Quality drama comes to pay TV

All those who complain about the quality of television drama are in for a treat in July if they subscribe to First Choice/Superchannel. The Kidnapping of Baby John Doe is a Canadian movie, written directed and produced by the pro-life husband and wife team, Patricia and Peter Geretson.  Inspired by the true story of Baby John Doe in Bloomington, Indiana, the movie [...]

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From Hansard

(A synopsis of who has said what on pro-life, pro-family issues in Parliament) Abortion (debates): During the final hour of debate on Mitges’ Motion, Paul Gagnon, John Nunziata and Vince Dantzer spoke in favor of the motion, while Doug Lewis, Pauline Jewett, Lise Bourgault and Jean-Guy Hudon spoke against it (for a summary of the vote on the motion see article elsewhere). [...]

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Action Bulletin

As mentioned in the June Interim, the Toronto Star made unsubstantiated allegations against 85 Harbord Street Witness For Life on April 18.  The Star published the following “clarification” on June 11, headed “Clinic incident treated as mischief:” “A story in the Star on April 18 about peaceful picketing by anti-abortion groups outside St. Catharines General Hospital contained two paragraphs referring to the [...]

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In court for life

May 27 was my day in court.  I had been arrested by the abortuary guard and charged with trespassing several months earlier as I counseled a woman in the back alley of the Morgentaler abortuary.   In court I defended myself on the charge by stating I had a legal right to take action, under the circumstances which are far from normal [...]

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Saving babies

I write this article to encourage fellow pro-lifers by letting them know babies are being saved in back of 85 Harbord Street.  Also, it is written in the hope that some individuals will be moved even further in their witness to the sanctity of life by becoming sidewalk counselors. About a year ago, I attended a sidewalk counseling workshop.  This, together with [...]

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Activists Youth case withdrawn

The 14-year-old boy removed from his Christian high school in March and charged with assault, was denied an opportunity to defend himself against the charges laid against him when he appeared in juvenile court on June 25 (see Interim, April and May issues). The youth was prepared to answer the assault charge, and an additional charge laid for failing to comply with [...]

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Were you there?

Did you ever feel sorry that you had heard or read something which forced you to take action when you didn’t want to?  Well, that’s just how I feel at this moment – its  approaching 11 p.m., and I’m tired!  About 10 minutes ago I casually picked up the June 13th Catholic Register and saw the heading, “Death Penalty Opposed.”  Of course [...]

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Love in a Peruvian Orphanage

Living in Peru, in the city of Moquegua, is a most remarkable woman.  Although her name is Sister Loretta Bonokoski, her 57 children call her “Ya Ya.” St. Loretta was born June 15th, 1931, on a farm ear Torquay, Saskatchewan, to immigrant parents of German descent.  She was the twelfth of fifteen brothers and sisters.  As a child, she would tell her [...]

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Post abortion syndrome is real and it hurts

I haven’t been able to clean thing like I used to.  I procrastinate and make excuses.  Many days I don’t even shower or get dressed.  I feel tense all the time. “We used to have sex four or five times a week, but I don’t care now.  My husband is mad at me for all of this and says, “Just kill yourself, [...]

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The silent screams of the suicide victim

The silent scream of this handsome young man lying in a coffin in a funeral chapel was piercing the hearts of all those present.  Family, friends and neighbours who had gathered to mourn him could not comfort each other the way people usually do.  At this wake, each one was fighting the screams he was hearing – screams for help, for acceptance, [...]

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Conscience and the law: no orchids for Miss Blatchford

And it came to pass in those days that a man was arrested and charged with raping a woman, an act prohibited by the Criminal Cod of the land.  This man had many friends, including many in the political and medical establishment.  Many of those who sympathized with his plight were engaged in a movement promoting what they were pleased to call [...]

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The sexual revolution feminism and the churches Part IX: Ordination and the Mission of Women

Part VIII of this series “The Christians Feminists,” examined the relationship between feminist theology and Church teaching, principally within the Catholic Church.  It concluded with the note that what may be appropriate in society, may not necessarily be so in the Church. To understand the radical difference between the rules governing society and the life and belief of the Church requires – [...]

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Tories uphold status quo on feminist funding

The report of the Standing Committee on Secretary of State regarding the Women’s Program of the Secretary of State Department and its funding practices was tabled in the House of Commons on June 16. The report followed seven months of investigation and hearings by the Committee during which 144 organizations and 265 individuals submitted briefs and testimony.  The 22-page report contains recommendations [...]

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The hidden agenda of the child abuse programme in Ontario schools

On 1981, with a $300,000 grant from Metro Toronto, then Metro chairman Paul Godfrey established the Special Committee on Child Abuse.  Its stated goal was to reduce child abuse, especially sexual abuse, “through coordinated action to improve detection, reporting, investigation and treatment.”  Children themselves were to be trained to detect and report child abuse, and so a training programme called the “Preventive [...]

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Kingston pro-lifer battles hospital board

Therapeutic Abortion Committees are a farce; we’ve known that for a long time.  But now the fight is moving into the courtroom, as evidence of illegal abortions at Kingston General Hospital has reached public attention. Let’s back up to January 23, 1986.  At 10:22 a.m., 18-year-old Erin Shannon suffered a massive and fatal cardiac arrest during a D & E abortion at [...]

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