Commentary: a view from the West

Pro-lifers are very valuable people to other pro-lifers. A rather obvious statement. When you are taking up a cause where your opponents are not only morally wrong but nasty rich and influential you appreciate your allies. But pro-lifers are so caught up in their convictions of the rightness of their cause it sometimes doesn’t occur to them that they could fall heir [...]

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Unborn child protected

In a Belleville court, a landmark decision to protect an unborn child may be a big step forward for the pro-life movement. In the early April Family Court Judge D.K. Kirkland made an unborn child a ward of the Children’s Aid Society. The ruling make the “fetus” a ward of the society for just three months-until birth and for a brief time [...]

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Police constable refuses abortuary duty

A Toronto police officer has refused to perform guard duty outside the Morgentaler clinic and has been charged by his superiors with committing an offence under the Police Act. Constable David Packer, 35 is a father of five and a ten year veteran of the force. Two years ago he was decorated by the Police Department for bravery in rescuing a three-month [...]

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Pro-Life Profiles: John REIMER, M.PM (Kitchener)

The third in a continuing series of pro-life Members of Parliament John Reimer is a native of Kitchener, Ontario, and before his political career was an educator and member of the Waterloo Country Board of Education and the Board of Governors of Wilfred Laurier University. He has served one previous term in the House of Commons during the 1979-80 session. He was [...]

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Union members lose appeals

Two labour tribunal have recently ruled against pro-life union members who sought exemption from paying their dues. The pro-lifers object to their union dues being used to promote abortion-on-demand. Bernard Riordan of Whitby, Ontario, is an employee of Revenue Canada and is represented by Public Service Alliance of Canada. Paul Tremblay, a teacher at Georgian College in Barrie, is a member of [...]

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Animal patents are dangerous precedent

The United States Government announced on April 16, 1987, that it is clearing the way for investors to patent new forms of animal life through gene splitting, and that the new policy would be adopted by the Commerce Department’s Patent and Trademark Office. The policy will allow the patenting of animals with new traits, and one report states that “researches will eventually [...]

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Filipino constitution protects the unborn

The Republic of the Philippines have become the third nation in the world to offer full constitutional protection to unborn children, following the example of Ireland and Guatemala. The new Filipino Constitution greatly supports the rights of the unborn and affirms marriage as the foundation of the family to be protected by the state. According to Justice Cecilia Munoz Palma, the president [...]

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From Hansard

A synopsis of who said what on pro-life, pro-family issues in Parliament. ABORTION – John Cormley, Brian White, Benno Friessen, Tony Roman, Elliot Hardey, Ross Belsher, Girve Fretz, Rob Nicholson, Joe Reid, Gus Mitges, and Blaine Thacker presented petitions supporting protection for unborn children in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Mitges’ motion); Bill Gottselig made a statement paying tribute to the [...]

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Mitges’ debate continues

The fourth hour of debate on the motion of Dr. Gus Mitges (Grey0Simcoe) to amend the Charter of Rights to explicitly protect the unborn child took place on Thursday, April 2. Six Members of Parliament spoke to the motion, five in favor and one against. The dissenting MP was long-time abortion proponent Svend Robinson (Burnaby). Predictably, he stated his support for the [...]

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Picketing Peterson

Ontario Premier David Peterson was met by a contingent of Campaign Life picketers when he left the recent Liberal Cabinet Meeting at the Cornwall Civic Complex. When asked about the lack of bail conditional for Morgentaler and the continued operation of the illegal abortuaries, Mr. Peterson replied that he had “already answered those questions earlier.” When he told that we were not [...]

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Challenging Chavivia

On April 8, Campaign Life and Liberal for Life organized a joint picket at the nomination meeting for the Liberal Candidate in the Oakwood Constituency (Toronto). Chaviva Hosek had been parachuted into the riding as a nominee by the party hierarchy. She is a well-known advocate of abortion on demand and a past president of the pro-abortion National Action Committee on the [...]

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Activism and prayer

Greetings from Harbord Street – the heart of the pro-life activists. One activity (not often considered to be part of active resistance to the killing of unborn children) is prayer. Prayer is a daily activity on Harbord Street and an essential part of all our special witnesses for life. This is how we keep in contact with Our Saviour who promised us [...]

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Day care report is a welcome beginning

While the recently-released parliamentary committee report on child care has not satisfied those lobbying for completely institutionalized and government-subsidized day-care, it is viewed as a welcome beginning by REAL women of Canada president, Lynne Scime. The report acknowledges that it is the parent’s right and privilege to choose the kind of child care best suited to the individual needs of the child [...]

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Pro-lifers can cast vote in conscience

I’M not a political animal! I have lived in three different countries for considerable periods of my life (27, 30 and 16 years – that should up to 73) and I have never belonged to a political party. But I have always voted since I became of age. I have voted for people not for parties. If I had good reason to [...]

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IVF … closed door and open windows

In January this year an In Vitro Fertilization clinic opened at Winnipeg’s Health Sciences Centre. This prompted meetings and considerable correspondence between members of the IVF team and the League of Life in Manitoba. As a result;, the recent Vatican document, “On Respect for Human Life and its Origins and the Dignity and Procreation,” which formally condemned IVF, has created more than [...]

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