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Update on homosexuals

Toronto A letter combined with inserts from The Lesbian and Gay Community Appeal in Toronto (LGGA) indicates that it became a recipient of Toronto’s United Way in 1987 for the first time.  That year it received $20,420.  That sum, together with money from LGAA’s own fundraising company ($110,000 in 1988), went to various gay and lesbian organizations.  The inventory of Grant Recipients, [...]

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Randall Terry in Canada

The struggle against legalized child killing is “the pivotal war, battlefront and flashpoint of our time,” Randall A. Terry, 29, told a breakfast meeting of 50 pastors and priests in Toronto January 7. An Evangelical layman from Binghamton, N.Y., Terry is the National Director of Operation Rescue.  He was in Toronto to encourage pro-life clergy and laypeople to lead massive but peaceful [...]

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Vancouver – The Dalken Shield Action Canada, a non-profit group, which represents Canadian claimants against the producers of the disastrous I.U.D., thinks the offer of $725. U.S. per claimant is outrageous.  They believe the I.H. Robbins family-owned company has made millions out of the device and should be sued.  The fertility and health of tens of thousands of women have been ruined [...]

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Abortion forced on woman

Bishop Pearce Lacey of Mississauga and John Oostrom, former MP for Willowdale, Ontario, charged recently that they suspected that many social workers were forcing or encouraging their women clients to have abortions. Bishop Lacey, speaking at a confirmation recently in Brampton, Ontario, talked about a young friend of his who obtained secretarial work at the Toronto General Hospital, infamous for the large [...]

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Protestants & abortions

The July 4 issue of Time magazine reports that a number of liberal Protestant groups in the United States are having second thoughts about abortion.  In 1958, the American Baptist Convention officially sanctioned abortions during the first three months of pregnancy “at the request of the individual.”  Later it became a charter member of the Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights, a pro-choice [...]

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Dear Friends at The Interim

I wanted to take a moment to introduce you all to my new grandson Zachary.  You are probably wondering hwy he would be so special and, friends, it is because he wasn’t supposed to be.  Zack was supposed to be an abortion and you can’t imagine how my heart overflows every time I lift him into my arms. His mom is a [...]

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C.L.C. plans strategy

Pro-life leaders from across Canada met in Sharon, just north of Toronto from December 2-4, 1988, for Campaign Life Coalition’s Annual Strategy Meeting.  There were representatives from eight of the ten provinces.  With a large contingent from Nova Scotia; only Newfoundland and New Brunswick were missing. The meeting was a golden opportunity for “reckoning and learning” for it was held in the [...]

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Manger in the operating room

Moncton, N.B. – David Little, President of the Catholics Foundation for Human Life, and Rev. Charles Mersereau, former Navy Chaplain, visited the Moncton Hospital on December 16, 1988, entered an operating room in which abortions are done, and set up a manger on the abortion table with a Christ Child in it.  Little said the protest was held so that he could [...]

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Ontario coordinator?

Evangelical Christians shared their concerns with Ontario pro-lifers at the second annual all-Ontario Pro-life Conference held in Barrie, Ontario, November 18-19, 1988. Hosted by the Right to Life Association of Simcoe County, the two-day event had as its theme, “God has an Army.”  One hundred and thirty pro-lifers attended the event to hear an array of speakers including Rev. Hudson Hilsden of [...]

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C.M.A. asked to reconsider

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) Board of Directors approved the following three paragraphs at its meeting on May 21, 1988: “Induced abortion is the active termination of a pregnancy prior to fetal viability.  (Viability is understood to be the ability of the fetus to survive independently of the maternal environment.  According to current medical knowledge, viability is dependent on fetal weight, degree [...]

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Book Review – “No Easy Answers”

Denyse O’Leary, ed. “No Easy Answers” Burlington, Ontario, Welch Publishing Co., 1988. 165pp. Can abortion be viewed as a necessary service for women?  Pro-life organizations, of course, oppose this view; and in support they can point to the serious physical and psychological damage abortion may cause.  In the last two essays in this collection, Mary Parthun and Anne Kiss describe the evidence [...]

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Notes on amniocentesis

During an amniocentesis test, a small sample of amniotic fluid surrounding the fetus of a pregnant woman is extracted by a needle inserted through the abdomen into the uterus.  The fluid is used for a variety of tests that can determine the sex of the child, the state of development, and the presence of various abnormalities Intended to help plan for medical [...]

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Three million dollar award

In December 1988, Mr. Justice Alex Campbell of Prince Edward Island Supreme Court awarded over $3 million in damages to Heather and Gordon Rayner for the care of their seriously handicapped son, Aaron.  It is the largest personal injury award in the history of the province. The judgment took the Island community by surprise for there had been no advance publicity.  “We [...]

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New lobbyists

Both Alliance for Life and Campaign Life Coalition have hired new Ottawa staff members to continue a pro-life presence in Ottawa. Nancy Jahn, Alliance for Life’s new Federal Liaison Officer was vice-president of the pro-life group in Arnprior, just west of Ottawa.  She has several years’ experience on Parliament Hill as both secretary and assistant to Members of Parliament.  The liaison officer [...]

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Vancouver Rescue

Vancouver was the setting for the second Canadian Operation Rescue. On December 15, more than 100 rescuers blocked the entrances to the Everywoman’s Health Clinic, Vancouver’s first freestanding abortuary recently opened at 44th and Victoria Drive. The rescuers followed the now standard practice of every Operation Rescue: they blocked the three entrances to the abortuary and then passed the time quietly in [...]

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