Bernard Häring, Richard [...]

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Why join REAL women?

I am 23 year old, single, working female, I love life; I love freedom; I love our country; I love being a woman; and most important of all, I love God. So why should I bother being a member of R.E.A.L. Women? I'll tell you why. I thought that everything was great in Canada - that was when I didn't know anything [...]

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International: Medicine or butchery?

With abortionists in their ranks do doctors now have any claim to the word "profession"? The following article is presented here just before Dr. Marx's article to render a description of the actual situation within an operating aboratory. Before becoming a Christian, nurse Sam Griggs assisted with numerous abortions while working for an obstetrician in Denver, Colorado. In this article, Griggs tells [...]

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Let’s hear it for the women who don’t

There is an immense difference between the philosophy of feminism (in essence a belief in civil rights for women) and the actions of those now in the women's movement, with its emphasis on "women first" and "let men and children manage ton the left-overs." This philosophical difference is highlighted in an Australian book, Women Who Do & Women Who Don't (Join the [...]

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During July, 1984, I spent a very enjoyable month as Chaplain to the Nazareth Catholic Family Life Centre. It is run by Don and Posey McPhee at Combermere near Barry's Bay. Parents with young families come there from different parts of Canada, the United States, and even Australia to spend a week's vacation - as a family - in a very relaxed, [...]

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Mexico in August

Bill Sherwin is the Executive Secretary of the Rome based international pro-life group European Pro-life. Major victories were recorded in Mexico City during the recent United Nations Conference on Population by those countries, institutions and groups who oppose abortion. Abortion rejected The main victory came in the form of a Recommendation, thrashed out by the delegates of 140 countries present at the [...]

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Embryo experiments in Britain

In Britain, the July report of the Warnock committee on the ethics of such matters as test-tube baby research has provoked considerable debate. The government-appointed committee, chaired by Dame Mary Warnock, recommends a ban on surrogate-motherhood agencies, both profit and non-profit making; a 14-day limit on experiments on human embryos; legitimization of children born by artificial insemination by donor; the freezing of [...]

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Australian researcher protests reproduction techniques

S.M. In Australia, social psychologist, Dr. Robyn Rowland, has resigned as chairwoman of the research co-ordinating committee of the Queen Victoria Medical Centre in Melbourne. The purpose of the committee was to co-ordinate research into the effects of reproductive techniques on families. Dr. Rowland's resignation (in July, 1984) is a protest against attempts to "muzzle" her research into the Artificial Insemination by [...]

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No choice in U.S. election

The Republican party, lead by Ronald Reagan, will surely win the U.S. November election. The Republicans are now leading by 10 to 15 points in some polls (Gallup), and the Democrats, led by Walter Mondale, do not seem able to close the gap. Mondale's choice of Geraldine Ferraro as his vice-presidential running mate now causes him much embarrassment. Mondale had been more-or-less [...]

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1984: Year of decision for the United States

At the Kansas Conference, it was obvious that the pro-abortionists and pro-lifers are agreed on at least one thing: that the 1984 elections will be the most significant since the Supreme Court Decision in 1973, which legalized abortion-on-demand. Naturally, the pro-life point of view is different. Dr. J. C. Willke, the President of National Right-to-Life Committee told the delegates that the next [...]

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International: National Right to Life Convention 1984

June 7-9    Kansas City, Missouri Featured speakers: President Reagan, Kathryn Mosely, Joseph Sobran, Father Bruce Ritter, John W. Whitehead, Esq., Molly Kelly, Lorijo Nerad, Bernard Nathanson, M.D. On Wednesday, June 6th, 1984, delegates from all 50 States and from 2,000 pro-life groups in the U.S.A., converged on Kansas City, Mo. for the National Right-to-Life Convention. People from different religious persuasions (or none), [...]

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Nova Scotia

Part one of two parts "I ask you now to welcome a man who knows all about the warfare in our present society and who depends on Divine Power to overcome the enemies of life, Congressman Henry Hyde." Thank you Dr. Brown for the extravagant (but I enjoyed it) introduction. Every once in awhile someone reads that introduction, that biographical material, and [...]

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Pluralism in Canada: Part one of six parts

On 29 February 1984 Pierre Trudeau resigned as leader of the Liberal Party. Newspapers, having expected the decision for some time, at once published their assessment of the career of the man who, except for nine months in 1980, has been Prime Minister of Canada since April 1968.Most recognized that Pierre Trudeau's role had been a major one. First place was given [...]

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Interim essay contest Winner!

Katherine Malony age - 8 years old Thunder Bay, Ont. Thunder Bay Christian School I think it's good to be for life. You need life. You were given it, so why not use it? You are alive aren't you? Use your life. Do with it the right things to do with it. Will you? You are alive even if you haven't touched [...]

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Interim essay contest Winner!

Katherine Malony age - 8 years old Thunder Bay, Ont. Thunder Bay Christian School I think it's good to be for life. You need life. You were given it, so why not use it? You are alive aren't you? Use your life. Do with it the right things to do with it. Will you? You are alive even if you haven't touched [...]

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