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The Month in Review

Poles Favour Life – On January 20, the Polish Senate approved a bill that would limit abortion though not ban it altogether.  The bill, which has already been passed by the lower house, only needs ratification from President Lech Walesa.  Most observers feel that the pro-life president will approve it immediately.  The law, which is by no means pro-life, would allow abortion [...]

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A Prayer in his heart

It’s a challenge to interview a man who has lost his power of speech.  That’s what happened to 72-year-old Leo Beecher when he suffered a stroke four years ago.  Since then, he’s had to rely upon others to speak for him. A retired bachelor, Leo was one of the early, faithful picketers at Morgentaler’s abortuary.  Every morning for four years he and [...]

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Are we acting wisely?

Of the many forms of pro-life action, there is one which we think it is prudent to raise questions about – the picketing of the homes of abortionists. There is no doubt home picketing has an impact.  Many doctors have either ceased doing abortions altogether, or moved their practices to another location where they resume this deadly activity. Nevertheless, is home picketing [...]

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Looking back at the feminist revolution: Part I

Women are legally allowed to have abortions. At any time during a pregnancy. For any reason. From the moral perspective of the pro-life movement the legal situation should be different. But it isn’t. The simple fact is: Women are allowed to have abortions. According to the polls most people –including women- are uncomfortable with abortion. Most people-including most women- disagree with the [...]

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Euthanasia debated on Parliament Hill

A private Member’s Motion on the issues of euthanasia and assisted suicide received the first of up to three hours of debate in the House of Commons on February 17. Motion M-397, introduced by New Democrat MP Ian Waddell, recommends that the government “consider the advisability of introducing legislation on the subject of euthanasia and in particular, of ensuring that those assisting [...]

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Health Council bows to pressure

Ottawa to get free-standing abortion clinic Ottawa may soon have its first fee-standing abortion clinic, but abortion activists in the city aren’t satisfied. The Ottawa-Carleton District –Health Council voted unanimously on February 15th to ask the Ontario Health Ministry to issue a request for proposals for a women’s health center which would provide abortions, contraceptive services and other women’s health programs.  The [...]

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Parents furious over gay sex-ed pamphlets

While one Alberta politician wants the Toronto curriculum on homosexuality taught in Alberta Schools New York parents threw out the chancellor who wanted homosexual studies in grade one. While the Toronto School Board’s sexuality counselor, Tony Gambini, is offering his gay-positive counseling to other Ontario boards.  Toronto parents are fighting the curriculum and counseling on a school-by-school basis. Parent Association meetings across [...]

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Saving parents time and trouble

How many times have you taken your kids to a movie, or rented a video for them, only to be shocked by the gratuitous sex, violence and profanity that seem to have become so common in today’s films? It’s getting more and more difficult to find good movies these days; movies that both your whole family can enjoy, and that don’t put [...]

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U.S. college students dedicate a year to life

A new radicalism is breaking out on college campuses in America. It has the familiar ring of student activism—the sit-ins, the confrontations with authority. The students march, they talk about a “cultural revolution,” they turn current wisdom on its head. The group calls itself Collegians Activated to Liberate Life. They’ve taken the year off from their studies to immerse themselves fully in [...]

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Where is the outcry?

Now that a lot of dust has settled on the announcement by former Health Minister Frances Lankin that she would implement the recommendations of the Task Group on Abortion Services, we can take another look beneath the surface. We’re quite to arrogance of politicians and their delicious contempt for the intelligence of the ordinary voter.  But it seems to me that the [...]

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The “seamless garment”

In Cap-de-la-Madeleine, not a mile from my home, a young man died last week, consumed by the bitter coldness of poverty.  Hydro-Quebec shut off his electricity for non-payment and he was asphyxiated by the propane barbeque with which he had tried to warm himself. The St. Maurice region of Quebec (which includes Trois Riviers and the “Cap”) was one the pulp-and paper [...]

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Rights of unborn tied to feminism

…or, How I became sucked into the pro-life movement Twenty years ago last November, I came to Canada. I was single and in my mid-twenties. I came to work for a while, to see another part of the world. Back then I had long brown hair, and described myself as a pro-choice feminist, Today I have medium-length grey hair, one husband, three [...]

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Catching up with Joe Borowski

Whatever happened to Joe Borowski? It’s one of the most common questions pro-lifers ask of the man who almost single-handedly took on the Canadian system in a monumental battle for the unborn. From being on the leading edge of the pro-life battle for almost two decades, Borowski seems to many to have fallen off the face of the earth. “I’m not dead,” [...]

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Regarding Henry

For almost a quarter of a century now, very few Canadians have opened their morning papers without seeing some kind of news on abortion. Arguments have changed, people have come and gone, laws have been revamped and courts have ruled but, through it all, there has been one constant – Henry Morgentaler. Morgentaler is, and always has been, the icon of the [...]

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Ontario residents must act now!

Over a year ago, the Ontario Minister of Health set up a “Task Group” to make proposals regarding changes in the health policy of the provincial government. One proposal is that all hospitals with obstetrical and gynecological services perform abortions. Presumably, the price of refusal would be the loss of government assistance. This appears to me to be directed at the Catholic [...]

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