Index of authors 1984

Anon · "The horror of China's baby policy," February 1, 3, 12 (reprint: Human Concern) · "60,000 pro-lifers gather in Britain," February 2 · "Does the child in the womb feel pain?"  March 1, (reprint, Arlington Journal) Baldock, David (14 yrs.) "My thoughts on Abortion," Winner interim essay contest, Markham, Ontario, August 8 Baron, Henry "Why parents need children," November 6 Bassi, [...]

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Index of subjects 1984

Anderson, Doris "Dear Doris," E.M. March, 12 "Letters Doris Anderson did not print," Pauline Freda, Maureen O'Hara, J. Deileman, June/July 14. Australia "Australian researcher protests reproduction techniques," S.M., October 13. Bible "Everything can be made," L. Heather, May 11. Borrowski, J. "First Friday with Joe," C. Scharfe, March 3. Campagnola, Iona "Pro-lifers demonstrate," January 2. "Iona Campagnola trounced," March 8. 'Campagnola's paranoia," [...]

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K. of C. Run for Life

In September 1974, the Monsignor Zettle Council was again in the news with a "Run for Life."  Tom Fritz ran 105 miles from Chepstow to Midland accompanied by his 12 year old son who biked by his side.  The ride began after a 5:30 a.m. Mass in Mary Immaculate Church in Chepstow on Friday, Sept. 7th and ended with a Mass at [...]

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Knights of Columbus in action 1984

The Knights of Columbus of the Monsignor Zettle Council from Cargill, Chepstow and Paisley say that it "doesn't cost much to support the plight of the unborn and bring the issue to the attention of thousands.  It only takes a little time and a firm belief in what you are doing."  They used the Greenock Township Homecoming Celebration and a 45 foot [...]

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Pro-life commentary: “Can a woman forget the child of her womb?”

Two women bore children at the same time. One woman's child died and she laid claim to the other woman's baby. This case of disputed motherhood was brought before Solomon, the wisest of judges. Since he had no means of establishing who the rightful mother was, he offered to cut the baby in half. He depended upon the love of the real [...]

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Remember what we celebrate

Each Christmas we get caught up in the whirl of preparation and parties, and often tend to forget what the occasion is. Christmas, above all else, is a birthday; and while we all know it is a special birthday, we easily forget that this particular pregnancy could not have been joyful always for the mother and the foster father. Consider some facts. [...]

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God so loved the world

After a long and learned lecture on love, a parishioner said to the priest, "Father, don't lecture us on love - just love us!" I suppose people expect to hear a lot about love from the pulpit and it has been a favorite preaching topic for centuries. But it is interesting to find that - in quite recent years - the psychologists [...]

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Pluralistic prime ministers and political robots

In the Lunches with Leaders talk on women's issues during the last electoral campaign, Brian Mulroney said that he personally did not believe in abortion but that we live in a pluralistic society and he did not wish to impose his views on anyone else.  Unless and until we have proof to the contrary, we must regard Mr. Mulroney as an honorable [...]

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Reagan re-election and the US pro-life movement

It is likely that the 1984 Presidential Election will affect the pro-life movement in the United States for decades to come, for one of the President's most important responsibilities is that of nominating federal judges, including Supreme Court Judges.  Barring impeachment, once the nominations have been confirmed by the Senate, these men and women have life-long tenure, and their influence usually outlasts [...]

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Open letter to Catholic Bishops let’s put our house in order

On November 8, 1984, Henry Morgentaler and two fellow abortionists, Robert Scott and Leslie Smoling, were acquitted on charges of conspiring to procure a miscarriage.  The acquittal Did not imply that these men has not been doing abortions.  They have done many; Henry Morgentaler alone has executed 20,000.What the acquittal does mean is that Morgentaler and medical doctors like him cannot be [...]

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Science Centre promoting abortion?

The following letter from Dr. Janet Ajzenstat of Hamilton Right to Life was addressed to Dr. Tuzo Wilson, Director-General of the Ontario Science Centre. Dr. Wilson: We wish to draw your attention to the fact that the Ontario Science Centre pamphlet "Amniocentesis" condones and promotes what is, under the Criminal Code of Canada, an illegal activity, that is, the aborting of the [...]

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Canoe crusade for life

The "Canoe Crusade for Life" held August 8-19, 1984, from Edmundston, New Brunswick, to Saint John (430 km) met with considerable success.  At the start, the canoeists received a blessing from the Bishop of Edmundston and were privileged to have the Bishop of Main canoe with them for a day. There was a great response among the communities along the Saint John [...]

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Pro-Life on campus at U W O

Last winter a Birthright On Campus office opened its doors at the University of Western Ontario in London. I had been working at the London Birthright office for two years and the volunteers there wanted to have a higher profile on the UWO campus.  Attempts to inform the students of Birthright services - by means of pamphlets, advertising and flyers in the [...]

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Pro-abortionist speaks at family conference

June Callwood, well-know writer and leading pro-abortionist and anti-family feminist, was invited by the Ontario Family Life Educators' Association to address a fall mini-conference on the subject of the "Media as teachers of Family and Sexual Values."  Organizers of the Conference are Sister Mary Baier of Toronto and Liela Boniferro of the Sault Ste Marie Separate School Board's Family Life office.  The [...]

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Morgantaler at University of Toronto

On October 3, Henry Morgantaler took part in a University of Toronto debate at Hart House.  The resolution debated was "that this House supports abortion on demand."  At the conclusion of the debate a vote was taken:  pro-lifers had a very respectable 90 votes against the resolution while pro-abortionists had 123 votes for it. While 200 students attended the debate, a greater [...]

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