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Pennies for the unborn

Soon after Mrs. Mary Hughes moved into her apartment at St. Joseph’s Place retirement home in Toronto, a woman knocked on her door. She was collecting money. Mrs. Hughes explains, “No one knew anyone else in this building when it opened twelve years ago. Two residents had just died and this woman wanted to send flowerd.” Mrs. Hughes thought it was sad [...]

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Pro-lifers feed the world

How many times have you heard pro-lifers called single issue “fetus worshippers?”  Far too many, according to one group who, over the past few years with very little fanfare, have gone about changing this misconception. Business for Life, an organization formed in 1989 to give business people an opportunity to help in the fight to save the unborn, have decided to contribute [...]

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CBC intimidation

Cheryl Eckstein senior, chief executive officer of the newly founded Compassionate Healthcare Network (CHN), has just learned how difficult it is to get out a pro-life message in the face of media opposition. During a presentation on euthanasia to a parliamentary sub-committee in Ottawa last November, Mrs. Eckstein showed a brief clip from a CBC Fifth Estate programme.  Her video clip was [...]

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Erin loses her innocence

1992 has been Ireland’s year of disaster.  It all started with the case of a fourteen-year-old girl, Miss X, who was two months pregnant, allegedly as a result of statutory rape.  Her parents informed police that they had arranged for her to have an abortion in England and they wanted to know if fetal tissues from her baby would be acceptable in [...]

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Abortuary site sparks community protest

As the opening date for the new Mogentaler abortuary in Toronto approaches, opposition from local residents and businesses is heating up. A contentious meeting, December 7, saw opponents and supporters of the abortuary square off. Tom McDonnell, a local resident, and chairman of the meeting said the overwhelming majority of the neighbourhood is against the proposed location.  But a vocal minority took [...]

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Alive or dead: it’s money in the bank

It’s strange how facts can be manipulated.  When I read Alanna Mitchell’s three part article about adoptions in the Globe and Mail recently, my eyes happened to light on a paragraph which said: “Three years ago, Missouri’s largest abortion clinic started offering adoption services as well, in an attempt to serve women who want neither to have an abortion nor to raise [...]

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Answering life’s hardships

“Happy the man, and happy he alone, He, who can call to-day his own: He who, secure within, can say: ‘Tomorrow, do thy worst, for I have liv’d to-day.’” -Horace Once in a lifetime, if one is fortunate, something extraordinary happens, in the pattern of daily existence that touches and changes one’s outlook permanently.  Seemingly mundane activities take on special significance when [...]

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And the debate goes on

“Right to die” advocate ready to defy law and assist in Sue Rodriguez’s suicide As I write this, the Sue Rodriguez case has not yet been heard by the B.C. Supreme Court.  By the time you read this, the case will not only have been heard but a judgment may already have been announced, and Sue might even be dead. At the [...]

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Television violence hits home

A child is missing.  Sent to the corner for a loaf of bread, she has not returned.  We all know the horrible feeling in the pit of the stomach such news brings.  We hope against hope, but in time, the inevitable outcome is reported: her little body has been found in a field, raped and murdered.  Her family’s grief is shared by [...]

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Maternal health care

“Motherhood is no longer a high priority.” This, claims Dr. Robert Walley in a December talk at Toronto’s Holiday Inn, is the core of the abortion problem.  Dr. Walley, an obstetrician from Newfoundland via England, is more than qualified to speak on the subject of motherhood.  He delivers babies all over the world – from the east of Canada to the west [...]

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You were asking?

What was the wording of the Irish constitutional amendment on abortion after the referendum?  J. McC. Toronto The amendment in 1983 included this provision in the Irish Constitution: “The State acknowledges the right to life of the unborn child, and with due regard to the equal right to life of the mother guarantees in its laws to respect and, as far as [...]

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Determined pro-lifers lead Chrétien to desperate antics

We have a quaint custom in this country.  We cheerfully accept that our political leaders will defend their decisions and policies with rationales which are pure fabrications.  Their real motive may be expediency, greed or pride but we will listen with straight faces as political leaders explain their actions with fancy and fanciful rationales.  The excitement begins when a politician is so [...]

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Growing division in Liberal Party

Pro-life Liberals are getting support from some unlikely sources in their bid to keep the party open to the rank and file. Prominent Liberal Styli Pappas says a growing number of party members have become dissatisfied wit the “draconian measure” which allows the leader to appoint candidates in whatever riding he chooses. Jean Chrétien assumed the power to appoint candidates after the [...]

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A new year for life

Making predictions for the New Year is a dicey business but, even with 1993 barely begun, there are encouraging signs that it will be a good year for preborn babies and their distressed mothers. The pro-life movement is totally opposed to all abortions but a recently-released Environics poll is a step in the right direction – a first baby step. The poll, [...]

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