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Top geneticist speaks out

Toronto – According to one of the world’s top geneticists, the mass-marketing of the abortion pill in North America has the potential of killing more human beings than the combined efforts of Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot. Speaking at a well-attended, April 13 press conference in Toronto’s downtown Holiday Inn, French-born geneticist Jerome Lejeune warned reporters of a “chemical warfare” which [...]

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NDP plans to slam door on protests

Injunction would set “unprecedented restriction” The Ontario government wants to make it illegal to counsel women or peacefully protest abortion in cities across the province. Attorney general Marion Boyd plans to seek a court order restricting pro-life activity, the government announced April 19. “I am seeking this injunction to ensure that women have access to legal health care services in this province,” [...]

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The month in review

The painful truth In early February, Saskatoon Alliance for Life printed a tabloid called Unmasking Planned Parenthood to be inserted into the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix. The insert was instigated in response to Planned Parenthood’s application for provincial funding.  The pro-abortion reaction ranged from hate mail and threatening phone calls to breaking alliance for Life’s windows and persuading the Star-Phoenix not to distribute the [...]

I swear it all happened before noon

Queen’s Park, Ont. We’ve appealed to people in Ontario to reject abortion on the grounds of its cruelty to the preborn, its unfairness ane its innate wickedness.  Maybe we’re going about it all wrong. A group of us decided to go around to Gerber (Canada), the baby food company, and test our suspicions.  When we told the CEO’s secretary that we had [...]

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Pioneer brought NFP to Canada

Reflecting on her many years as a volunteer, Isabel Graham, a Toronto  mother and grandmother, laughingly says, “People used to feel sorry for me because I was a professional social worker without a job, but they didn’t realize I was constantly using my professional skills in the community.” Isabel has used her professional credentials for over twenty years to strengthen family values. [...]

Part II in a series on feminism; ‘Choice’ vs. what is good for women

The most significant long-term political contradiction facing the feminist elite in North America is that the feminist agenda has never been shown to represent the interests of the majority of women. And women know this. Although 90 per cent of women tell pollsters that achieving equality is important for them, only one-third of women are willing to call themselves “feminists.” Why? Let’s [...]

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Beware of reproduction technologies!

Women speaking medical help to get pregnant should beware, cautioned Dr. Patricia Baird at a recent Women’s Health Awareness Breakfast held at Royal York Hotel in Toronto. As head of the Royal Commission on New Reproductive Technologies (RCNRT), she said their extensive research has “overwhelmingly” shown that “reproductive technologies and treatments are becoming disseminated as services, without good evidence as to whether [...]

Interim Movie Guide

Over the past few months we have received some requests that The Interim begin a Movie Guide section. In this feature, we will help our readers pick entertaining movies and try to recommend those which are suitable for family viewing. Our scope will include first-run movies as well as those available on video-cassette. In a short write-up, the reviewers will not only [...]

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Of politics and bullets

Queen Kim The Progressive Conservatives (an oxymoron in he class of “safe sex” and “politically correct”) are killing me. Draft one of this column talked of a June coronation for Defense Minister Avril Phaedra (“B.S.”) Kim Campbell. It seemed ol’ Bare Shoulders would go unchallenged as Michael Wilson, Don Mazankowski, Barbara McDougall and Perin Beatty all dropped like flies, thereby changing Tory [...]

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Gillis vs. Naomi Society

Antigonish, NS – Local resident Andy Gillis is demanding a thorough investigation of the area’s transition houses and the Naomi Society for Victims of Family Violence. He charges that their effect, possibly their main purpose, is to destroy families. Furthermore, he says, they resort to brainwashing, mental abuse, and possibly even physical abuse. He is demanding a moratorium on their funding until [...]

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