CLC National Strategy meeting

The 1991 National Strategy Meeting of Campaign Life Coalition, held November 30 to December 2, in Niagara Falls, Ontario, was attended by approximately 90 leaders from across Canada.  Every province (except Newfoundland and New Brunswick) was represented at this meeting. Following a welcome address by National President Jim Hughes, the participants engaged in discussions dealing with Bill C-43 and the Senate; long-term [...]

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Some people really do care

Who really cares about the poor?  Some people often misconstrue what Jesus said in the scriptures: “…the poor you will always have with you.” There really should be a war on poverty.  Dr. Andrew Simone of Toronto, and his wife Joan thought so too – so they gave away their possessions and founded Canadian Food For Children, a volunteer (nobody gets paid) [...]

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Defense so eloquent

The old quotation “Any client who defends himself has a fool for a lawyer,” tottered nervously on its foundations in a Vancouver courtroom recently, when a veteran pro-life activist was tried on charges of interfering with business at an abortuary. What made this trial different was the fact that Jim Demers, a cabinet-maker from Nelson, B.C., was defending himself and was not [...]

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Could Reform Party stand a little reforming?

Responding to demands to address what were perceived to be “women’s issues,” the Reform Party of Canada recently assembled a women’s work group to help formulate a position. This initiative, however, fell short of universal acceptance.  Many party members raised their hands in alarm, not only due to the basic concept which was seen in several quarters as divisive, but because of [...]

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Hannah’s Mother

I was sitting in the barber shop recently waiting for my number to come up.  The locals were at their best dissecting the GST, Free Trade and the effects of reverse discrimination in employment.  The two Macedonian barbers, who have been clipping me for over 30 years, were listening attentively to the chatter and goading one customer after another to get into [...]

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Bishop Vaughan urges Public Witness

Well known pro-life activist Bishop Austin Vaughan, Auxiliary Bishop of New York, used his November 7 and 8 visit to Toronto to emphasize the critical value of public witness and proclaim the worth of every human life. At the start of his visit, sponsored by Campaign Life Coalition, the bishop, who had addressed 400 participants in the Ontario CYPLO conference a week [...]

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CLC appears before Royal Commission on Reproductive Technologies

Campaign Life Coalition representatives appeared before the Royal Commission on Reproductive Technologies in Toronto on November 19.  The Commissioners heard a tough, no-compromise position based on an intensively-researched and carefully-documented written brief. CLC reiterated its basic principle that each human life has intrinsic value from the moment of fertilization and urged the Commission to recommend that the preborn child, at all stages, [...]

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Mightier than the Sword

In the November 3, 1990 editorial of the Catholic Register, a weekly publication owned by the Toronto Archdiocese, Father Carl Matthews, S.J. criticized Bill C-43, describing it as a bill which offered the preborn child as much protection as does a screen door on a submarine. The editorial went on to state most emphatically that the choice of facing Canadian Senators was [...]

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We did make a difference – Editorial

There has always been the tendency, amongst pro-lifers, to underestimate their own achievements.  When this happens, the door is thrown wide open, allowing pessimism and a sense of defeat to come galloping in. The time is long overdue for us to look back at our efforts and say “By the grace of God, we did make a difference.” During the past year, [...]

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Respect for Life Week proclaimed in Toronto

On Friday December 21, Toronto Mayor Art Eggleton proclaimed December 23 to 29 Respect for Life Week in Toronto. Noting that Aid to Women is marking that week as Respect for Life week in Toronto, the Public Notice goes on to say that this reflects, “the true Christmas spirit of sharing and celebration of life.” The proclamation continues, “City Council and the [...]

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Life after the CBC

Campaign Life Coalition does not, in spite of a report on The National, on Tuesday, November 27, support Bill C-43. Following the announcement by Ontario Health Minister Evelyn Gigantes, that the NDP Government would make abortion more accessible CLC National Vice President Margaret Purcell was asked by several reporters for a comment. In her response Mrs. Purcell condemned the government’s intention to [...]

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Bill C-43 still in Senate

Bill C-43 is stalled in the Senate.  Meetings of the Senate Committee studying the Bill have been called and then postponed indefinitely, and while Campaign Life Coalition was asked to appear in mid-December, there is no guarantee that the routine postponements will not continue. There is no consensus on the eventual fate of this new abortion legislation in the Senate.  While some [...]

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Vitality Ontario government unveils abortion plans

On November 27, 1990, at Queen’s Park, Toronto, the NDP Government officially made public the best-known secret in Ontario – that is was going to make abortion easier and more accessible across the province. Speaking in the House, Provincial Health Minister Evelyn Gigantes condemned Bill C-43 because of its stated intention to criminalize abortion, which her government considered a health matter. Continuing [...]

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Book Review Abortion A Rational Look at an Emotional Issue By R.C. Sproul

Although abortion is a social issue fraught with complications, as a moral issue it is quite clear: “Abortion is against the law of God, against the laws of nature, and against reason,” says the author, a well-known evangelical Protestant lecturer and theologian. Never shrill, always moderate in tone, Sproul’s argument is straightforward and clearly stated. Since the Christian has a high view [...]

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Pornography: fouling the moral atmosphere

Book Review The case against pornography by Donald E. Wildmon, Wheaton, Illinois: Victor Books, 1986. 204 pp. The Rev. Donald Wildmon, a United Methodist minister, is executive director of the American Family Association.  He founded the National Federation for Decency in 1988, and both before and after writing this book he has been heavily involved in 1988, and both before and after [...]

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