Father de Valk celebrates 25 years of Priesthood

On December 10, 1990, over 100 Toronto CLC activists honored well-known pro-life writer and researcher.  The Interim editor, Father Alphonse de Valk, first at a Mass and then a luncheon, celebrating his 25 years as a priest. Acknowledging tributes paid by National President Jim Hughes and Father Ted Colleton, Father de Valk, who has spent time in jail for picketing outside of [...]

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Christians ‘spiritually enslaved’, youth told

Winnipeg On the first weekend of October, about 400 young Catholics assembled in Manitoba’s capital for The Way, the Truth and the Life Conference.  They left ready to tackle the significant spiritual and moral issues of contemporary society. A few young adults in the Ukrainian Archeparchy of Winnipeg, under the guidance of Fr. Michael Kwiatkowski, are credited for kicking off the conference [...]

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Chocolate bars and chastity

Labrador City, Newfoundland Sixteen hundred chocolate bars and a bake sale.  That’s what it cost about 20 kids in Wabush-Labrador City to send a delegation to a youth rally promoting chastity, sponsored by the interdenominational Canadian Youth Pro-Life Organization (CYPLO), held here September 28/29. Labrador City has a population of 10,000.  Nearby Wabush has 4,000.  About 20 young people aged 12-18 form [...]

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A Different kind of Christmas spirit

Last December Joan Rysa, a grandmother volunteered to sell Cistercian monk’s Christmas sakes for the first time at her church, St. John the Evangelist, in Whitby outside of Toronto.  She loved the experience and met parishioners she had not known before.  Moreover, she felt she was spreading a different kind of Christmas spirit – selling cakes for life. Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) [...]

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Quebec renews baby bonus program

In its April 1990 budget, the Quebec Government continued its payment of $500 to couples for a first and $1000 for a second.  It upped the money for a third child from $4,500 to $6,000. Births in the province rose by 5.7 per cent last year, bringing up the rate from 1.41 per family to 1.52 – still well below replacement level, [...]

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K of C pro-life Chairman squeezed out

Jim Wood, of Deep Brook, N.S. has been asked to step down from his appointed position by State Deputy Caesar Lalo.  Mr. Wood had reproached the Knights of Columbus at the Nova Scotia State Convention in May of this year for not being militant enough in their opposition to abortion. An active member of his Council, Mr. Wood had also opposed (U.S.) [...]

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Book Review Reviewed by Rev. Leonard Kennedy, C.S.B.

The Moral Question of Abortion by Stephen Schwary is an excellent book.  The author is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Rhode Island and a pro-life activist.  He deals with every aspect of the abortion issue, arguing in great detail that the child in the womb is a human being from the moment of conception.  He devotes a chapter to showing [...]

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‘Nature is the home team – and nature bats last!’

When people see an article headed “birth control” or “population crisis” I imagine they immediately think of the teaching of the Catholic Church.  If the writer is a priest, the suspicion is strengthened.  I am not only a catholic, but a priest and I am, here and now, writing an article on the falling population in Canada and all over the Western [...]

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‘Sex in the dark” ads rapped

In preparation for AIDS Awareness Week at the University of Toronto (Oct. 15-21, 1990) the Ontario Ministry of Health placed full-page ads in the student newspapers asking, “Are you having sex in the dark?’ Ignorance is far from bliss, the message below said; enlightenment means using condoms, “Not occasionally, not usually, but always.” “If you’re embarrassed about buying condoms,” the ad declared, [...]

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German standoff

The abortion issue was raised in East Germany for the first time this year with the coming of democracy and the unification of the two Germanys. Under Marxist totalitarianism the killing of the unborn on demand was an unquestioned feature of the legal structure.  But in July of this year statements such as “an abortion is always murder” (from legislator Sabina Landgraf) [...]

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Reflections on ‘cloud-cuckoo’ land: Our anti-sexist society

A visitor from another planet arriving in Canada could be excused if he thought himself to be in cloud-cuckoo land.  A spokesman for the Employment and Immigration Ministry said recently that the target of 175,000 immigrants for the current fiscal year should be raised to 235,000 in 1991, and to 265,000 the following year.  “Various studies also have concluded that immigration levels [...]

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See Censorship, page 12 for background. On October 5, an eight-man jury found that Robert Mapplethorpe’s photographs did not violate community standards; artists and gallery directors celebrated a major victory. What emerged subsequently, however, was that this ‘victory’ was won because the jurors were first misled, and then had their hands tied. When one juror voted against acquittal on the first ballot [...]

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Grace McCarthy

In August of this year, Vancouver was the site of the international “Gay Games”, entitled Celebration ’90.  As Ted Byfield, editor of the weekly Western Report has pointed out, the title Celebration” was well chosen: the event marks another mile-stone in the victory of secularism over Christianity in this country. The games were preceded by such fundraising events as the Mr. Jock [...]

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Day care peddled for P.E.I. schools

Charlottetown. An announcement this spring that two local high schools were to undergo extensive renovations was recognized by local promoters of institutional day care as a golden opportunity. Chief among them was Dianne Porter, immediate past Chairperson of the PEI Advisory Council on Status of Women, a longtime daycare advocate who was active for years on the executive of the Canadian Child [...]

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Trustees ban UNICEF boxes

In September and October, trustees of the Kent and Huron-Perth RC school boards in Ontario voted 8-6 and 8-7 respectively to oppose UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) boxes in their schools. UNICEF does much good work helping under-privileged children in third world countries. Unfortunately, it works closely with the International Planned Parenthood Federation, the world’s leader in promoting anti-family and [...]

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